Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This is a Sartorial Blog--I Think

Hell, I don’t know. I suppose that thematically and word count/photo subject-wise, this is a sartorial blog. On the other hand, my randomanalia and ADD spritzed drivel could also make the case that this is my parking lot for everything and nothing. And because I’ve had zero interest in this being a commercial endeavor, I haven’t really given too much of a damn. And others have been known to define this blog in various ways…
 “It’s a divorced father and his daughter blog.”
  “No…it’s an antique toy soldier…
 …and caricature …
 …and sporadically, an art/art history…
…and book blog.” Oy.
 “Bullshit. It’s a blog that tells the world when it’s ok to wear seasonal fabrics…
 …and seasonal shoes.”
 “Silly fools, this blog is a fetish site for the Belgian Shoes enterprise in NYC”
"Nope. It's becoming centric to Flusser hand-me-down bespoke shoes and Cleverleys too."
"Idiots...all of you. It's about socks and you'd know that if you'd keep up with things." 
"Y'all are crazy. Everyone knows that this blog is about Martinis and being a functional alcoholic.
Actually, I suppose it’s about all of that and none of it with any level of true depth and erudition…just how I like it. Remember last year? When I caught myself caring too much about what I wrote, how often I wrote it and who read it? I abruptly quit the whole damn thing. Balance is key and since my return, I’ve made sure to not lose sight of that. I won’t quit writing stuff that intrigues me but I feel no pressure to write something every day. What I am gonna do is commit to posting something at least once per week. And an email that I received the other morning prompted me to turn my reply to a reader’s nice email into this blog post. Here’s my email …

“Good morning and thanks for your email. I was looking last night at the precipitous decline in the number of blog stories that I write. I think it’s rather predictable for most bloggers over time, to run out of steam…unless of course, they are doing it for a living or have unlimited time to do it. I fall in neither category. I called the latest post “Trad Ivy Tuesday” and labelled it as such for a reason. I am committing to something at least every Tuesday and hopefully will also write at least one more story each week in addition. I long ago struggled with the option of just throwing some kind of damn picture up there every day in between longer stories…just to keep people tuned in. But then I discovered tumblr for that.
 The other thing competing with my blogging time is a transition that I’m amidst with LFG. She’s reached another level—all good—she’s a straight A student and a sweet, empathetic little gal. But my access to her has plummeted. 
So I’m amidst getting my place in Old Town ready to rent—I moved back into one of my rental properties after we sold our marital home—and am looking at rental properties in Chevy Chase and Bethesda. 
My goal is to be within ten-fifteen minutes of LFG so that I can be more spontaneously available to help out and continue to be constant in her life. The CC/B area is a different vibe than little old Alexandria but that’s a small price to pay in order to stay at a reasonably high spot on LFG’s dance card.
 The stunner date(s)! You probably  know…or if you don’t, you should, that I talk a ton of smack in those blog stories. The middle age man/woman dating scene is fun bit tedious. The “stunner” in question has four young adult kids. So the heck with spontaneity and any level of throwing caution to the wind…just finding a mutually workable two hour window for a bottle swill and a crab cake is a massive task.

Shit. I think I just wrote a blog post.

Thanks for saying hello. I trust that all is well in your world.”
 Onward. Mildly sunburned and missing my LFG like crazy.



Anonymous said...

Did you hear about the guy who was talking about language? Some hotshot from Oxford said that many languages allow a double negative to be an affirmative, but he knew of no tongue in which a double affirmative equaled a negative. Our man, one Sidney Morgenbesser, of Columbia Univ, had this to say: "Yeah, yeah."

And that is what I have to say to your most recent post, in which you feign confusion: Yeah Yeah. You've got us and you know it. Too bad Us is not a more impressive crowd. Heck, us is not even grammatical.

Your cousin, Paul Puma

SFBayArea said...

Here we go again
Good luck, Pilgrim

Anonymous said...

I thought this blog was about airport and hotel carpet?

Anonymous said...

Watching what my poor husband went through as my step-daughter grew up and started driving and met a boy and we just never saw her as much as we did when we were picking her up every weekend. I feel your pain. I think it is hard for fathers when their girls grow up, especially fathers who are not in the primary home. You are doing an awesome thing moving to be closer to her. I am sure she knows how much she is loved.

Turling said...

You really need to stick with and delve more into the functioning alcoholic line. I'm using it like a road map. Don't leave me in the middle of the desert on a horse with no name. Yes, I felt an America reference was needed.

ADG said...

AnonPoorHusband...LFG will be 12 in 4 weeks. Time has flown by and the sophistication of 12 year olds in urban environments with so many resources and diversity around them is amazing/scary. I'm not looking for a Fatherhood/Parenting Medal, I'm just trying not to eff it up.

AnonCarpet...DAMN...I forgot about that.'s trippy ain't it?

PaulPumaleski...double negatives--double positives--whatever. You've found me out. I ain't foolin' nobody.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

More Belgians, please.

I've yet to acquire my first pair.

Not sure what I'm waiting for.

Patsy said...

I thought this blog was a list of clothing I have in common with a 12year old.

My husband misses his son a lot, but there is no damn way we are moving to a small island in the Bahamas.....wait, why not?

Main Line Sportsman said...

I admire the re-location for the sake of the kid. That move shows 3 great qualities: Brains, Balls and heart!

ilovelimegreen said...

I have no ideas what this blog is and that is what I like about it the most. Can't wait until you are Chevy ain't Old Town but it's got its quirks.

The Leoprad said...

ADG, Thanks for sharing your life and time with us, we are a needy greedy opinionated bunch but I think even we can empathize with someone staying close to their child and I applaud your decision. I think we will all survive, sure we'll miss the daily blog but maybe we can go do what we're supposed to be doing, living our lives, one merely has to listen to Harry Chapin's "Cats in the Cradle" to get the big picture of what's going on here and from one mid-fifties southern ex-frat boy to another good move, I will however hold you to the once a week blog after all we're only human.

Mrs. Blandings said...

You are a good man ADG and I'll stop by to listen to just about any story you care to tell.

ADG said...

Mrs. Blandings...the mouse story over at your place was great! I mean "great" in a guy reading a ladies design blog kinda way. Thanks.

Leopard...I ain't goin' nowhere--at least blog wise. I quit one time and it didn't work.

MainLiner...thanks man.

Patsy...shit,if y'all don't go--I will.

LagunaEarlRay...funny you mention Belgians...I've got a post coming up on Saturday about 'em. Methinks the only reason you haven't jumped on a pair is that they are, admittedly, kinda faggy.

NaturalShoulder said...

I am new reader to your blog posts and hope you will continue, even if sporadically. I admire your decision to move closer to your daughter. I can only imagine how difficult it would be only seeing my children weekly.

Gail, in northern California said...

Oh, Max...don't even think about giving up this wonderful blog, ever again. We're a, diverse group but we all have one thing in common--you and your little golden-haired girl. We now need to know that both of you are doing alright--no matter where you live.

Anonymous said...

Keep writing
I'll keep reading.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful adventure awaits you in this move of yours across town, Max, I can feel it. I'm already looking forward to seeing where the kilim chaise will go, where the cane wicker folding chaise will go, where the Christmas tree will go, where the adirondackgibson chairs will go...

Happy for you and LFG both!


BethAnn said...

I include myself in the many who will look forward to your Tuesday musings on whatever topic is striking your fancy at the time.

Some of my favorite people on the interwebs seem to be scaling back their on-line time in favor of experiencing the real world, a notion that I share.

If only your Old Town place came with a sweet job for a senior securities lawyer, I would rent it from you!


ADG said...

Flo...LFG says that the Kilim chaise should "go in storage"...she hates it. "It's scratchy daddy"...I try to explain to her that it's the anti-sofa and an important device when I need to read boring work stuff that makes me glaze over. Also, LFG isn't aware of the hook and eye attachments on the bottom of the chaise. Gotta have somewhere to secure the restraints.


Gail...I'm not gonna stop telling stories. I've been promising you that one about my friend Charlotte now for two years.

Natural Shoulder...I'm down to at best, every ten days or so. It's a killer.

Gail, in northern California said...

Who knows, Max. There may come an evening when Charlotte and her beautiful eyes will come to mind and your story will write itself with little effort on your part.

I don't suppose you still have that picture you could post. I believe you're wearing khaki shorts and she has her arm around your waist.

You should know that if I thought it brought back painful memories, I wouldn't want you to tackle it, however. I have a feeling she and your beloved Aunt Kat played major roles in creating the man we have before us today.

In the meantime, LFG comes first, always.

ADG said... are just trash talkin' and you know it. But that's ok.

You are an attorney. This is Washington. Need I say more? If you REALLY wanted to get back closer to home, you could be here in a snap.

Mink80 said...


You inspired me. Bought my first pair of Belgians a week ago today. Was up there for the USS Intrepid gala, and on a whim stopped in and took the plunge. Then off to Davidoff for a smoke. Took in a wild party at The Brook after the dinner...all in all a very productive day.

Golf soon...just now able to get out and scrape off the rust now that lacrosse season is over for the boys.....

BethAnn said...

'Tis true that DC is the land of lawyers but I've learned the dangers of settling for the "just any" of anything, and the benefits of having the patience to wait for the "perfectly suited." This has served me well in all types of matters.

And I can't find the San Pellegrino grapefruit anywhere in Austin so I guess I have to look for it elsewhere. Don't even get me started on the blood orange - such a taunting photograph.

heavy tweed jacket said...

How in the world did I miss this post of fun and tropicality?! Every aspect of this blog is cool runnings. I'm not sure I know what to even post anymore. I hope that your move goes well.

Barima said...

I always thought that this column was just an adjunct to your dating website profiles

I suppose that mine is, too

Thank you for this latest heartening post, ADG. I have been wondering quite a bit lately over what it's like to go the extra mile for another person and what one can achieve or be rewarded with from doing so. I'd like to think that you're setting a potent example

I also relate strongly to the scaling back of time spent blogging; much more so, these days. Unlike me, you seem to have found the secret to carrying on without it feeling like a burden. Well played

Wishing you well with everything,


Poloist12 said...

HA! You admit it! I've been waiting and waiting for this day forever. Refernce to Belgins; " admittedly, kinda faggy." Yeah, baby Boya!

love your blog and you know I do.. I have to stop in from time to time and give you shit and you know it.. As for the situation we discussed, it's working out. LIke you, I think that I want to stay close to the kid, and living fourty min away is getting to be taxing to say the least. Good decision on your part.

cp said...

Enjoying the site for its myriad content.

Where is that 1st picture in the post taken?

ADG said...

Thanks everyone as always, for the great comments.

CP...Cable Car Clothiers San Fran

Barima...thanks man. know where I stand on all this stuff. Put your little girl first and do the right things accordingly.

Beth...I'll UPS the San Pell to you.

Mink80...don't hurry. I've sold my golf clubs.

Heavy Tweed...on balance, as always, I remain blessed.