Sunday, June 2, 2013

Posting More Frequently: Shoes and Old Men

A reader recently admonished me to post stories more frequently. Listen, I miss telling those well-thought-out, pithy stories as much as the three of you miss reading them. And I've always been torn between just stopping the tumblr thing altogether and dumping even the briefest droppings over here exclusively. But I can't.
So here you go. This is a pair of shoes. I've written voluminously, verbosely and ad nauseatingly nauseam on shoes over the years. This shoe is more precisely, a loafer/slipper of some sort. And I would never, ever wear it. I suggest that you too, consider skipping these. They look like old man shoes. Club Del Boca Vista style old man shoes.
And speaking of Old Man. I think Dallas Green avec City and Colour knocked the cover off of their cover of Neil Young's classic. It's sublime.
Dallas and crew also give righteous justice to Cowgirl in the Sand. Click on the link video above. But then click on this link for an even better version. Wait for the clarinet. Sweet.

Onward. Cowboy Night re-do tonight.

ADG-Two. Old. Man.


Anonymous said...

It is a sad day indeed when you offer the preposterous notion that Dallas Holiday Inn Lounge I-95@Hardeeville Green could EVER hold a candle to my personal Bolero, Neil Young's classic 70s Cowgirl in the Sand. Helldamn, I blame all this on that Miss Emesis you been squirin around lately. Is she just too scary to bring on into the city limits?


Anonymous said...

Cowgirl in the sand? Sure, it's a nice thought for the cowgirl at hand, but for pure ironic self-referential yeah-we're-making-out so why not play some make out music, you can't beat Steve Miller's You Send Me, or just about anybody's Let's Get it On. Cause let's face it, these days, it's a self referential meta-world. Bolero, sure I bought a copy after David Cassidy made such a big deal about it, but you could have a duet of Kate Smith and Richard Nixon singing Let's Get it On and it would still work. In case you can't find that one, you might start with Jack Black in High Fidelity. Or Marvin...

Mr Content Provider

CeceliaMc said...

I think the shoe is kind of cute.

It looks spare, modern, and economical. Like those pictures of 60s motels.

ADG said...

Flo...I ain't even gonna dignify what you said with anything that I could say. They ain't nothin' that Neil Young or Dallas Green sings that even hints at no Bolero or Bolo or Boloney. It ain't that kinda genre.Mu Hardeeville Holiday Inn was Reflections the Florence S.C. Holiday Inn...corner of Palmetto and Dargan Streets. I tilted my uterus in there one night. bam.

Content Provider...I swear if I didn't know better I'd specalate that you and Flo contrived y'all's's comments just to get me goin'. These songs in question ain't love songs. And back during the time that old Neil Young sang about them, my love song album of choice was put out by a woman named Evie Sands. Shut up.

Anonymous said...

Gah y'all. Din nobody see "10"? Makin out music? uhhh no. I know I's a blast femur, and I apologize for that Max, but fuh somebody to even whisper the syllables day-vit-cas-a-day anywhere, but pacifically own this forum? is to barf UP.

Paul Gervais de Bédée said...

Thank you, I'll cancel my order.

ADG said...

Gervais de Bobo...I'm glad we caught you in time. bam.

Flo...I ain't said no David Cassidy. Y'all's's comments got this thang all off track.

Beckie Potterfield said...

All I can say is I miss you!

Anonymous said...

"my love song album of choice was put out by a woman named Evie Sands. Shut up."

I ain't go shut up, I love Evie Sands in the same way I love Laura Nyro. No, they ain't the same john raw, but so what they both got rich clear voices and they ain't afraid to take on the raw fillins, and neither them earned the wide audience they deserve.

I think I go listen to me some Evie and Laura rat now, Max.