Friday, November 16, 2012


I thought red was the "rage color?" I posted a photo on my tumblr yesterday asking for advice on selecting one of two windowpane fabrics for a jacket. You'd a thought I'd posed a question about bringing back the damn Poll Tax. And in no way did I insinuate that the orange option was my affinity. Problem people know me and my fuzzy impertinence all too well. 
 I gots thick skin and y'all generally can't hurt me. But a couple of you over there in tumblr town were borderline...whatever. I'll include all of the comments here but I've gotta make my cousin Bob's the Marquee weigh-in. Here it is and it's priceless...
“Orange to bed, but Tan to wed...OK, more like pale loden. YOU know, the one that is NOT orange. I dig the orange, but it will be THAT coat, as in "Are you going to wear THAT coat again?" or worse, "I see. YOU always look so, um je ne sais quoi in that coat." Remember when Esprit and Alex Julian discovered Orange ( and turquoise/aqua/teal) about 1981? The whole world looked like a bunch of deer hunters from U Tenn and Clemson had excaped and decided to dress like a Howard Johnson's. And then, shortly thereafter, things went back to normal for a while. That orange windowpane will holler 2012 like a three stone diamond engagement ring screams 1985. Don't do it.”

And here's the rest of you...

call me Olive • Oh Max, like you need buncha nonames to show you the way. Consult Mr. 8 1/2, he taya whetherda thow the brick at the textile, or thow the brick as you's getting dressed in front the meer.

NCJack • Bubba, people will assume "Klimpson", and we don't want that, now do we?

memphis88 said: Urnge

decadedance said: Brown for sure. Or the Van Cleef and Arpels looking navy print

drinkinanddronin said: One of my favorite books. Take the green/blue, it’s got a few orange speckles in there anyway.

heavytweedjacket said: Olive with the blue windowpane. It already has flecks of tomato in it.

preppybythegraceofgod reblogged this from you and added: Much as a picture frame enhances a picture the choice of color best suited to enhance your ADG complex is to the left. I will take the one on the right.

theivyleaguelook said: Yeah. What LongThing said.

longwing said: I’d go with the olive which means you should go with the tomato.

Blevin said: I  don't like the carrot colored one, ADG, although I imagine it is tempting for one with your chromatic daring. The brown/blue and blue/red however - very tasty! What are you planning?

Wind O' Pain • The blue with red is quate tasty, assuming you can either play the July 4/Captain America thing way up or way down. But you sure look like you were deciding between the Safety one and the Earthy one. OSHA likes the one on the right. Everybody else likes that mossy bank one, I am betting.

dvalenta • Color blind. Can't help. But I'd go with the darker one!

Cecelia • Love the orange, cept the heather blue and red looks very fresh. Really yum with a mair tartan tie or scarf.

Non • Orange. Pair it with your ridiculous J. Peterman mac. That'll get you noticed.

angell.j • I hope i am not too late but the brown one is nice and deep in color. For what it is worth.

Onward. Still in my pajamas.



Anonymous said...

The moss one. It will go with all of those silk cravats I am sending you.

ilovelimegreen said...

Orange you glad you asked? For the record, I like the orange swatch most out of the options.

CeceliaMc said...

Hey, my brilliant boy can show them doubters a thang er two...

Anonymous said...

Orange to bed, tan to wed. The story of my life. Sometimes, the first thing that catches your eye is not the best idea, eh? Someone once told me that Tom Wolfe said he wanted to dress so that people who saw him walk into a room would ask " Who is THAT (person)?" only Mr Wolfe didn't say person, supposedly. On the one hand, this is a blog about cool clothes and the ahem, VIBRANT one is undoubtedly cool, but on the other hand, it do tend to make it hard to hide.

And on the other, OTHER hand, or in it, we have the notorious Hardee's Bacon Bacon biscuit, which features both Canadian style bacon and bacon style bacon. That is to say, sometimes too much ain't enough. Do we have one more other hand left? Cause you know how it is with some people. They take an idea, like Dessert, and they try to monkey with it too much. Dessert is supposed to be sweet, but

Anonymous said...

Ooops. looks like we got cut off just as I was about to get to the point. As I was saying, some people want to monkey with the essence of things until they are too diluted or lost or otherwise all spilled down the front of your clothes. So, maybe the question ought to be "If you wanted to really stand out as the hippest Orange Agent around, which of these swatches would you pick?" Or maybe the category is less specific, in which case I stand with the moss lovers...
Noli me Tangerine

Anonymous said...

Imagine how crushed I am that you omitted my comment from the finalists, crushed.


ADG said...

FLO...I'm SORRY. I had you and NC Jackie pasted down and ready to go and something happened. Not sure what. But I juss put you in there. Go see.

ADG said...

I've decided to pass on both.

Anonymous said...

Max, I had parked my VEE-hickel, and walked all the way up to the topmost point of the Thomas J. Shave Bridge, hellbent to jump into the icy deepwaters of the ICW, when something atmospheric said 'Don't Jump Olive'! And now you're bored with the whole windowpane thing?

Baby here's the deal: your avatar has you sittin there just short of spread eagle in a GREEN windowpane SUIT. There's no way you'da wanted one in orange, or another one in green. Am I the only one here holding a night school certificate.


ADG said...

Olive...ok. There's one of the two in the works. That's all I'm saying.

AEF said...

Oh for crying out loud just get both and shut them all up...
(you know you wanted both all the way along and were just waiting for someone to validate your yearning ;-)

Anonymous said...

Found you a car Max. You'll need a new wardrobe.


ps, my magic robot letters contain the word Pro, so I'd like to agree with Reggie on the record here, you ARE a pro. Listening to your audio recording from the symposium, man you're a powerful speaker, where'd you leave your Horry County accent though, son?

ADG said...

AEF...that whole damned book was nothing but windowpanes--pert near kilt me to settle on just one. But even I...the Pharaoh of Fuzzy...The High Llama of Impertinence...The Potentate of Piss-Off...must have limits. Alas, it's mainly due to dosh limits--not sartorial self control.

Flo-Pro...I just reblogged that car on tumblr. Might be one of the sublimest things I've ever seen. Kinda like a rolling church. And thanks for the kind words about my modest talents. They are indeed, few, but I've learned to leverage them.

As for the accent? My dad left Horry County when he was 18. And I left the Carolinas when I was in my mid-20's. My drawl returns within 15 minutes of being back home in my mother's kitchen. Otherwise, it's kinda attenuated and shit.

Reggie Darling said...

I love the orange option. You, of anyone, can carry it off with style and panache. Last I checked, you were considering this for but one of the many jackets in your wardrobe. I think the readers that object to this might not comprehend that you are not expecting to wear this every day for the rest of your life... RD

Scale Worm said...

I say let yer' freak flag fly my brother!
I love orange. Have a vintage down orange jacket.
Let the shy wall flowers stay on the wall... Go for it!
You have my blessing!

Anonymous said...

The longer you leave this orange windowpane up front for viewing Max, the more neutral it's starting to look to me. I bet that's what you were thinking all along.