Monday, October 26, 2009

Greatest Hits

Greetings from the Wit Hotel in Chicago. I’ll be peddling my tonic here for a couple of days before heading back to the land of political puffery and posturing. I thought about this the other day. Living inside the beltway and not working in politics is kind of like living in Hollywood and not being in the movie business. I’ve done the public policy-government affairs thing. I loved the expense account but lost my appetite for the bullshit. And trust me-when my bullshit tolerance reservoir is full-I gotta go.

Looking back on my first seven months of blogging and the evaporation of over a hundred posts-I’m prone for recollect some of the ones I most enjoyed. The great thing about dumping all of that history is that I get to recycle!

The only significant pangs that I get are from reminiscing about a few of the LFG posts-mainly because I no longer keep a handwritten journal and I do miss that. I wrote letters to LFG beginning when she was two years old. I think the last time I wrote in that journal was about a year ago.

So I started rolling through an old cache of blog pictures and thought I’d just do a medley of stuff that came to mind. 
The old patch madras sportcoat-getting the "Banks" out. Inspired by our old buddy Toad
Two inch cuffs-Jay Kos cords. Alden Flex Welt Tassels
LFG's summer dance recital and my military sunglasses. That was a fun post!
"Puerto" Rykken and the Yellow Mac (Photo stolen-without permission from Will at A Suitable Wardrobe-Sorry!)

Gram Parsons' Nudie Suit
LFG's first Chucks
Suede Alden Flex Welt Tassels-501's and Horizontal Stripes from my second post
Sargent Shriver-Bereaved and confused. comforted by his grand daughter
Navy Blue Weejuns. I have them. You don't. Shut up.

My letter from Tom Wolfe. I have one. You probably don't.
Anyone remember "Sun Tzu and the Art of Pink in N.J." ?

Or the British Tan and Lymphoma Post?
Jesus and the Ford Pinto?

LFG-The "Pootist"
My post on sleeve cuffs-here sported by my sartorial hero Merkin. R.I.P.
My Gurkha shorts post. Charlotte and Me...replete with a skunk wig..on me-not her. Dig those rings she eighty years old. Will you live that long? If you do-will you have that much duende-style-understated aplomb? She had loads of it and my aquaintance with her was one of the most splendid and incredible gifts I've been offered. Her eyes at eighty were so blue. This photo doesn't  come close to capturing her majesty or Her Majesty.

Speaking of Her Majesty. At Gus and Gus in Rehoboth Beach this summer.James Dean and Jack Purcells. Few of you knew that Purcell was a Badminton legend till I posted a story about him. Damn.
My junk drawer. Several of you sent me emails asking if in the back of the drawer-out of this photo did there exist hanky panky items like fur handcuffs etc. You obviously don't know me. I'm not big into props and the actual items out of view are Tylenol PM and Rolaids. Quiet please.

LFG and Shirley Manigault from my S.C. vacation post.
LFG and I have done a hair reversal since this photo was taken all those years ago. She has hair now. Shut up.
Early morning post from the Mills House in Charleston
Caricatures in my office.
Boxers-On sale at the Gap Outlet in Old Town.
Remember when I had a cocktail and decided to bris my mocs?
Middle aged man with a cute daughter. Anyone seen my washboard abs?
iPhone photo technology-not. Pic from my earlier trip to Chicago.
Country Ham and Grits. Mills House-Charleston

Stoli-Belgians-Green Linen@O'Hare
I gave these pants to my Aunt Tootie.




Rasputin said...

You really need to re-visit the "pink" post- that had some great ideas in it.
You also need to do an indepth post on LFG's soccer pronto!
Man, LFG is a little heartbreaaker... reminds me of my youngest daughter.

Clinton said...

ADG, this is just torture. Some of your posts were just absolutely classic and this retrospective isn't helping my withdrawal symptoms. However, given the choice of Maxminimus without the archive or no Maxminimus at all, I'll choose the former. Allow me to add a belated "glad you're back" to the chorus.

longwing said...

Nice to see the old pictures. Belgians. Not sure I can make the leap, but if I do it will be your fault.

Mrs. Blandings said...

Thanks for the recap. I'm a little wistful, but looking forward.

James said...

Well done!

ackred said...

Another awesome post. Great to see the old posts back up. Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Great greatest hits post. BTW, as the mother of a curly haired daughter, a word of warning. Be prepared to spend a lot of money on hair product in the near future. Lots and lots and lots of money. D

DAM said...

Surprisingly, I can remember just about all of those posts you mentioned with great enjoyment.

Nice new format, too. said...

Hmmm, where to begin:

1.) You are hilarious.

2.) I can't believe you visited my blog, I'm soooo flattered.

3.) You write like a dream.

4.) You make me want to write something about men so you'll come back. (I already asked French men what they thought about "Anglo Saxon" women -- mixed reviews.)

5.) You're verrrrry chic.

6.) I have letters from Robert Olen Butler.

7.) Tom Wolfe has much better handwriting.

8.) I must say your profile was fascinating -- so full of revealing information about your interests, passions, work. No really, I could barely pry myself away what with all the intimate details.

I'm so glad you dropped by even if it is a one-off. At least I found you, thanks to you.

Best regards,

P.S.: Do all 10 really apply? Amazing.

Gail, in northern California said...

As I slowly scrolled down this morning, all the wonderful memories came flooding back, all those stories we were privileged to read. Suddenly there it was. Proud doesn't even begin to describe the expression on your face as you held your adorable, still-a-toddler-daughter at the beach. A favorite of mine, thank you.
You mentioned once that you send her a handwritten letter each week...I hope that tradition continues forever.

The Duck said...

I hope Aunt Tootie appreciates those gems.

Nungesser said...

How did you stay at theWit go? Great and unusual place isn't it.

I rappelled down the west facade a couple of days ago to benefit the Respiratory Health Association: said...

OK, Have I -- pardon the expression -- screwed up again by my impatience, i.e. pressing the wrong button or the right one too quickly OR is my comment which extolls your virtues at length still waiting for your approval?

I'm confused, but then again I'm on my second glass of wine, however I had not had a drop when I wrote the original message thanking you for visiting my blog, among other things.

Honestly, life can be so complicated sometimes. En plus, which makes me crazy, the original comment was so clever (and heartfelt, of course) and I've passed the hour of clever today. C'est la vie.


Patsy said...

your friend Charlotte brings to mind what LPC at Privilege calls the Arty Cousin.

I still love photo of LPG and her new chucks and the photo of Sargent Shriver still makes me sad. My darling mother-in-law has early stage alzheimers.

ADG said...

Ackred…thanks as always.

Anonymous ...Thanks. I’m already acutely aware of the costs associated with daughters as well as with curly hair!

DAM... Thanks Dickie boy.

Gail...Yes, I still mail LFG letters. Just posted one from Chicago today. I was probably as happy during that moment as I ever will be. It’s all good.

Duck ...Aunt Tootie is meaner than piss.

Nungesser ...Still at the Wit. It’s fine. Some of the “boutique-ishness “ is lost on me. Great that you rappelled-better you than me! ...Not sue what happened…I never delete comments are at least I haven’t yet. Would love to have seen your comments.

Patsy ...Charlotte was great. I’m gonna do a post on her sometime soon. Sorry about your mother in law.

Conor said...

ADG: Exhibit A of why you're one of the best.

I commented on the tassels last post and they caught my eye again this post. I came around after the horizontal socks, but damn they are sharp.

Anonymous said...

ADG --

Tell the nice boys who sold you those suede Aldens to put them on their website. (They seem seem to think it's hard to unload them and appear hesitant to do more special orders. Why should all the fun things wind up in Honolulu or NYC?)

Besides, you're going to want to get in AT THE BEGINNING on the Whiskey Cordovan loafer due for Spring.

Gail, in northern Calfornia said...

Now you've done it...promised a post soon about Charlotte, the lady with the beautiful blue eyes you could get lost in. Her hand around your waist tells me you were very dear to her.

I promise not to hound, but I won't let you forget either.

ADG said...

Tish...found your was in my spam filter.

longwing said...

I like that bird on the left at LFG's birthday party. Is she LFG's guest or yours?

ADG said...

Lonwing...WHEW! Good catch man-thanks-I owe you. That was LFG's mom. Just took the picture down.

Anonymous English Female said...

ADG - the eradication of your blog archive is, to me, commensurate the destruction of lost library of Alexandria. If only I could save but one entry! Pink certainly needs re-visiting, so does your rug collection and of course everything to do with LFG. Get busy.

Will said...

Love the Mac, of course. Do I recognize the photo?