Sunday, March 28, 2010

Shoes for ADG

Thanks Meg!

Shoes for ADG from Fairfax Fielding on Vimeo.


James said...

What a gift. I'm completely blown away.

longwing said...

Great! You're gonna need a quality closet.

Anonymous English Female said...

Brilliant! Meg's right on the money. ADG - We could expound on the theme: James Brown's 'Hot Pants' instantly springs to mind, 'Pink Bow Tie' by Jerry Dove or even 'Rock Your Socks Off' by Tenancious D - on the other hand to spare your more sensitive readers may be we should just play it safe with 'Crewnecks and Khakies' by The Crewnecks?

Toad said...

That's gonna be tuff to beat. Great job Meg.

sue in mexico mo said...

Thanks, that was fun!

Karena said...

The best, it was fun to watch Meg's video. Love your site!

Giveaway is up on mine.

Art by Karena

ilovelimegreen said...

Anonymous English Female - I second the motion for a James Brown "Hot Pants" ADG sildeshow/video thingy.


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