Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Vineyard Vines—My Take

A tumblr follower asked… “Have you taken a gander at the merchandise in the Vineyard Vines Georgetown store yet? What do you think of the company's duds? It seems kind of expensive for stuff made in China. Anything bear closer examination? (I realize that this question is directed at a man that dropped $150 on a pair of shorts with polka dots that were made in China. : ) )”

Obviously I had more to say about Vineyard Vines than I thought…

“Damn and Bam! You axked me a question and then you outed me on my capricious polka purchase. One point of clarification—I waited till those shorts were 25% off.
I always thought that Vineyard Vines was too “one seasonal” but they’ve seemed to thrive and I’m all for anyone staying in business. I have, respectfully, corrected those who’ve said those two boys are a rags to riches story similar to the guys who started Nantucket Nectars. Not to take anything away from those guys but they are from the Murray family and they had a huge kick-start—head start—mentorship resource from the get-go. That aside, they are brilliant merchants.

The timing of your question is interesting. I just bought LFG a V.V. t-shirt the other day and I didn’t look at the price till we got to the register. I didn’t feel ripped off but I felt close to it. Bottom line for me is that even though their stuff might be made all over the world, the quality seems to be pretty good and the taste level is high. My bias says that the goods are better than most of the garbage at their price point stuff that J. Crew offers—at least the largest part of their offering.

However, my thinking is that you can cherry pick the better spots of L.L. Bean and Orvis for the representative amount of pastel resort-ish stuff that one needs and do it for less dough. Dough that you may then capriciously spend on things like Belgian shoes and women and toy soldiers and caricatures and martinis and…

Damn. I never realized I had this much to say about Vineyard Vines.”

Onward. Home from Gotham.



ilovelimegreen said...

I read this and then got dressed- and somehow put on a polka dot skirt (not Vineyard Vines.)

Main Line Sportsman said...

I purchased a VV belt while on Nantucket...a very nice embroidered number that had lacrosse stick heads as the pattern. It was 30% off...o-ring buckle. It never fails to draw compliments. It is the only VV item I own.

Young Fogey said...

Just a point of clarification. I think that a lot of VV's things are made in the US—of imported materials, sometimes, but made in America nonetheless.

I picked up a non-gaudy VV belt a couple of years ago for less than half price. It is well-made (in America) of quality materials, and has held up well. Of course, I wear it only in the summer, but so what? I've gotten my money's worth.

Anonymous said...

VV is a producer of crappy, watered-down versions of better, more authentic items available elsewhere, but with whale logos. I also refuse to contribute to the Busch Lite fund of overgrown Greenwich lax-douches who encourage the wearing of ties with shorts.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

I wear them still, and frequent the new Newport Beach shop. [I want to give a shout out to the cute fillies who work there].

I used to play squash at a club down the street from their first office. And I often saw them out socialising in Old Greenwich. A solid bunch of chaps. I wish them continued success.

FYI...Their shirts run a bit large, I've noticed.

ADG...Please stop talking about price, money, discount, and sales. You sound like a damned common moneygrubbing Yankee.

Kathie Truitt said...

LOVE Vineyard Vines. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE