Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Flusser's In D.C. and I've got "Cracker Charm"

Quick update folks....LFG and I are in Gotham on Spring Break. Just a quick up and back on the train to see Phantom of the Opera. More on that was great to see it again especially since LFG asked specifically for Phantom. She's growing up so fast! American Girl Store-FAO Schwartz and then LFG wanted to go over and say hello to Alanflusser. Remember-LFG monikered him several years ago with just one run on name-an amalgamation of first and last. We found Alan meeting with a few cohorts so our hello was brief and anyway-we'll see that entire gang of sartorial bandits in D.C. tomorrow. LFG is having lunch today with TinTin...."that man who worked at the Statue of Liberty...of London.

If you are anywhere near D.C. late this afternoon, all day tomorrow or half the day on Friday, drop on on the Flusser crew for a great deal....and I mean great. I won't be partaking because I'm now a Target man mydamnself-plus, I've gotta buy a car and I don't finance them-I pays cash. One suit purchase gets your three free custom made shirts. Or if you opt for their Flusser Made to Measure line, you'll save $600.00 off the MSRP. 

Now you may or may not have "Cracker Charm" but that makes no difference. The Flusser fixers can swath anyone. Just because you aren't white, garish and proud of it doesn't exclude you. Cracker Charm was assigned to me when I checked email this morning and I'm diggin' the name. Here's an excerpt from said email...."had a miserable Passover at a restaurant with some friends. I took a break this year (from hosting it at home) and realized I cannot do that.  Maybe you will come out for it.  Add some Cracker charm". I'd be glad to my friend but please realize one thing. You and your guests are going to have to hear my (brief) lecture about how if y'all hadn't have messed up Baby Jesus so badly you wouldn't have to do that Flyover thang over and over and over year after year after year. Kiddin' jus kiddin' ole buddy.

Here's the invite to the D.C. gig but worry not, if you can't make it to D.C.-just drop in  on them at the Gotham lair because they'll offer you the same deal through April.

Sartorial Health Reform

Themes are important, they can anchor stuff. As such, we intend to make our way down to your fair burg next week, ending up at the AKA White House from Wednesday March 31st at 2PM, to Friday April, 2nd until 1PM.

With the capital reeling in the aftermath of the health care debate and passage, it seems like an opportune moment to remind folks of another aspect of personal health.
Fortunately, the debate over the putative benefits from a spanking new custom set of threads transcends political persuasions and party lines. The feeling of confidence and hopefulness that a new suit of clothes can bestow is not a controversial subject…it might well be one of the singular issues that all political types can find common ground with. I think our theme is doing swimmingly, don’t you?

As to the particulars, here are a few: let’s use the Spring promotion and its timely savings as added inducement for mandatory attendance.

Accompanying will be new fabric collections featuring suiting’s in 7 oz. super 130s and silk, 6.5 oz. wool and silk solids, as well as well as new wool, silk, linen sport coatings in 7/8 oz. weights

The success of our Belseta raincoat compliments of a feature in ForbesLife reminds us to remind you that it may be time to replace that yellowing London Fog with something more suited to your elevated station in life. Available in 24 colors.

And naturally, a selection of new Spring/Summer haberdashery will be in tow, along with the typical bonhomie and heightened esprit of the Alan Flusser Custom envoys.

Please Come and Bespeak to Us

AKA White House 1710 H Street NW Washington, DC 20006
Phone 202 904 2500, Mark R. Cell #201 707 3000




Softening the Peacockery Pinch

This illustration has always been one of my favorites because the artist has his subject sporting a dressing gown that actually clashes with his necktie, as if he threw it on the minute he got home. It's a sensibility about male style and its intimacy that's as different from today's designer culture as root beer is from beer.

What's all this got to do with our latest salutation, I'm not sure. But we are looking at a gent coordinating some bespoke dress shirts for a business or holiday get-away. And if his taste in his dress runs true, he's as much at home in and around high-brow clothes as he is hobnobbing with other bespoken shoulders from Wall Street to Palm Beach.     

Okay, recognizing that life of late has likely distracted your sartorial focus, no less budget, we'd like to propose a bit of personalized banking down at your favorite bespoken branch. Place a custom suit order between now and the end of April and you'll be entitled to three complimentary custom-made shirts... a $1,300 windfall. Should you desire a stronger position in your free dress-shirt holdings, each additional two-piece warrants its own three-shirt dividend. And not to overlook our Made-to-Measure devotees, we invite you to take the same liberties with each two-piece sheathing - a $600 savings.

Now, we understand that such a sartorial bonanza is not likely to improve your business stature overnight. However, can anything bestow a more kick-ass optimism than waking up and slipping into the best suit of clothes in your wardrobe.

And last but not least, we want each of you to know how much we appreciate your support during these very challenging times. Please Come and Bespeak to us.
3 East 48th Street 4th Floor New York, NY 10017
Tel. 212 888 4500 · Fax 212 888 0430


Laguna Beach Trad said...

Thanks for the heads-up re Alanflusser. Will LFG be providing a write-up on her luncheon with Tintin?

Pigtown-Design said...

they're perty funny!

James said...

LBT has a great idea, her comments might prove very insightful, "out of the mouths of babes". I love how well she's sporting the LoL wellies.I hope ya'll have a "cracker charmed" spring break.

Anonymous English Female said...

ADG - Just ask Alan Flusser to upholster the seats of your new car in Liberty print and everyone will be happy.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

If I only had the dosh... keep us informed though, there may be a bank around here with a broken security camera...