Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Redux: Summer Vacation

At least until LFG and I return from South Carolina. We are beginning round one of at least four weeks of vayacay that we’ll take together before school resumes in late August. Longwing nailed me with the “ADG or ADD” assumption a while back. I’m not eclectic-I’m random as hell. To that end, I’m posting a dose of randomness to hold my few but devoted followers till I return.
I love the S.C. state flag. The brand however, is now a bit overexposed...I think.
French Bulldogs are cute. Make no mistake about it. However, they rival any fratty house antics when it comes to being gassy. Unbelievable the methane that these little snorters can produce. Come to think of it, LFG can muster a zinger from time to time. She gets THAT from her mom. By the way, LFG does wear Crocs. We're rednecks....no secret there.
My next suit from Flusser this fall is inspired by this windowpane. Don't try to talk me out of it.
Digital photo booth with LFG years ago. This is what we got for a dollar. I love bald babies. Can't find the cricket sweater vest that I had on in this pic. Came from Lillywhites in London. It will turn up sometime. When you have 10k square feet of house-these things can slip away for years.
Flusser remains the master. Thom Browne can't carry this guy's water. Flusser is Buddhist by the way.

I've ardently posited on more than one occasion that if you are going to wear Belgians-you've gotta "man-up"...Mizrahi has tainted the concept for me. So, I'll be putting my half dozen pairs in the back of the closet for six months.Oy.
My sister has two sons. One is a highly trained Marine Sniper. He kills people for a living. The notion kills me.
Even though he kills people for a living and has done two tours of that role in Iraq; he saves a life from time to time. Here’s an editorial excerpt from the Orange County Register….about a year ago.

“Thank You, Marine
It started out like any other pre-Christmas shopping trip, for Amber __________, when, accompanied by her children, she headed for the Big Lots store in San Clemente. Before the outing ended, one of her children had a close encounter with the grim reaper.

While checking out the store's wares, Amber turned away from the shopping cart, for a moment. When she turned around again, she was horrified to see 3 year old Patrick tumbling out of the cart. He landed with a thud, slamming the back of his head into the floor. As bad as that sounds, it gets worse, because, after a crying Patrick complained that his heard hurt, he went limp and turned pale.

Horrified, Amber began screaming and crying "Oh God, my baby." Luckily for Amber help was on its way. ____________heard the Amber’s wailing from across the store and recognized the sound, as any seasoned Marine would: "I’ve been in combat and I’ve heard screams like that. Her squeal was very distinct. You just run toward it and try to help."

Help is an understatement, given _______ heroics. He checked Patrick’s pulse and breathing and found neither. Unwilling to tolerate that, _________ administered CPR and, after four life-saving breaths, Patrick regained consciousness. ______ stayed with Amber and Patrick, until the paramedics relieved him, then, with his mission accomplished, he got on with his business.

We thank ________ for his service to his nation, and his ability to stay cool, calm and collected in a crisis. Thank you, Marine.”

He's a stunning physical specimen and LFG loves him. My sister named him after me. His older brother is a gay shoe designer in Gotham. Works for Manolo Blankcheck. I love both of them equally. Amazes me that they emerged from the same womb.
The end of an era in Old Town Alexandria. Not surprising. After over 30 years, the French couple who owned it retired home to Paris. The new owners didn't have the stuff to make it go. I love French comfort food in the winter. I got a quarter stuck up my nose one night in here. Give me a break-I was only 29 years old and it was a bet. I won the bet but had to use needle nose pliers at home to extract the quarter. Shut up.
Patch Madras............again.
What's in your junk drawer?
Don't even think about breaking-in to my manse while we are away. LFG and I have a new crop of hundred year old lead soldiers from Germany protecting the place. We also picked up in the deal, a hydrocephalic guy with a Fez.
Jay Kos cords with two inch cuffs. I like big cuffs. I'm compensating-shut up.
Yes, I had a porn star moustache in 1979. I'm not proud of it but I'm not going to deny it either.
Do your kids have their summer job options sorted out yet?Everyone has a favorite summer. This was mine. Life Guard at the Country Club. All those bored forty and older ladies-slathered in baby oil and ennui. I didn't understand back then-the source of their attentiveness. Nowadays, they call those ladies "Cougars".

Ok...that'll have to hold you till we return.


RHW said...

That LFG is a real doll. Somehow Crocs work on her, as they do for my 10 year old little lady CHW. From the looks of this post, you're pretty happy to be heading off somewhere on vacation. Enjoy!


Gail, in northern California said...

Jeez Louise. Give me heart failure, why doncha'? Please remove that blazing blue headline "My Blogging Days Are Over...."

Thanks for the redux. I can read your stories again and again. And dux!

LFG in the bumper car...precious cargo.

ScottyAlexander said...

Another great post. Truly looking forward to the day that windowpane suit comes around. I'd wear it, for sure. Enjoy your time off!

James said...

I'm with Gail on this one, my first impression was aw S**t! I soon realized my mistake,and as always enjoyed your post. LFG is so cute, how can you stand it?

ELS said...

Yep, I also thought you were off on another disappearing bender. Happily not, and we even got a couple of topless shots. Even if they were from another lifetime...

If I say beefcake, James will come over all 'I don't wanna be a sex object.'

Somehow I bet you won't.


Kathy said...

Loved the post this time too. I can do without the mustache though. imho. My younger son had curls like LFG until his first heartbreaking haircut. He's still beautiful (he hates that I used that adjective) but the curls have never been the same.

NCJack said...

If you like it "fast and French" (food that is) you must know Gaulert & Maliclet (sp?) on Broad near King in Charleston. Haven't been down there in years, so hope it's still open.

Anonymous English Female said...

ADG - Is the supercute Life Guard at the Country Club the one who's coming to London?? Hope he'll be heading over to SW3!
I'm with Gail and James - delete the big blue headline fast -

ADG said...


RHW...I'm not going anywhere...right now.

Gail...LFG...precious cargo indeed.


James..LFG...I can hardly stand it.

ELS...I won't.

NCJack...we didn't make it to Charleston this last trip.

TRVS said...

It's a shame Le Gaulois closed it's doors, my DH and I had dinner there the one time I was in Old Alexandria and we loved it.