Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The World is Half Price

The magic that little LFG does on my behalf for Christmas is amazing. Just when I crowed about the windowpane contrivance in the previous post-Santa aka Polo/Corneliani Italy came calling. So I drop LFG off at friends for snow-slush-mud frolicking and I stop by Polo Chevy Chase for a fitting.

Stronger than new rope. That’s all I can say about these flat front-dress extension tab togs. And I forgot that they were fully lined. Not just to the knee. I can’t wait to do the Chicken Dance in these babies.
And wouldn’t you know it. While in such an incredible store I noticed that the entire place is half price. I’m not kidding. If you need anything now is the time to pounce. If you just want something-pounce post haste.

I wish that they would sell me the PKZ Posters in the dressing rooms. PKZ-classic vintage posters of well togged sartorialists.

An example of the bargains to be had is the classic Polo Camel Overcoat. It was called a “Polo Coat” before Ralphie created his version of said coat. Folks it’s half price. Now I was looking at said coat and….have you ever felt like someone was looking at you? This woman, I could tell, was checking my junk and it made me feel uncomfortable so I asked her to hold the coat while I snapped a picture of it. Wish that you could see more of her in the picture ‘cause she was a cutie. A cutie with no wedding band-like me.

Then. Then there was this wool and angora baby. Flat front trousers-two button-side vents. This is a giveaway as well. Shut up.

Looking forward to seeing my fam in South Carolina in a few days. My brother got there early and set up a nice swing for my mom.

And wouldn’t you know it…he already has some of the decorations up over at my Aunt Tootie's house.

Onward-Ho ho hoing at half price ya’ll

Ps....Do ya'll eat Clementines at Christmas? LFG and I are on crate number two


RHW said...

Nice work engaging The Cutie in your shopping pics, I hope you got her number/email address/IM, etc.

Oh, and pardon me, but it's "y'all" and not "ya'll."

Merry Christmas!!


Pigtown-Design said...

Someone sent over a crate of clementines for the kids at Woodbourne. They just smell like Christmas.

I hope Santa brings you a new camera for christmas. ;-)

Pau said...

Those new slacks are killer! Love the pane and the lining - great color.

James said...

I wondered who took the sofa off my porch. I hope you and LFG have a happy Christmas.

I liked to soccer lady better.

Suburban Princess said...

Did you get her number?

We love clementines! I am sure we go through 5 or 6 crates of them every December!

Have a great Christmas!

Anonymous Texan said...

Satsuma's supplemented by clementines.Recollect during my stay in the Banana Republic of La., wine was made from satsumas & sold on roadside stands along with creole tomatoes in Plaquemines Parish.Never tried the stuff just rolled with Dixie beer.Enuff said.

Toad said...

Pleased to have you pass on our love to your mother, and the little one for the holidays.

Thanks for keeping the economy humming.

LPC said...

Bags of clementines. Oddly enough, brand name is, "Cuties."

Anonymous said...

If Ralph won't sell you the posters, or it's cousin sites will, albeit as reproductions. I too have been a sucker for the all the trappings and furnishings that Ralph puts into his stores.
Merry Christmas!

ilovelimegreen said...

Where's the Union Station-gypsy cab ride story? My mother eats clementines at Christmas...and there is a new (I think) restaurant in Baltimore called Clementine.
Merry Christmas ADG - and LFG too...

CeceliaMc said...

Looks like Stinky put your VW to good use.

ADG said...

HW….thanks. That cutie wrote down my license plate number when I left. Good thing or bad? We’ll see I suppose.

Megtown...Got the camera!

Pau...Thanks. I’ll be sportin’ said trou in a few weeks.

James...We’ll send the sofa back after the holydays! Happy happy to those little grandboys. The soccer lady was a turd.

Suburban Princess...Nope. Thanks!

Anonymous Texan...I’d have at least sampled the wine!

Toad...Thanks and back at you. Now go shopping.

LPC...Great name!

Anonymous...Thanks but I can’t do the repros! That’s why I have no PKZ posters.

ilovelimegreen...I’m savin’ up for that post. Merry to you too.

CeceliaMc...Stinky has always been resourceful. His license plate production volume in Federal Prison remains a record.

Brian said...

Called over to our local Polo store in King Of Prussia to find out the hours tomorrow, and the sales clerk had no idea of the sale going on. We have gone through a couple crates of clementines in the office today. Hope you and LFG have a safe and Merry Christmas!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Safe travels as you head down here to the promised land during the holidays.

November said...

I've enjoyed your posts this year, particularly those about your various shell cordovans. Earlier in the year you mentioned Nocona boots. Any suggestions on how to work these into a wardrobe?

Pigtown-Design said...

Lime Green... Clementine's in Baltimore is excellent. I've had breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks there... although not on the same days! Just down the road from my fave BBQ joint.

We'll need to do another Tour de Baltimore!

Anonymous English Female said...

A sweater to match the seasonal fruit? ADG - you're the epitomy of style. I like clementines in December even more than I like strawberries in June. Waitrose in Farnham, England sells them in red nets.

Anonymous said...

You've already deleted your blog, for whatever reason. By now, you've surely realized that it's captured automatically and nearly immortal.

Write what makes you happy, but remember you can't write anything that your nearest and dearest couldn't someday read.


Anonymous said...

WIsh you a Very Merry Christmas!
You may know already that you are told that you are very sexy...especially your feet shot!

ADG said...

"...Anonymous said...
WIsh you a Very Merry Christmas!
You may know already that you are told that you are very sexy...especially your feet shot!

Thanks. I only hope that you are a woman and not some 60 year old guy who lives with his mother and 17 cats.

Summer is a Verb said...

Merry Christmas! Did you open the belt yet? XXOO

ADG said...


Sent you a pic of the belt still in my stocking. Just tried it on with these moleskins I'm wearing today...belt is great! Now I want it in the "light havana" color.

Alas it will have to wait. Gotta buy a car tomorrow!

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Can't get enough Clementines. And that suit.

By the way, was the woman holding that polo coat wearing a bathrobe? Merry Christmas.

No, seriously, Merriest of Christmases and all our best wishes for the happiest of New Years. May the best of the past year be the worst of the New for you and LFG.

Many happy returns ADG,

Kathie Truitt said...

Merry Christmas to you Dustin, and that darling daughter of yours. Looking forward to all your posts in 2010.