Tuesday, March 23, 2010

GTH or kiss my…


".....There's one thing that he loves and that is flattery. 
One week he's in polka-dots, the next week he is in stripes. 
'Cause he's a dedicated follower of fashion. ..."
I’m truly grateful to the anonymous commenter who put the Davies brothers and their cohort Kinks back on my radar screen. Dedicated Follower of Fashion couldn't be more complementary to the GTH twaddle-echo that I continue to feed. It’s just too damned fun to cease. Shut up.
The skies and temperature belie any tease of spring where I’ve been lately but that didn’t quell my desire to further campaign my trad impertinence. Corduroy and moleskin will probably remain front and center for a few more weeks so I busted out in an old pair of Cordings orange cords. I bought these and a pair of similarly tinted moleskins many years ago and LFG calls them my “pumpkin pants”. Funny, I’ve never thought to wear them on Halloween.
Topping these off with a black ribbed cotton Ralph sweater circa 1997 seemed to de-GTH the rig too much so I threw on a pair of pink Ralph cotton socks-courtesy of my $25.00 gift certificate that the Lauren gang sent my way the other week. Soon as these pedal coverings manifested-I was back in the GTH game.
Intermittent rain evokes no fear in a pair of shell cordovan loafers so I sported these old Ralph babies on the southernmost end of this impertinent shroud. Just as well have them fend off the precip on my behalf because for the life of me I can’t keep a shine on these like I can on the Alden Number Eights. Wet shell cordovan needs to dry on its own accord as the exoskeleton of unvarnished wick worthy cedar shoe trees.
Our buddies over at J. Press have just a touch of GTH impertinentalia this season. I’m lost for words to capture how fortunate I feel that Aunt Tootie and I are to have a coat to match our GTH pants. 
Three button sack coat-all cotton-all trad-all Press-all GTH. I’ll have one in a 38 portly-short-extra arrogant.
And geez…can one possibly find socks that would evoke venom and vitriol to any greater degree than the polka dots and squares? I remain steadfast in my effort to trump these but for sure it will be a while before something emerges to dethrone this duo.
Look, I didn’t start this nonsense. Bud Collins did. Take it up with him.

Onward. Following Fashion. With the Kinks


ilovelimegreen said...

ADG - Baseball season is right around the corner - if you want to be a well-dressed Oriole (or Giant) fan, wear those orange cords to a game, and your allegiance will be obvious.

Oh, those patchwork socks....

James said...

This post is like the finale to a fireworks show, wonderful! Socks are my vice,or as you would say "fuzzy dice".

Kathie Truitt said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the jacket!! Honestly, I love ALL your GTH clothes. I have to ask though - it's personal, but heck, we've been friends for what? almost 2 years now? So, I have to know is it hard for you to find a date? Not because you're not incredibly handsome, charming and of course well-dressed but I think a lot of gals might be a wee bit intimidated because you look better than they do! Just ponderin...

Anonymous English Female said...

Kathie - with the greatest respect - what self-respecting Vogue-toting gal with any sense of visual harmony/propriety would want to walk around town with a pair of those Mondrian-on-Crack sock-shod feet ?? I mean, seriously?...

Laguna Beach Trad said...

Splendid post! Love the tassel loafers, cords, and socks. I have to mention, that JPress aloha jacket has been haunting my dreams of late. (Not yours specifically of course). Don't know why. Perhaps it's time to go to Hawaii for a breather.

I don't see said jacket on the JPress website, so I'm not sure it's offered this season. I should have taken the bait when it was being dangled in front of my face a few seasons back. Damn.

I've been keeping my GTH on TDL in the last two years, but I want to kick it up a notch or two and your posts are an inspiration. Nome sayn? Cheers.

Patsy said...

I love love love those pumpkin pants. Love.

Patty said...

I love your writing style, your posts always make me laugh :) What snazzy dressers those dapper men are!

Anonymous said...

Oh ADG, you only encourage my sock lust!

Preppy 101 said...

If you hadn't made me swoon with the GTH pants, the socks would surely seal the deal. Love these posts!

Giuseppe said...

That Press jacket is likely going to haunt my subconcious until somebody doantes one at the Salvation Army.

Pigtown-Design said...

what a day!

Brian said...

I think you should throw the jacket on with the cord and the socks for mr annon. Now that would be the fuzziest of the fuzzy dice. love your kiss my...

Anonymous said...

The GTH stuff is great, but it's the bracelets in the third picture that I covet.

I believe I count five, possibly six. Where can I get some like them?

I also covet your rugs, but the bracelets are a little more in my price range.

Toad said...

Poor Mr. Collins appears to have met his match. It's just so darn tuff finding OTC GTH sox.

ADG said...

LimeGreenanalia...Patchwork Socks....Evarards on Wisconsin. Orioles...sad.


Kathie....stop it. You've lost all objectivity...like most family members and yes, I consider you family by now. Dating and Clothes....here's the deal...I don't bust out in the really edgy stuff till subsequent dates when I know that it's ok. Also, I rarely get past the one/initial date thing anymore. I'm snakebit. Bad.

AnonEng...that ain't nice from you but that's ok.

LagunaTradMon...I hear you my man. Plus...and my visits to SouCal have always been business oriented and brief-but GTH is to me, such an East Coast thing that I'm sure it's more difficult to pull of. The J. Press coat is currently in stock at the store.

Patsy...thanks. I do too.

Patty...thanks but you must not be reading TinTin and Easy and Elegant and some of the girly blogs I've linked on my page if you think my writing is good.

Hallie...then go buy yourself some! More.


GMan...I'm thinking it will be a while before that one is at the Starvation Army.

MegTown...serendipity....it's as exciting to me as anything. Bliss...it was.

Brian...when I was in college we were required to have one fraternity meeting per month with formal dress...meaning sportcoat and tie. No biggie right...I lived there so I'd just come downstairs for the meeting in a navy blazer. We had to enact a "gaudy dress" rule because some people-in the midst of their subtle protest of the once a month formal dress rule-would do what you just suggested and show up in clown outfits!

Anon...The Bracelets. I'm about to include them in a post.

Toad...one pair in the pic is over the calf and the other not quite. I've had to remove OTC as a criteria for GTH socks a long time ago. Seems like most of them come in anklets.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

The Marcoliani socks are OTC... man, those psychedelic squares are a bit much for me. But you are a walking work of art, I have to admit. (top it all off with that banana yellow mac...)

Give 'em Hell, ADG.


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