Tuesday, May 15, 2018

He Wrote Me Back...R.I.P. Tom Wolfe

I'd just missed him at Alan Flusser's atelier one afternoon. And a few years before that I fingered one of his white jackets on a hangar at Vincent Nicolosi's flourescently intimidating workshop.

I wrote him a letter many years ago. And he wrote me back. If the house was on fire, my Wolfe letter would be one of the first things I'd grab.

His radioactive lexicon suited the hell out of me and I absolutely loved what his words made my imagination do. He'd almost put my mind's eye out sometimes.

And he was Southern. And reviled by Norman Mailer.

R.I.P. Tom Wolfe


Anonymous said...

RIP Tom Wolfe a literary original. Glad you're back on the blog. BarbG

James said...

Yes the herd is thinning, too quickly I'm afraid.

Anonymous English Female said...

Read his obit in the Times, looked up old photographs and admired his wonderful style, thought of you and turned to your blog. Of course you posted! Good to read your recollections and writing - thanks for sharing.

NCJack said...

My first exposure was the 1965 Esquire article, "Junior Johnson is the Last American Hero! Yes!". An in-depth, rather admiring look at an interesting and successful man, where I'd anticipated "sophisticated" snark. But as you said, Wolfe was a Southern boy himself.

Hope you're healing fast, and congrats to LFG on C of C admit....she DOES realize it makes Florence seem cool and pleasant by comparison in Sept. and May, right?

ADG said...

Thanks Barb G. We'll see how long I can stay back on the blog. I love it and miss it but its hard to birth the stories these days.

James...I moved from my Bethesda digs two months ago and your Knight that you sent me and its accompanying letter rode safely with me to my temporary quarters. I hope that you are well.

AnonEngFemale...I was allowed to go back to yoga class this week. Seven weeks post spine surgery. I was in London in January and thought of you. I hope that you are thriving amidst your travelings about the country. And remember, all who wander are not lost.

NC Jackie...I'm totally familiar with the Junior Johnson article. Both Wolfe and Junior are Men in Full. At least in my humble opinion. Once C of C learned how much scholarship money Tulane and a few others offered LFG, they ponied up a nice chunk of extra scholarship money. Which is a good thing since I've barely worked in six months. The spine surgery has been an absolute miracle. By January I was having to use a wheelchair. On a final note, I'm seriously considering moving back to SC since LFG is going to be there. I can't move to Charleston though. She said "Dad, you cannot go to college with me". Alas.

Anonymous said...

Great article by Guy Trebay in NYT about his style. Sorry about your back problems but happy Max is back!

Anonymous said...

He wrote you back, I remember it well Max. So well that when the news broke this week, I immediately thought of you. Max, you were MADE for Charleston, she'll never even know you're there if you lay low and play it right. Beach, nah. Resort, nah. Little AlexandriaVA-style townhouse, perfect. xo

M.Lane said...

Well hello again!! SO glad to see a post and no better topic than TW although I will also dearly miss him.

I understand about birthing the stories....its been tough here too.

Take care and I'm glad you are on the mend.


magnaverde said...

ADG, it's great to see you posting again. [I can't figure out how to post under my old posting name - magnaverde - so you'll have to excuse the alternate name, but I'm the same guy, underneath.] I just officially followed you, so I don't miss any of your posts. I couldn't believe you had been right in my city all along, and I didn't realize it till you had already moved away. Your old place was quite the abode.

Ginny Bissell Enstad said...

Ah so glad that you are back! Hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

I read tonight that John Julius Norwich passed away last Friday the 1st . I thought of you after reading the obituary . ( I'm aware that you are quite fond of him . ) I hope that you and yours are quite well .

ADG said...

Again, thanks everyone for your kind comments...Anon, magnaverde, Hunting House et al..thanks.

MLane...whatever your challenges have been my prayer is that things are trending better for you.

Anon-John Julius Norwich...Indeed he was a man in full. I loved reading his memoirs and am refocusing on his dad and that small band of MPs who fought Neville Chamberlain and his Peace in Our Time strategy.