Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Fun

LFG and I have now declared the Christmas Season to be in full swing. We hope that you had as fun and festive a weekend as we did. After weeks of weather that kept us confused about how to dress, we finally have winter weather. This was a Barbour-Cordings-LL Bean-RM Williams weekend for certain.

We began Friday evening with LFG and her Cotillion minions reveling at their special Holiday Soiree. Typical I suppose of a nine year old little gal’s nature, LFG didn’t want me to come early and take tons of pictures-you know-like I wanted to do.

I missed her so much this week and was so excited to see her-having heard her tell me on the phone how pretty her special dress was. So I decided to dress up a bit just to go and pick her up. Flusser gray flannel trousers, Ralph cordovan tassels and a camel hair sportcoat.

 LFG and her Cotillion carpool buddy DB looked stunning as usual. LFG told me about a boy “who was shorter than me daddy and had sweaty hands and couldn’t dance”. Sounds just like your daddy when he was in Cotillion honey.

We dropped DB off and LFG and I headed to …. You guessed it….Cactus Cantina for our Friday night date. “Daddy I’m overdressed”…the girly stuff is manifesting full force. I told her that she would be a little show stopper and she was. Ok, ok…I’m biased.

Home by nine and we are both exhausted. Time for LFG to slip into her new cupcake flannel pjs.

The ten minute walk to the south wing of Casa Minimus.A little dose of telly and we are both headed to bed in short order. Big Saturday coming up. We’ve got the Scottish Walk-LFG Tree Trimming Party and finally, the Parade of Lights Saturday night.

LFG's little dress hanging amidst books, a Richard Merkin New Yorker cover and a model that LFG and I built of Richard Petty's #43 Ford-the year he defected from Plymouth. I told you we were rednecks. Shut up.

LFG's little sweater and the pleated-open patch pocket of my Flusser camel hair sportcoat. Three-two roll and a deviation from my usual peak lapel.

Saturday morning sees us with rainy-snowy precip in Old Town. Just above freezing by one degree so the cold slush is bone chilling. We’ve got Barbour-Cordings tweed cap-Flusser silk scarf and other accoutrement to gird us from the cold.

RM Williams boots on my feet and LFG has those ghastly green Uggs that I’ve long since become weary of seeing. Remember these green things? They won’t last the day. Thankfully.

Nothing like a parade to lift your spirits. The Scottish Walk was predictably briefer this year due to the weather. The Scottish organizations are proud though and for the most part, they showed up and regaled in style.

Santa always concludes the Scottish Walk-ambulating on the litter of a vintage Fire Engine.

LFG had a tree trimming party which gave me a three hour window to enjoy the weather and do a bit of shopping. The neighborhood are finally showing some winter signs.

We had zero extra time to get back to Old Town for the Parade of Lights but LFG’s Uggs were soaked with muddy-icy-snowy gunk and we had no other boots. I think we might have set a world record for stopping at Rack Room Shoes and buying little snow boots and socks. In and out…fifteen minutes max. Twenty bucks…why pay more? She’s gonna outgrow them in a week-that is if they survive that long.

We lasted for about twenty minutes as the boats were announced-floating past the city dock in Old Town. Union Street Pub is two hundred yards away and they have what we want. Shirley Temples-Stoli-comfort food. It’s all good.

Gumbo for me…not as good as mine but pretty darned warming after our long day.

Baked Ziti for the Pootist. She's tired.

It was shocking to see Carlos Santa working at Union Street Pub. I was certain that his career was flourishing but in this economy you never know. Little Carlos was bussing tables and seemed happy to have the work.

LFG declared that we needed a new ornament or two for our tree and the Christmas Shop is right next door to Union Street Pub. It’s always fun to walk through the shop during Christmas. I don’t know how they stay in business during the off season. Who buys nutcrackers in July? Who buys nutcrackers any time?

“Look daddy, it’s Darth Cracker” LFG declared. We both agreed that a Darth Vader nutcracker just didn’t seem right. “Darth Cracker”. Sounds to me like a white boy from Effingham South Carolina who’s seen too many Star Wars movies.

Wet boots off. Slippers on.

Sunday sees us out the door to procure out Christmas Tree. These beat up khakis manifest my newest sartorial randomosity-the Unicuff. One cuff. You'll be wearing some just like these in no time. Shut Up-with LL Bean bluchers.

LFG wanted a train to circumnavigate our tree this year. She got one.

These pictures are not blurry-it’s my new artistic lens through which I snap images when all I have handy is my phone camera. Shut up and Happy Holidays.

Onward. ADG and LFG


James said...

You're doing such a wonderful job with your daughter!The fantastic memories she'll have as an adult.You never said how your gumbo turned out last week.

ADG said...

James....the gumbo ended up a tragedy-worthy of it's own post. I patiently built the pot of gumbo with all the ingredients that I've come to appreciate-not before I made a superb roux. It was heavenly until I dumped a pound of backfin crabmeat into the pot without verifying its freshness. It was spoiled and thus the entire pot of gumbo had to be thrown out. Tragic.

DAM said...

ADG: An I thought I had a lot packed into our weekend.

As you probably noted, we did not march with the Westies in the parade due to the inclement weather. Braver sole than we are to venture out into that mess.

Between a party at Town Hall in GP on Friday, getting the tree on Saturday, a party that evening and the Saints/Redskins game yesterday, I was whopped. AND you have a 9 year old in tow to boot.

Well Done.

Anonymous said...

What lovely memories you are making for your daughter! She is a fortunate child.

By the way, soaked and dirty Uggs can be resurrected easily with a good hand washing with Woolite and warm water. Rinse well, soak up as much moisture as possible using paper towels (the dyes will run a bit when washed). Then, stuff with paper towels to maintain the shape and dry slowly on top of a radiator. When nearly dry, remove paper stuffing and fluff the inside lining. Good as new.

Uggs are ugly and are best worn at home by adults, though the colorful ones are cute as the dickens on kids, but on the practical side, they enable me to turn down the thermostat and keep my toes toasty. Just don't allow them to wander past the mailbox.

I find your blog curious, well written, and sweet.


Pigtown-Design said...

So sorry that the parade on Saturday turned out to be on such a ghastly day. We stumbled across a little St. Andrew's Day gathering last weekend and watched the procession of pipers walking to the church in Baltimore. It was another reason I love living in a city.

Sucks about your gumbo.

Barima said...

You two are so darned adorable together it's almost inconceivable. She always seems so well raised and lively

I impatiently await the day when I can experience true gumbo


Patsy said...

I think Darth Cracker would look fabulous sporting the unicuff!

So sweet of you to dress up for Cotillion. I'll bet Miss LFG was very proud of her handsome Daddy.

Alan said...

I miss Old Town a lot. Surprised she didn't convince you to swing by Why Not? I know my daughter would have. Does that house, I think it is on the north side of Prince between Royal and Union, still hang all of the old ornaments in the individual window panes? Loved that look.

Enjoying the blog much!



Anonymous English Female said...

ADG - LFG looks like a little movie star in her Cotillion dress, along with those cupcake pyjamas and insisting on a train to run around the Christmas tree she has has clearly inherited your style and elegance genes.
Love those Scottish dudes red and white socks with ribbons and spats! In my view spats are long overdue a revival; if you ask him nicely maybe Toad will send you some for Christmas??

Kathie Truitt said...

Wish I could have gone to the Scottish Walk (I'm part of the McLemore Clan), however I am living basketball this season. William in on the West Potomac freshman team this year.

If I don't talk to you before Christmas, I hope you and LFG have a Merry One. Safe travels if you head to Carolina!

ADG said...

DAM….we had a big time indeed. I’ll see you for Christmas lunch in a couple of weeks.

Anonymous -Hallie...Thanks for the kind words and thanks for the tips on cleaning the Uggs. They smelled like hell. I sent them home to LFG’s mom-in a plastic bag.

MegTown-The gumbo thang was just tragic but we survived. I actually liked the gnarly weather on Saturday…been waiting for some real “seasonal” weather. I’m sure I’ll be crying the blues in February.

Barima...You are always too kind. Come on over and we’ll hook you up with some Gumbo.

Patsy ...We’ll see if LFG is proud. Right now-she seems to mostly be embarrassed by me!

Alan...Thanks. Yes, we spend a fair amount of time at Why Not? It’s a great little store. Not sure about the house on Prince Street but I’m thinking about walking over right now and taking a peek. Come see us.

Anon-English...LFG just keeps me in stitches. When selecting a tree yesterday she insisted that she would be best to make the final decision because ….”I am a good choice picker daddy”. LFG the Choice Picker. But today my heart is a little broken but that’s the norm on every other Monday around here. Funny you should mention spats. LFG asked me how they washed them…I said Woolite. Hell I don’t know.

Kathie-T...Enjoy those basketball games. LFG and I will head to SC on the 26th.

Oler in Baltimore said...

Mr. M....I don't know how I came across your website - but glad I did. I sat and read the entire thing. Why are you wasting your time with that drug thing - you need to write and right now - you're very talented. I swear you stole that "first job interview" story from me - replace the bug with an MG,the pharma company with Alex Brown and many a shoe and pant was ruined. I mean really - who goes to a job interview with the top down - well done. Well, keep up the good work - the stories made my day and now I can show my wife I'm not the only guy that stresses over a wardrobe (if you can call it that). Good day to you!
-Oler from Baltimore

Brian said...

Sounds like your Holiday season is off to a great start, and I think I saw darth cracker in South Philly hanging out on the corner the other day.

Toad said...

Will you adopt me?

ADG said...

Oler...thanks man. I'm humbled but ain't gonna quit my day job anytime soon. Amazing-my first car was an MG Midget so I know what you speak regarding that delightfully under-performing little buggy. Alex Brown...quintessentially old Baltimore no? careful in South Philly. Darth Cracker has lots of buddies down there.

TintinATL said...

I can't tell you how much I enjoy your blog. At first, it was your irreverent approach to trad style. Then I got hooked on your creative way with words and send of humor. Now I realize the greatest pleasure is in the vicarious enjoyment of your time with LFG.

I don't have children myself and no likelihood of doing so, but damn through your writing I can feel the combination of love, pride and wonder that she evokes in you. She is a wonderful young lady with a clearly exceptional father; you both are very fortunate, and very deserving of each moment together.

And please, keep writing. You crack me up. Shut up.

ADG said...

Toad...I think it would be better if we work out some kind of time share-joint custody thing with Mrs. T. but I'm open to reviewing options.

TintinATL...thanks very much.

CeceliaMc said...

Your little girl is a Botticelli, and you looked good in that hat.

ELS said...

Well reading this has put me BANG in the mood for Christmas, which given the dreary bah humbug weather we are enduring is quite a feat. Your artyfarty photos are enchanting, your little girl, as they all are, a dream!

red ticking said...

love this post.... and your blog... filled with love... x pam

Oler in Baltimore said...

I should have mentioned this with my last note - this is right up your alley. I read that you had an MG in your past and judging by the photograph of the shifter knob living in the top drawer of your chiffonier - I bet it holds a fond memory. That being said; on the next Saturday that offers suitable weather - you need to visit They offer a 1974 MGB and/or a 1960 TR3 (among other vehicles) for an afternoon of motoring around Charlottesville - I mean does that sound fantastic or what. My wife got me the MG for my last birthday. My only caveat; plan on walking away from that car bawling out like a new born - all the memories will come back. But give it a try - I know you'll have a blast.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Man, does that take me back! My father-in-law piped at the first Scottish Walk and continued to do so until he moved down here five years ago! My traditional meal after was a schooner and clam chowder...

It's about gumbo time, thanks for the reminder.

And you've got something coming in the mail. Sorry I couldn't get them to wrap it. --C

ADG said...

Cecilia…very kind of you…thanks!

ELS ...Glad we were able to transport you to a state of Christmas grace. Now send money!

Red Ticking...Thanks Pam!

Oler...Thanks man. I’ve already saved the website.

Chris the Elegant... The Scottish Walk is one of my all time faves. Thanks for whatever is on the way!

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

The westies in the parade of so cute!