Thursday, March 25, 2010

Liberty of London Wellies and Don Rickles

I figured it was time for some lighter fare and randomosity...but not too light. A bit of random sorbet after all the back and forth regarding GTH pants might be a nice alternative here in my little blog
Not sure what the Brits think of the new Liberty of London-Target relationship but I can tell you what LFG thought of these Liberty of London boots when she saw the ad in a magazine...."cool daddy".
So I trucked over to Target and snapped up a pair for her...good thing I went when I did because these babies-not surprisingly-are blowing out the door. My baby is working hard in school. She's a sweet and compliant little gal-for now. Her days are long...kinda breaks my heart a little bit that she doesn't go strait home after school like I did.
So twenty four bucks for Liberty of London flowerdy boots as a reward seems reasonable. She is getting older, more discerning and mature by the moment so it's slightly more difficult to elicit that impromptu glee from her. I'm positive though, that when she sees her "surprise boots" she'll be giggly and gleeful and that's worth twenty nine hundred dollars to me.
Now let's talk about Don Rickles for a moment. I love him and some of his best insult comic work can be seen on YouTube clips of the Johnny Carson Show as well as the Dean Martin Roasts. You remember Johnny Carson right? He was the tonight show host who with elegant reserve, restraint and aloofness, endeared himself to America. Unlike Jay Leno who just couldn't give it up.
But the reason that I bring Rickles to my randomelange is to show proof positive that you are never too young to start wearing a pocket square. If there's a breast pocket-put something in it. Here's Rickels at about age four.
And finally...consistent with my randomanalia...a word or two about the bracelets that I wear. Several folks have commented on them and asked questions about their origin-meaning-intent etc. Bottom line is this-LFG has been adorning herself and me with bracelets since I can remember. Cotton friendship bracelets are supposed to be worn till they fall off. I've been known to retie the ones from LFG simply because I don't want the memory of her giving it to me to be over. Shut up. The horsehair one is the only LFG exception. Rykken at the Flusser shop went to several South American countries with his family a few years ago and bought back some horsehair bracelets and I conned one out of him. The leather one is just a piece of leather lacing. LFG wears an identical one. The wooden beads...can't remember where she got that one for me.

Onwardish. ADG


Will said...

Love Don Rickles....they don't make 'em like that anymore.

Love the LFG posts....I'm going through a divorce right now (amicable...mostly), and still living in the house. Counting the days down until I don't get to see my little 2 yo version of LFG every day. Sons, I think, are a *little* easier to miss...if that makes sense. Anyone who says anything derogatory about you wearing her bracelets is a cad, and should be cursed with....something bad. :D

M.Lane said...

I think that the bracelets are a really wonderful thing.

I hope that whoever came up with the LL/Target deal gets the huge bonus he or she deserves. Even out here in the wilds, they can't keep the stuff on the shelf.

Rickles is something else. One night he is at a cool place, I think Nicky Blairs, in LA and sees Frank at another table. He goes over and says that he has a hot date meeting him and would FS mind coming over to the table and saying hi after she arrived since it would greatly enhance Rickles' chances of success later in the evening. Frank obliges. When he walks over to the table to say hi, Rickles yells at him crossly "Frank, how many times do I have to tell you....DONT BOTHER ME IN PUBLIC WHEN I HAVE A DATE!!"

Frank reportedly laughed so hard he fell on the floor.


ADG said...

Will...thanks. I'm sorry that you are going through the loss associated with divorce. It was the most transformative event in my life. I'll just give you a quick bit of unsolicited advice and if you want some more-just email me. LFG was 2 years old when my marriage ended. The good news is that at that age they don't remember anything. All LFG has ever known is "two houses-two bedrooms" etc. I thank God she was spared the trauma and her pangs of wanting an intact family are like daggers in my heart sometimes but nothing compared to if she was dealing with greater trauma. My hope is that you'll live close by and that you'll see her at least a couple of times a week. She'll get better at talking on the phone in about a year so you can make sure she hears your voice every day. Write her letters every week and mail them. She'll look forward to "mail from Daddy" and for the first few years I'd suggest that you send her letters drawn with about a zillion magic marker colors. Just try to be a constant in her life with a ton of frequency. I used to cry like a baby AFTER I dropped LFG off. NEVER let her see you cry about the grief you'll experience as a result of missing her. If you do, she'll start owning a sense of responsibility to make "daddy feel better" and that's a burden that she can't carry nor can she "fix" it. Make your presence with her fun and happy and frequent.

And finally, realize that your feelings for her and your hurt about not having her with you will be close to the surface for a long time. Don't kid yourself about getting rid of it. Just learn to manage it and not let it define you. Case in's been over 7 years since I pulled out of the driveway of my marital home-realizing the LFG would be a "visitor" to my home henceforth and just writing this response to you has me crying like a baby. And I assure you that not one of these tears is for LFG's mom.

James said...

ADG, you are a man among men. That is one of the sagest pieces on dealing with this situation that I've ever seen. I was a little teary eyed myself.

OldSchool said...

Thoughtful dad.
Lucky kid.

Makes me wish my daughter were young enough for me to buy her these boots.

Anonymous said...

Some of us feel like saying "Liberty" to people who wear such, because that is exactly what you are saying to us.

Sorry, just trying to lighten things up a bit. Good post and wonderful advice.

Anonymous (but not that one)

LPC said...

Ah, your post was one thing but your comment here is yet another. Time with our children is like having gold poured into our hearts. So difficult to give up. At least when they get older they can text us. IM us. Amazing what comfort there is to be gotten from the little fillip of an AIM incoming.

Enzo AGC said...
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TWJ said...

Brother, you really know how to change gears. I am looking at those boots thinking my 17 year old is going to be saying, "dad, how much do you love me?" I know its coming because her sister has already told her she spotted them in Harrisburg at the store off campus.

Then I get to the comments, read Will, M.Lane, and get to your comment. (I keep telling my secretary that it is sinus trouble that is making me tear up. Shut UP!)

I know you get a lot of prase but I have got to tell you that I have gotten into the habit of forwarding some of the LFG stories to a buddy of mine. He, like Will, will survive this as you have. At least I keep telling him that.

I have two each big girls and boys now, (15-20) and even with the older two I make sure everyone has their time with Dad each day. It is tough, especally with the older two and everyones schedules. But, believe you me that "Daddy's Girls" are made to believe that they are "special" in every way.

The boys get their time also, but they know that if there are daughters in the mix the girls get first choice.

Keep um coming. And Will, hang in there.


Patsy said...

My husband was divorced when my stepson was 2 as well. He was living & working (temporarily) on the west coast and used to cry at the airport every single time.

My stepson is 21 now and his Dad's best friend.

Toad said...

I wonder if you can mix Liberty with Laura Ashley?

She will love the boots, and her dad.

ADG said...

M.Lane...yes! That's a great Rickles story.

Anon...and "Liberty" back to you-damnit. That was clever.

Old School...hell, if your kids are too old, you can buy some stuff for LFG.

LPC...yep. I'm sure the texting thing is just around the corner.

Enzo...13th Man...thanks.

TWJ....great comments. Thanks man.

Patsy...I'm banking on that with LFG.

Toad...I'm thinkin' that those two might combust. Is combust a word? The sequelae would be colorful but probably expensive and indeed-a bitch to clean up.

Sheik of Araby said...

So, you stand there in Target in the full manly confidence of your pre-baby days, and you watch other parents give in to their children over this piece of whatever or that. You think to yourself, that's not going to be me, I will make my child work for the things she wants. What a good father I will be!

Then the girl is four, and you find yourself buying her pink things, and frilly things, and things with princesses on them, God forbid, just because that look on her face makes you melt and it's totally worth it. And you look back and your past self is giving you a reproachful look.

Love is: spending hard-earned money on pink, frilly things.

Enzo AGC said...

I must learn to proofread...anyway, great images and better words.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

I hope your wee Miss loved her Liberty wellies? So hard to not grant her something so stylish when she's so sweet and good in school. I must confess I've dipped into the Target/Liberty pool myself. Too many lovelies to ignore. Did you spy the mens dress shirts and ties? I think they had boxers as well.
You have a very fun blog and I am glad I found it through Meg.

As for Mr. Rickles, hard not to adore him.

Cheers ~ deb

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the explanation about the bracelets.

Summers Cottage said...

We live in an upper middle class area of north san diego county where divorces are a dime a dozen. It seems like no matter what age the children are, the parents always say the kids are "doing fine" and are "flexible at that age". Then they go on with their lives, girlfriends/boyfriends, having fun while trading off their children and buying expensive gifts for said children because they 'are good kids" and they "work hard". Such gifts have elevated to brand new bmw's for their 16th birthday. The daughters are dressing like the women the dads are dating and the cycle continues. Its sad to watch...

ADG said...


DTellher... She’s wearing them as I type this. Twenty four bucks of bliss. I’ll probably take them off of her as I pour her in the bed in a couple of hours.

Summers Cottage ...I bristle every time I hear the sh_t about “kids are flexible”. Yes, they are but does that make them unscathed-bulletproof? Of course not. Don’t get me started. That's a parental cop out. I’ve got a psychologist buddy in Florida who sees a lot of these affluent kids. His take on their pathos isn’t complex…they have more money to be effed up and to eff up with.

Laguna Beach Trad said...

Beautiful post. Don't mean to sound trite, but you sound like a really good guy. I can relate to your comments and those of your other readers, in a way that I will not communicate right now. I am comfortable with not having children; as I get older the comfort grows. Touching posts like yours, however, sometimes introduce a suggestion of doubt and regret.

ADG said...

TradManCordrington....I've always said that marriage isn't for everyone and certainly-having kids isn't for everyone. Before LFG I got my kid fix from my Godsons and Nieces/Nephews. Also, I generally focus on all of the fun and whimsy associated with kids-it's a huge undertaking...upsides and downsides for me are tremendous. I'll send LFG to you for a week!

Gail, in northern California said...

Enjoyed LPC's comment. If you did too, you might like to read (or re-read) Mrs. Blandings' "Spare Change" January 21, 2010.

Even when there is no divorce in the family, there are periods of change that quite simply tear your heart out.

To no one in particular...please don't think that because they are boys they don't hurt just as much.