Saturday, December 8, 2012

Flusser’s In Town...D.C. That Is!

And alas, I won’t be. There’s nothing in the world better for a sartorial history—style devotee than to sit at the feet of the Fluss and allow the sensei’s erudition to emanate. And to add insult to injury, I’m not only gonna be out of town, I’m gonna be in the loathsome city of Las Vegas. My sentiments regarding Las Vegas are well documented here. But it’s my last paying gig of the year and for those of you who know me, you aren’t surprised to know that if they’ll pay my day rate, I’ll go emcee a hog wollerin’ contest in Gnaw Bone Indiana.
Just because I can’t hang with the Fluss and his acolytacious minions doesn’t mean you can’t. So call ‘em and book some time with the Rinpoche. I mean really, do you think I learned to contrive my tasty goods on my own? I love Alan’s writing and even his email..heads-up, fellas, we’re coming to see you communiques are jaunty. To that end, I’ll let him give you the skinny on his D.C. visit…
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“Dear Fellow Fellows and Election Survivors,

Doesn’t it seem like time to turn from all things Election to the election of all things Sartorial - it’s certainly a lot more fun than watching the two parties arm wrestle themselves into a partisan steam while the Republic prepares to take a flier off some pending financial cliff. If anyone is actually living on the moon and taking this all in, deeming it somewhat surreal would be the equivalent of a galactic understatement.

Returning to more mundane, if not better material, matters, we are heading down your way, setting up shop at the Sofitel Hotel from 2PM Monday, December 10th until 2PM Wednesday, December 12th.

You can expect to be regaled with our new batch of exclusive and specially designed suitings and jacketings whipped up by the famous Carlo Barbera mill in Biella, Italy. Not far behind will be our newest neckwear fancy, in particular, our Fall cashmere and silks along with a fresh trove of elegant silk wovens. New outerwear pieces will bring up the rear, not to be outflanked by troves (four new books) of the latest high-count dress shirt raiment.    
We will be contacting everyone to set up individual appointments while inquiring as to what kind of clothing you may have in mind (9 month sport jacketing, lightweight trousers, etc) so that we may be better prepared in fabric books to enhance the selection process.   
Needless to say, we are profoundly appreciative of anyone who takes the time and effort to initiate a new inductee into our Washington family. They, like you, represent the only true lifeblood of our business. As the Zagat testimonial states, we are amongst the last standing relative to be able to provide men with custom-made clothes of such exacting taste, quality and service.  
We hope you agree and take this opportunity to favor us so.  After all, the beltway is begging for new, if not, better-dressed ideas, maybe that can be extended to actual people. Anyway, the last time I looked, a well-turned out male is still one of the few things that remains politically correct….. okay, not too well dressed.  
But you could do worse, we could be asking which side of the aisle you dress and wouldn’t that be confusing!

With Warm Regards,
Alan and Company”

806 15th Street NW
Washington, D.C.

P.S. Please check out our new website -


PrepinTX said...

Las Vegas is the worst. My condolences on having to go. Perhaps you should charge hazard pay for gigs in that city, for the assault on the senses.

Paul in NoVA said...

Are you fargin kidding me? I am flying to SFO Monday and returning Friday. I would've paid top dollar to get advice on my sartorial shit because even now that I am skinny (I went vegan 9 months ago and have lost 40 pounds. Have several J Press and O"Connell 48Rs never been worn - thanks God and ADG and TinTin), it still aint where it needs to be lo these 30 years.

How do I skip out on a Tech corporate dinner and Uber my ass to Cable Car and stay employed? I hat all you bitches.

Paul in NoVa

Young Fogey said...

The shoe looks like a variant on The Fred Astaire (look it up yer own consarned self).

The rig in the top photo is a bit too subdued for your tastes, though, idn't ADG? I mean, it wouldn't induce enough gawking to cause accidents, so what's the point?

Horatio said...

P.S.: Can I have your Flusser shoes when you die? I know there's no way you'll part with them before that.

Lacroix said...

He seems to like the Bam-Bamboo Gucci loafer... How many variations does he own?