Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Sartorial Randomanalia and Body Jewelry Redux

Greetings from the Maxminimus Global Nerve Center. Handling some Friday odds and ends before gearing up for the big LFG weekend. Just call me Chauffeur Daddio. Christmas Cotillion tonight-Alexandria Scottish Walk in the morning-Trim the Tree Party in the afternoon…daddies aren’t invited. The Alexandria Holiday Parade of Boats Saturday night and the LFG-ADG Christmas tree procurement on Sunday. Stay tuned as I should have one heck of a weekend update for you on Monday.

 LFG and I did a collage for our 2009 Holiday card. Email us your mailing address if you want one.

So, how about some sartorial randomness till Monday ok? First I’m pleased to say that the back issues of The Rake Magazine arrived. I’ll report more on the magazine later but I can tell you for now that it’s top rate in terms of layout-materials-as well as content. I worry though for the future of any print media these days.

Sharp Suits also arrived. I’m not disappointed since my expectations weren’t too high. It’s long since been reconciled that I’m biased but the Flusser and Bernhard Roetzel books pretty much have the sartorial erudition-mission complete.

 I took a quick gander at it and snapped a few images for you. Here's one of you know who...replete in yet another interpretation of windowpane.

Check out the blades on this vintage Ralph image. I bet he'd probably soften the shoulders on this contrivance today. 

In the spirit of giving the green flannel blazer another go-I donned it yesterday with jeans. Two things are going to help mitigate my inability to figure out how to rig this baby. 

First, the other buttons are en route from Flusser and that should help matters a bit. Second, I have so rarely worn this coat that the “new” remains fully part of this garment. LFG will do some grape stomping on it for me this weekend in an effort to further the cause.

Today its Levis 501s-Flusser navy with light gray windowpane…peak lapels three-two roll and pleated open patch pockets. 

Step back please. There's nothing here that concerns you.

Alden shell cordovans with cashmere blend yellow socks. No extree charge for the little pills on the hosiery-just take 'em with a full glass of water-thank you. Shut up.

On a final note before I turn you over to Body Jewelry redux…I had dinner the other night at Bistrot du Coin and I’m facing this completely out of context little tin sign on the wall. I think it’s a cruel joke of fate to make me stare at this numeric reminder of my current state of celibacy.

Onward…at sixty nine miles per hour.

Body Jewelry

Kinda like the old Brylcream slogan…”A little dab'll do ya”. Wearing body jewelry is a bit like wearing cowboy boots. It’s a perilous endeavour and a slippery slope, even for the most facile participant. Be careful. Be very careful.We don’t use much of it around here. Other than one pierced nipple anchoring a simple gold loop, we have a watcha ring and a necklace. A simple gold chain holds a cross and a Masonic talisman. My sister gave me the cross when I was in high school and I’ve worn it ever since. It has bite marks on it-I used to have a nervous habit of clinching it between my teeth while taking tests in college. I know, Freud would have a field day with that one. The Masonic charm belonged to my grandfather. And yes, before the question is asked, I am a Mason. I wouldn’t wear the emblem if I wasn’t.
My code says that other than a wedding band, you may wear one ring…ONLY. Mine is a carnelian crest ring. I opted for something a bit more unique than the typical gold crest ring. My family crest includes a double wide, some plastic flamingos and a lion with his mane cut in a Billy Ray Cyrus mullet. You know, “business up front-party in the back”. I had a black onyx fraternity ring in college. I never wanted my college ring…ours looked too much like high school.
My watches are reasonably priced tank watches…duo dials…I’ve posted about them before. Leather or grosgrain watchbands. My wrists are too skinny for metal bands and clunky watches.Now, regarding pinky rings. I’d say that there is about .001% of the population who can pull this look off and most of them have titles and live over “there”. Don’t even try it. Nothing good will come of it.

Remember, less is more. And no, I don't have, nor intend to have anything pierced. Maybe I'll risk my heart again one day but that's about it on the piercing front


Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I'd imagine you've been to the Charleston Parade of's TOO much fun!

Anonymous said...

The picture of RL almost looks distorted, like it's been subjected to some sort of fisheye lens. While I too would hope that he'd soften the blades today (or at any time, for that matter). Unfortunately some of the rigs I've seen him in recently look just as bad- almost Darth Vader-ish in their disproportion. This is made all the worse by the fact that he is apparently a relatively short guy (not that there's anything wrong with that of course). He is still into that "I wear cowboy boots with my black tie- I'm such a fashion rebel" thing. I've ranted about RL in the past, though I'm still a big fan for the most part. Someone over at AAAC said about him, "When Ralph is good, he's very good, but when he's bad..." which seems to sum up my feelings pretty succinctly.
Enjoy the weekend with your daughter.

Memphis88 said...

I just got Dressing the Man. I had a 25% discount from Barnes and Noble and couldn't pass it up for the price. I'm looking forward to pouring over it.

Toad said...

I certain that by now, the Queen Mother has given you her fill of the DOW.

I've elected to give him a pass too. He may have been a snappy clothes horse, but was a horrible human being.

Britain should send America tribute every year on the anniversary of his abdication, for sending them that Baltimore girl.

Brian said...

That is the nicest Christmas Card I've seen this year.

Summer is a Verb said...

Ya need to add some elephant hair to that wrist collection...XXOO

Anonymous English Female said...

ADG - Next time you go to Bistrot du Coin please take me and order Gratin d'endives au jambon, Tripes a la mode de Caen and Chocolat Liegois. I'll kick off with a Pineau des Charentes and ask you to choose the wine.
Dashing choice of silk square with the green jacket and LOVE your Christmas card!

Keith said...

You have got a fantastic blog. This is an incredible post. I hope you're enjoying the weekend.

ADG said...

Belle…..yes I know of the Charleston Parade of Boats. Our celebration last night was great fun.

Anonymous...The picture of Ralph is distorted mostly because I took it with my phone camera. Also, Ralph is a 38 reg at best so he is indeed a small-ish guy. I’m a huge fan of Ralph and accept the fact that he goes at it with intensity so the outcome is always big-one way or another.

Memphis88 ... There is not better book than Dressing the Man.

Toad...I’ve browsed the Queen Mother but haven’t fully jumped in. Yes, the DOW was a weak man…indeed.

Brian ...Thanks. We’ll send you one.

Summer is a Verb...Allie….one of these is an animal hair thingy braided and contrived from somewhere in South America.

Anonymous English Female...I’ve already told you to get your ass back over to the States. That silk square is my fave. I over wear it.

Keith ...Thanks.

tintin said...

I always thought that was a mood ring.

ADG said... IS a mood ring. I wear it with my Moto Guzzi t-shirt.