Sunday, August 5, 2012

Party Tape 25 or “Ronnie, Ronnie, ADG in love tape”

A “tape?” Yep. Cassette.  College. Homemade mix tapes…mash ups…whatevers. My favorite, and still around here somewhere in a box, was the one that JEP, my good buddy made for me. The “Ronnie, Ronnie” tape was packed with classics and I recalled it this morning when I was looking on YouTube for a song to complement my Trad-Ivy Tuesday post that I just put in the queue. The “Ronnie, Ronnie, ADG in love” phrase is written on the tape. The story regarding the tape’s subtitle won’t convey here for manifold reasons. Suffice it to say that it was alcohol and girl related. I did though; find a photo of me from about the time of the love tape’s creation. And coincidentally, the other fella in the photo is Ronnie.
I can recall with reasonable accuracy what’s on my Party Tape 25. And I decided to share some of  it with you. A “tape?” Yep.

Onward. ADG, Deuce.
Oogum Boogum. Brenton Wood.
Only The Strong Survive. Jerry Butler.
Shotgun. Jr. Walker and the All Stars.
What  Does it Take? . Ditto.
Monkey Time. Major Lance.
I’ll Always Love My Mama. The Intruders.
Color Him Father. The Winstons.
Cowboys to Girls. The Intruders.
Everybody Plays The Fool. The Main Ingredient.
Just Dont Want to be Lonely. Ditto.
Ms. Grace. The Tymes.
Build Me Up Buttercup. The Foundations.
Starting All Over Again. Mel & Tim.


Owl Tie said...

Uh Oh !! Looks like Go-On-Witchyer-Bad-Self ADG is in love again !!

LPC said...

I finally believe that you were, in fact, a Southern frat boy. At Princeton you would have belonged to Cottage Club, and have been dancing to these songs at 2am. The floor an equal mix of beer and sweat. The girls an equal mix of Princetonians and "imports," at least in 1977.

At the end of the night, they'd have played Heyay Baby, I Wanna Knowhoho, Would You Be My Girl...

Cisco said...

"Shotgun" is dope, but "I'm a Roadrunner, Baby" is Jr.'s greatest.

Mink80 said...

Love it. I'll Always Love My Mama is the BEST!!!! Add HM&TBN's The Love I Lost for perfection....the chicks at SBC always thought Teddy was singing "she went to Sweet Briar..."

Golf Tango Hotel said...

Brings back great memories of times in Lexington, VA and environs, Hollins, Sweet Briar, Randy Mac and Mary Baldwin in the early '80s....Miss Grace is an all time favorite.

Pigtown*Design said...

Perfection! I always think Miss Grace should be followed by "Be Young, Be Foolish, But Be Happy". It was the theme song for a detergent in the UK, and the first time I heard it in the background, I almost burst into tears, it made me so homesick.

LPC... I'd forgotten about Hey-ey-ey Baby...

Anonymous said...

"Brings back great memories of times in Lexington, VA and environs, Hollins, Sweet Briar, Randy Mac and Mary Baldwin in the early '80s"

Oh yeahhhh, I was educated in that same VA corridor in the mid-60s, I suppose not much changed in the two decades separating your experience and mine, except in my time there was more Four Tops, more Marvin Gaye, maybe more Motown in general. And to think folk music/anti-war music was fully underway elsewhere in the country, but we were still shagging in Virginia.


Sandra said...

If you were older, I'd swear we were at the same frat parties! Many a pair of shoes have been ruined by that "soupy" floor of the frat house party room. Great post as always!!

{Preppy 101}

LPC said...

Well, speaking of Sweet Briar, where do you think the cute "imports" came from, huh?

ADG said...

LPC...Bruce Channel, a Texan did "Hey Baby" ...and the Southern Frat/East Coast collegiates co-opted his Rockabilliness for our/their own devices.'s your grand baby?

AnonLex and Golf Tango Hoetel...I've got a Sweetbriar girl and an Agnes Scot girl to write separate blog stories about. The Randy Mac and Hollins, girls, albeit all delightful, have become a blur for me. It's a volume thing. Plus, I drank a lot at one time.

MegTown...that reminds me of a KA buddy who was so homesick in Korea till he heard The Tams being played by some other guy in an adjacent apartment. Another southern expat living in South Korea.


Cisco..I FORGOT about Roadrunner.

LPC...I can't believe it took you this long to believe such. Really. me. It ain't love.

maven said...

Hey! I remember midnight dancing to some of those at some frat mixers in the early 1980s. This OK State KD thanks you for the sweet memories. Great playlist.

Owl Tie said...

Ahhh 80 G. Sorry, Man. If not in love, you are, therefore, listening in loneliness, nostalgia and a perceived despair.
Thought sure you had made yourself a happy man by now.
No Mashed Ties (Stays?) or whatever the yoga peeps say. Good health and hope your move goes well.

j.mosby said...

When see your song list the song by Tyrone Davis "If i could turn back the hands of time" comes to mind!
All the tunes we use to play at the famous late 70s Friday DC Prep hangout the Chinese Disco! Some of best fun I've ever had!

The Leopard said...

Shagtastic! You son of a beach you've done it again, transported me back in time, I think it was the Ooogum Boogum song. It all reminds me of when I was in DC in the early 80's. I went to the Brickskeller sampled most of the beer menu met some girls from Johns Hopkins, went to some upstairs disco in Georgetown and danced to these songs until they closed the place down, lost my s---, ruined my shirt (gatoring a lost art)and had a great time, oh to be young and insane again, gotta run they're coming to take me away hee hee. As usual thanks for the memories.

Anonymous said...

Can you believe it? THREE people were all in DC in the early 80's, listening and dancing to Motown/beach music. Well, YEAH. As best as I can remember (and there is reason to believe that is not very well) three hundred or so were at the notorious Daylily restaurant most Friday nights... I was not the guy in the seersucker dinner jacket, but I think I danced with his date.

While your tape is primo, indeed, I am reminded of a very different tape that circulated among my friends, known as the M-O-T (Make Out Tape), and, just as they call it an ATM Machine, it was generally called the MOT Tape. I forget what tunes were there, but they were not get up and shag songs as much as sit down and snog ones. But it was in a black plastic cassette, too- ANOTHER COINCIDENCE, or so they would have you believe...

The Mysterious Stranger

ADG said...

This is all a lie. I never listened to any of this kind of music. I never drank. I never...

ilovelimegreen said...

Ah...Make out tapes....I made an amazing one in 12th grade and another more, shall we say, sophisticated one during my junior year in college that was filled with 80s punk and New Wave and a bit of hard rock too. I didn't get into Motown and R&B until just before I graduated from college. That was after I had been running around DC in the mid 80s and sneaking into the 930 Club with fake Ifs.

Anonymous said...

An MOT tape must, I say must, stand the test of time. If what worked in our youth still works on the eve of filing for Social Security, then get on your feet and give it up for Jerry Butler.

Jerry Butler for teenagers in the back seat parked at the drive-in still works for boomers in the front seat parked at the Costco.

We all remember Jerry from when we were young, but here's Jerry over the hill, gray haired and still making chills.

The Ultimate Jerry Butler Social Security turnon tape: