Thursday, October 22, 2015

Sid Mashburn Washington D.C.

We've finally got a sartorial oasis in D.C. ! 

I spent an hour in one-on-one fellowship with Sid Mashburn last Saturday at the new store. I'll be concocting a story soon but until then, get on over there and wallow in the tasty goods.
And please ask for our man, Dexter Garner, IV. He's making friends and building a client base. Hard to believe there's been four Dexters.


ADG-Only Two.


Anonymous said...

I wanna see the horse, Max, I wanna see the giraffe.

Anonymous said...

Howdy. You might remember Tom Blackburn from Britton's's (?) > Luxury doesn't suit everyone Bye, Ta'er

Anonymous said... (Blackburn now looks like Santa. Ta'er)

ADG said...

Taytaytater...Tom Blackburn sold me my first ever Polo Ralph button down oxford shirt in 1979. I'm write a story about him and Britains and Petey and Howard Richardson and the rest of em.

Don't hold your breath waiting on me to do it, though.

Anonymous said... ? ta'er