Saturday, January 9, 2010

Navy Shell Corovans and Redux: Navy Blue Weejuns and the Ford Pinto

I wasn't kidding when I said many months ago that I would find someone to make Navy Blue Shell Cordovan loafers for me. Probably as close to cordovan nirvana as I can imagine. Intriguing in any case but only nirvana caliber shodding based on the relationship that I had with my N.B. Bass Weejuns in college. They were the shit. Shut up.

Here's the confirmatory email regarding the navy shells. I can only imagine the depth of lustre that these shoes are gonna have.

Sent: Thursday, January 07, 2010 3:17 PM
Subject: Re: Navy Cordovan Loafers

Thanks D_____ -

I appreciate the call.  No worries, I have 7 Navy Blue Super (big shells) and a #1 available, so enough for 5-6 pair.

Look forward to meeting you and fitting you up.  Here are some other sample loafers we can do that do not fit like socks-on-a-rooster.

Once I see you I can take care of the order....lots of options.

Let me know your schedule when you can -

Navy Blue Weejuns and the Ford Pinto....

Just kidding about the Pinto though I think they did offer it in a light and a mid blue.

There have been a lot of posts lately about Bass Weejuns. One commenter on a blog provided erudition on the demise of G.H. Bass that was thesis worthy. I enjoyed reading it but it did touch a sentimental chord. I remember the Bass catalogue when I was in undergrad. The options were pretty cool. Tan pebble grain, navy blue, black and of course the standard color. They also offered a tassel version in black or standard. There was even a two eyelet lace up. Beef roll … I didn’t like it then and don’t now. Too clunky looking for me.

I eventually graduated to Alden loafers after I made enough dough to afford them. However, I’ve always managed to hold on to my Weejuns from college. Here are my navy blue ones. Yes, they are a bit dodgy looking but keep in mind that they are 30 years old. They’ve been beer soaked a zillion times…fully immersed in the Atlantic ocean on more than one occasion…landed in the bottom of a chlorinated pool at least once-with me attached. They’ve spent the night in various dorm rooms…tip toeing out on the south end of my headache the next morning. I’m sure they’ve heard my mom say repeatedly… “I just don’t know what’s going to become of you. If you’d spend half the time on your studies that you spend at those fraternity parties…”

I might have worn them to my little brother’s baptism.


Anonymous said...

I miss the old dark brown Weejun, constructed with reasonable quality. Anymore, loafers seem to be junk and billed as "Cordovan in color."

David V said...

Not dodgy looking at all! I'd call them well broken in.
As much as I laugh at the navy topsiders these are beautiful and I wish I had a pair.

James said...

It seems I spent my high school years pining for two things, Charlee L. and a pair of weejuns. I never had a chance for Ms L., but I did quickly acquire oxblood weejuns( who needs to eat in college?) I am now the proud owner of 2pr oxlood,1pr of black and a pair that is black with brown trim and look a little like topsiders, but say weejun. I heard later that Charlee became a high school teacher and was found having sex with a student. So the weejuns were the better investment,

Chris said...

I want to know who's making those for you...because I want a pair. Are you willing to share?

Anonymous English Female said...

ADG - ' socks on a rooster' - ! - Is this some reference to your penchant for horizontal striped footwear or are we to infer you've got chicken legs ??

ADG said...

Death...the "new" color looks like shit.

David V. .. thanks

James...not sure I agree with you there!

Chris...let me get measured and verify the options/quality etc and we'll see ok?

AnonEng...How you wound me-yet again....

Gail, in northern California said...

I had never heard ill-fitted shoes as looking like "socks on a rooster" but, the image is hysterical and spot on.

As a result, I'll have a smirk on my face all day with the image created.

btw, I noticed yesterday you were sporting one of the pairs of socks LFG selected. In so many ways, she's part of your day, isn't she?

Dumbwit Tellher said...

I haven't read nor heard the word "Weejuns" for decades. I do believe I had a pair, but always with the penny inserted. What a marvelous talent you have for words. Great post ~ deb

Anonymous said...

Honestly - terrible. Are you SURE that those navy model Weejuns are a man's model? I don't recall them being made in such a color - and if they were, they shouldn't have been. The only acceptable blue shoe are blue canvas tennis shoes and even those are questionable - that Elvis sang of blue shoes only highlights their essential vulgarity.

I strongly urge you to reconsider.

ADG said...

Gail...Yes! LFG is always close by-at least my heart.

DebwitTellher...thanks. Just checked out your great bolg. Is Tom Delay your neighbor?

AnonymousHonestlyTerrible....yes they are men's Weejuns. I picked them from the Bass catalog myself when I was in college. and yes, I can pull off the navy blue Weejun look with aplomb. I'll do the same with the custom ones in cordovan. It wouldn't be so fun to wear them if they didn't appall a few people, like you, along the way. Thanks for your honesty.

Paul said...

Thanks to you, I've searched and searched for blue Weejuns - and always come up with bupkus!

Socks on a rooster!!?? Imagination is a wonderful thing!

Karena said...

I love these in navy. Great for casual w jeans etc. I can tell you that I always thought the Bass Weejuns from my high school days were very uncomfortable. I love the softer leathers!

CeceliaMc said...

The only "penny loafer" type of shoes that I have, is an old pair of rarely-worn very humdrum Anne Klein's of the slim pointy-toe variety.

Loafers not only look good with slacks and jeans, but with plain A-line skirts, for the comfortable-but-not-schleppy housefrau/librarian look when out at the grocery or garden store.

I think I'll invest in a nice upscale pair.

Ah, the power of blogs...

Chris said...

Sounds like a good plan to me, sir. I'll keep an eye out.

wanderlusting said...

I had a pair of navy blue weejun 'poseur's' with my monogram (just my initials) stamped in gold on the back,back outside edge!!! I felt like the preppiest chick on the block! Got my first real weejuns at a store Near Sakowitz in Houston, 1966-67, $16 bucks. I wonder how long my mechanic father had to toil in grease and gasoline to pay for those?
And, to think I cut them into sandals in just a year or so!!!!!