Saturday, October 24, 2009

Trad Ramblings and LFG Specifics

Wow-what a week. I began last Sunday in Wellesley /Boston and snow flurries. We finished up today at about seventy two degrees. The leaves were lovely in New England but this kind of weather variance is hell to accommodate sartorially.

I’ve made the approach to National Airport from the north-skimming the Potomac probably a five hundred times in the last twenty years. It’s really a stunning view-the monuments and the White House and Capitol on the left-almost like you can reach out and touch them. I usually have an aisle seat and don’t pay that much attention anymore. I’m just ready to get off said plane and go home. My window view afforded me a quick snap with the iPhone on approach yesterday afternoon.

God loaded LFG with enough antics to replenish my daddy reservoir from the get go. We had a date at our usual spot after soccer practice. Cactus Cantina saw LFG reveling after a couple of tequila shots. Photo evidence herein.

We got home and LFG read to Piggy Pie Porker and SeaWeed. These two characters are her favorites but they stay with me when she’s away. She asks them about me and gets updates in her absence. She cracked me up last night when she told me that Piggy Pie had a “health problem” and need “diabeedees” pills. I asked how she knew about such a remedy and she said she saw something on television. Oy-the DTC Pharma stuff is reaching fourth graders. She declared that Piggy Pie developed this health issue from eating “too many eggs”. Pray for Piggy Pie.

Speaking of pork-I noticed a rather interesting dichotomy playing out in my refrigerator tonight. Half sours in tandem with a ham hock. Don’t tell me we aren’t eclectic over here.

LFG replete in Sponge Bob pajamas passed out in no time last night and I was right behind her. I would live under a rock before I would give up the bliss that comes from times like these.

Soccer was really fun today and the rain was minimal until after the game ended. LFG is by far the smallest gal on her team and she’s really having fun.

They won three zip today which was nice considering that they got stomped six zip two weekends ago.

I suggested to our coach that we give the beaten team today another chance next weekend. Just so I can see this stunner from the other side. Here she is grinning at LFG and I’m thinking-“If you think she’s cute and has a move or two, wait till you meet her daddy .” Looks like she's sporting army pants-I'll march to her bark. That dog behind her ain't bringing much bark to the scene. Hold me.

I mean come on-the woman has a yellow rain coat. Wait till she sees mine.

Shell Cordovans for soccer-why not? Don't mess with me. I've got more style and game in my pinky than most of these cats out here.

Home from soccer and LFG is supposed to be folding clothes but no-she decides to do flam taps and double paradiddles instead. I can’t afford another set of drums. My Slingerlands are long gone but I can pop for some sticks every now and then.

The child is out of control and a double dose of Cotillion is due this little beast.

Ok, on to some Trad randomalia….

I wore pink the other week in support of Breast Cancer awareness and prevention. I wear pink routinely so it wasn't much of a deal for me.

Everybody was wearing pink so you know I had to do something to tart my rig up a bit. Yellow cords and an orange pocket square. That doesn't match. Bingo!

Remember-hand felled button holes should look-on the verso-like LBJ's gall bladder scar.

Tone on tone herringbone with yellow monogram opposite the fifth button. Come on back Toad and tell me I'm a man of no consequence.Chicken. Shut up.

And finally-would someone get over here and clean this cluttered bedroom up just a bit. Those sleeve buttons need closing as well-according to the sartorial conscience of the world our buddy Mr.Tintintintintintintintintin.

Onward. With LFG.


ballpoint said...

This is my favorite blog. As a DC native, your style of dress really speaks to me as authentic to the area. You dress and live like a real Washingtonian. Keep up the great work!

Gail, in northern California said...

Ahhhhh...the little golden-haired girl is back. You think she's wild now? Hah! She's just warming up.

You taunt us, you know, with those wonderful posts of days gone by under "You might also like". I wish you had kept the one that featured the two of you at the beach (she's wearing a white hat, both of you looking directly at the camera). Another favorite, of course, was The Pootist.

She is one lucky child.

Richard said...

Those yellow cords are too die for! I just recently purchased a yellow corduroy jacket from J Press. Southwick, made the jacket if I am not mistaken and it is golden in color and style. The specs are sack, 3/2 roll, with a center vent (what else would you expect from Press, right?) Plus, I will be honest with you ADG.....we don't live too far apart from one another. I would be willing to trust you with my location, and we should meet up someday to discuss sartorial bliss. Take care man!

Anonymous said...

Where'd ya get the cords?

Anonymous English Female said...

Corduroy, especially yellow corduroy is always a good thing. I wonder if like Fantastic Mr Fox, Richard is accessorising his jacket with a few ears of corn in the breast pocket?

Mrs. Blandings said...

How can anyone pay attention to the cords with the rugs in that shot? Terrific. And, I'm mad for the pocket square.

Paul said...

Those yellow cords are great - I poked around Stein Mart here yesterday looking for something similar; ended up buying a Chaps shirt and sweater-vest (the shirt is really very poor quality as it turns out).

ADG - you're always dressed a winner!

Conor said...

Great post ADG. The yellow cords/pocket square/everything look so great.

Also love those suede tassels on the left in the last picture.

And where are you on getting that 20 sleeve btn. jacket made?

heavy tweed jacket said...

I flew into Tokyo (Haneda Airport near downtown) last night and barely noticed the night lights, just anxious to get home. Btw, I like those oxfords with the tassels. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Our good friend Ralph has featured yellow cords for the past few seasons. The Sartorialist (before he became famous and oh so fabulous) had a great shot of an older gent in a blue blazer and yellow trousers, which I think were actually yellow cords also.

ADG said...

Gail...As soon as she comes home announcing her Girls Gone Wild audition, I’m shipping her ass to you. I too lament the loss of many old posts.
Richard ...Thanks. I’m up and down the Eastern Seaboard every week. Let me know.
Anonymous English Female ... Thanks. Did you find me a copy of The Rake?
Mrs. Blandings ...I’ve got tons of rugs and yes, I few of them remain outside permanently. Obviously not valuable ones and they don’t get wet. But…I love how the sun fades them.
Paul ...The reason Flusser is in Stein Mart is that he and Jay Stein went to summer camp together for a zillion years.

Conor ...As always-thanks...and if you’ve got the dough-you can always find someone to make whatever you desire-20 buttons and all.

heavy tweed jacket ...Edward Green tassel lace ups. Older than my daughter.

Kathie Truitt said...

Just like everyone else I LOVE the yellow cords.

You know I'm a matchmaker and when I saw the picture of the coach BEFORE I even read your remarks, I thought, "Wow - she is gorgeous. I wonder if she is single. ADG should ask her out!"

So, my question is... IS she single and ARE you gonna ask her out?? Inquiring minds (me, mostly!) want to know.


P.S. If all worked out, maybe she'd (the coach) be willing to straighten up the bedroom. Hey, I'm just sayin'....

Patsy said...

"this kind of weather variance is hell to accommodate sartorially" it really is. which, I assume, is why Boston is not known as a style mecca.

I would love a dress made out of that pocket square. The colors are gorgeous. It would have to be significantly larger, though.......

TWA said...

Love the bright yellow cords, those are sharp. Also the best rugs we have seen all week.

JMW said...

Love the yellow cords. I wore my orange ones at a Halloween event for Junior League on Saturday. And, I agree with Mrs. Blandings, love the rug as well.

Paul said...

Flusser and Stein are buddies - ADG, you always know the backstory! Good to know ya!.

Paul said...

Crap! I forgot to ask you: Did you get a date with the blonde, army pants with a great smile???

ilovelimegreen said...

I love that pocketsquare too! I remember falling in love with a guy when I was about 15 simply because he wore yellow cords - and with the style that color warrants.
If LFG is dreaming up stories about her stuffed pals, her creativity certainly takes after you, ADG.

Ben said...

You missed an opportunity to point out that your daughter is holding the drumsticks with a TRADitional grip.

... and I used to love going to Cactus Cantina back when I was a student 20 years ago. Affordable and completely different from the Tombs.

Love the blog. Makes me miss D.C., which I do anyway.

ADG said...

Kathie…I am delightfully damaged goods. Matchmaker or not-you’d be hard pressed to get me to risk life-limb-heart in another marriage-“leastways” right now.

Patsy…I’ll send you the pocket square and you can style yourself a little Barbie dress.

TWA ... wait till you see the gnarly rugs from Chicago!

JMW …LFG’s mom got all the money-I got all the rugs! We got tons of ‘em. Halloween-I need some orange cords. The security lady at National Airport yesterday had little candy corn earrings on-LFG’s favorite-candy corn.

Paul ...Good to know you my friend. Nope-hadn’t yet sorted out if the gal is available. I’ll be at the soccer field early this Saturday as that team finishes their game. I’ll keep you posted on THAT back story.

ilovelimegreen ...So what happened to that boy? And yes, LFG is loaded to the hilt with randomness.

Ben...Yep-she just learned the grip. Cactus Cantina is by far my favorite place to eat.

CTW said...

If there is ever a day when you decide to put any of your amazing collection up for adoption on ebay, please let us all know. I, for one, will be stalking those auctions - belgian loafers, amazing blue blazers, go-to-hell pants, blue weejuns, etc.

ADG said...'ll be the first to know!