Thursday, May 16, 2013

Here. Look at this.

And gander at a few other flurries of nothing ‘til I can find the time to write a bigger, more fascinating pile of nothing. I’m just too blessed with a life to-do list that is overwhelming right now and my bandwidth for story telling ain’t present at present. But this is a martini. I. Love. Them. And the other evening I had a rare opportunity to have two of them in Bethesda before I once again left town.
I got dumped on Sunday and I suspect it had something to do with this outfit. Don’t dump people via email by the way. If you’ve gotta cut the cord, at least be decent enough to pick up the telephone. Shut up.
Third Edition closed. It was on my “different bar every night” circuit when I lived here and worked on the Hill that summer. I’m sure it will be replaced by some national or global retail chain or one of those food places that every town has. You know, the places with menus that have freakin’ photographs of the entrees. The “buy local and eat seasonal” food thing is all the rage. Certainly the opposite is in play when it comes to the homogenization of retail and dining joints. Shut up. Again. At 543am.
Nathans closed a good while back. Serendipity now holds sway in the white building at the corner of M and Wisconsin. But it holds nothing for me. There is only one Serendipity and it is in NYC. I have fond memories of taking LFG there when she was a tot. Courtesy of her Uncle Alan Flusser’s connections, we never waited in line and always had great tables. Nathans was a started out joint and for me a nightcap joint. I remember stopping back by Nathans late one night after being at Mendocino a few blocks down. Late, late, late night nightcap. I kissed MTC right there at the bar for the first time. I generally don’t do the PDA thing but the cravin’ was palpable and who am I to deny. It took seven guys to secure her while I grabbed that kiss. Shut up.
Everything’s changing. My little girl grew up and she now straitens her curly hair. But one recent morning, she and my ne iPad Mini decided to come slum with me for a while before we got up and made breakfast. Sublime and rare. I love her.
I’ve been home a lot over the past three months and will continue to do so. Actually, I’ve been home more days in the last three months than I have in the last three years. My mom is taking her cues from anybody but doctors and family. She remains, in between harrowing moments of “it’s gonna be over any moment now”… here. And I’m seeing everything with new eyes. Even my kindergarten that I passed on Cherokee road the other day. I loved Mrs. Wright and her kindergarten. Funny, by the time my ten years younger brother was old enough to go there, it was called Montessori. And it cost more. He’s taller than me. Might a had something to do with the name change at Mrs. Wright’s.
Onward. Blessed. And back on the market. Wearing blazers with a sleeve button undone. But my monkstraps are fully secured. 



the architecturalist said...

Summer of '84. Third Edition, Tune Inn & Chi Di. Wish I had a time machine.

yoga teacher said...

Happy to see the olives.

Anonymous said...

"And back on the market"

If you were crazy about her, then I'm sorry for the setback, Max -- but I bet you just made a lotta ladies happy to know you're available again.

That outfit, that was your full male plumage ensemble, we have a bird around here called the Painted Bunting, he gets up in our trees out back and siiiiings all summer long, the male plumage is a sight to see, he dresses just like you do, Max:


LPC said...

Oh buddy. Sigh. I had a martini last night, should have toasted you.

Spalding said...

Wow the break up must have shaken you to the core.. That outfit could wake the dead.
A little sulking,a little drinking, some extra running, squash etc. then onward and upward.

JMW said...

Can't believe how big your daughter is getting - I'm right there with you with my kiddos. Sigh. Love the shoes and sorry about the email break-up. Seriously? What I have to look forward to...

ilovelimegreen said...

Is LFG still going to Drybar to have her hair straightened or has she made the plunge into chemical treatments?

Cro Magnon said...

Ah; late night bars. Not since living in London, unfortunately.

ADG said...

Cro...but you are building forts and tree houses and other fun things...memories...right? That's almost as good as the bar scene in London.

LimeGreener...No chemicals. Just Drybar and her own heat thang.

LPC/Flo/Everybody's all good. Shit, compared to the other stuff I've had to wade through ust in 2013, getting dumped is all in a regular day's work it seems.

Architecturalist and Spalding...Chi Di...yep...I'd wanna be in that same time machine. And I don't play squash. I grew up in Florence, S.C. We eat it but that's about the extent of our squash thang.

CeceliaMc said...

Did the email look like this?


IOW MEGO, dear.


Friends 4ever. :)

(what an era... Sorry, bro)

ADG said...

CMac...nope. It was much more fluent than the usual texting caca. But it was still an email and that's shitty---regardless of the grammar, syntax, content...whatever.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me?! "Thirds" was a mainstay in my G'town rotation...a classic joint until all the jarheads turned it into a "fight-a-night" place. Still, a true G'town institution. Nathan's, too. Much like our lives, our bars and restaurants have just become too "genericized" personality, no panache...that's right, I said "panache"!

Patsy said...

Who dumps someone via email? Good grief, you dodged a bullet, I mean, sorry for your heartache.