Tuesday, November 3, 2009

General Updates and Sleeve Cuffs Revisited

The H1N1 Swine Mephistopheles has landed in our shop. One of my business partners little girls has a confirmed case. We’ve been sick with respiratory gunk but I don’t think that we’ve had the full blown Swine Flu. Be careful out there.
The sequelae are physiognomically apparent-however, I think there’s something appealing about this little guy.

Heading out to Seattle this morning for the balance of the week. Then it’s off to Gotham next Sunday after an LFG weekend and then to Seattle again for the end of next week... We have a few final destinations before the end of the year including Las Vegas and a couple of other sorties to New England. So we’ve got many more opportunities to critique carpet before Santa arrives
.Just a couple of housekeeping things before launching another older post. Please go over to To The Manner Born and sign up as a follower of Toad and leave a welcome back message. I’m thrilled that he’s back in the fold and we need to let him know that his posts will be followed and appreciated.

A few of you have commented on my updated subtitle. I loved the phrase so much that I asked LPC if I could use it. She was predictably gracious and if you haven’t visited her. Please do so here.

Stay tuned for the following posts...

Hats and why I don’t wear much beyond a baseball cap. There’s a childhood reason. Dig the Vel dishwashing liquid in this old picture of me and Santa.
Cooking with LFG
The enduring style contribution of windowpane.
The delicate issue of non-cowboys wearing cowboy boots.
 Australia’s R.M. Williams Boots and why you should own a pair.

The dangers of drinking and dressing.

Now…on to Seattle and Sleeve Cuffs

I’ve had this on and off appetite for sleeve cuffs for years. My buddies at Flusser tell me that it’s related to the same Southern redneck predisposition that I have for rear view mirrorfuzzy dice, hula girl dashboard figurines…you know…dual exhausts and Cragar mags. If they didn’t restrain me, I’d put every bell and whistle treatment possible on my bespoken togs. Color, proportion, treatments etc….I pay them well for the restraint they insist on me demonstrating. Ah but sleeve cuffs...I could never wear them with the elan of Merkin and Fleming.

Sleeve cuffs were the last frontier for me. I’d already done bellows/poacher pockets. Open patch pockets with pleats…English split back trousers with a center buckle. It was time for sleeve cuffs. I have a navy blue windowpane suit with sleeve cuffs as well as a green cashmere-wool blend sportcoat with the adornments.I had to show the lining along with the sleeve cuff of the cashmere-wool blend green bomb sportcoat. I told you I was a redneck.
Navy Blue Windowpane...single breasted peak lapels-three button rolled to the second-ticket pocket-English split back trousers-sleeve cuffs. This one predates my marriage.
I’m done though. Two togs cuffed …enough.

Onward. Cuffed.


Rasputin said...

Ian Fleming makes so many things look elegant. Think of his portrait with the bowtie and short-sleeved shirt combo. Wear it today, be prepared for Steve Urquell jokes... Fleming makes it look cool and elegant.
Turnback cuffs look grat on tuxedo jackets...

Barima said...

- Educational work in the feature presentation. Fleming and Merkin are like beacons
- The little fellow is unnerving. Not his fault, of course. I could learn to accept him once he's had all his shots
- Drinking and dressing - I've been there oh so many times
- Your daughter seems rather in charge in the kitchen. Almost scarily so (it's the knife)
- I've paid Toad that visit as requested


Pigtown-Design said...

Heading to Toad, but wanted to ask if the Australian boots are Blunnies? I had a pair of them and they were the most incredible boots for so many occasions. I left them in Wales though. Too bad.

Brian said...

The lining and the cuffs are great, and I think if anyone could pull off the hula girl and fuzzy dice it would be you.

Richard said...

I have a pair of trousers in that Ralph fabric, blast.....I wish I had a jacket made too!

Anonymous English Female said...

ADG: I'm loving sleeve cuffs, they're an intriguing detail. For me they work better on a dress or lounge suit, those on your rather dashing Windowpane are beautifully executed - Flusser, I presume ??

LPC said...

Thank you so much. Have also paid my requests to Toad.

Michael said...

A shout-out for RM Williams boots! The most comfortable footwear known to man.

Rasputin said...

R.M. Williams are great boots.. I need to get a new pair...

Brian said...

By the way glad to see someone else keeps the good art work in the kitchen. With the holidays approaching we are getting ready for some more construction paper masterpieces.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

I've just ordered cocktail cuffs on a dress shirt... it's only a matter of time. And money...

Stick to your guns.

Posted the revived Toad this evening. Nice shootin', Tex.

Summer is a Verb said...

Have the boots, 2 pair actually, Babe finally got over the Swine Flu he had in Tokyo, where they lovingly refer to it as, "howyousay peeflu", and I'm now headed over to see Toad. Btw, it was an Uncle David day and I've still got the RL navy velvet blazer on simmer...XXOO

ADG said...

Thanks everyone....

Barima...I'm with you-there's just something about that little piggie-guy that is off puttingly compelling. And LFG-my daughter is in charge of everything.

Rasputin....you should read the bio of Fleming. Elegant all the way around the block.

Easy-Elegant One....money-you can't take it with you.

Allie...how you say...buydabloobelbetblayzah

Toad said...

Thanks to all who stopped by. I look forward to our adventures together.

The Ralph windowpane? I have that exact cloth in a natty open patch pocket jacket. No cuffs though.

Anonymous said...

". . . there's just something about that little piggie-guy that is off puttingly compelling."

It's the nipple/age spot combo platter that sends him over both edges at once.

ADG said...

Yes. The nipple-age spot combo on the piggie guy is compelling!

Meg. RM Williams are different than blunnies. I'll explain when I do the post.


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