Friday, April 2, 2010

April Food Day and Boatneck Sweaters

LFG and I remain blessed beyond measure. The economic-cash flow challenges that I felt in 2008 and half of 2009 are laughable compared to the ongoing challenges that thousands of families are facing. LFG and I shared a New York Strip and Mac and Cheese (her menu contribution) outside last night-sitting in Adirondack Chairs. Perhaps since the news consistently reminds us that people are struggling, it gets a bit easier for us to hear "yet another story about the unfortunate hungry". I can assure you that it's not getting any easier to be-unfortunate and hungry. Anything you can send....remember how meaningful and inspirational the Widow's Mite here and donate

Now on to Boatneck Sweaters

I play this game sometimes and today is the perfect day for it because I'm running about half-throttle. We've got some respiratory junk going on over here at Casa Minimus. Here's my game... If the house was on fire and I could take only one material thing with me-by category-what would it be? One piece of furniture-one painting-one book-one … whatever. I would in the sweater category, after assuring that you if you were visiting, and LFG if she was in residence-were safely out the door-grab this, my Boatneck sweater. Thick cotton-no logos-no treatments-no buttons. Just a navy blue sweater.

I reluctantly wore a sweater two days ago. Albeit a cotton one, a sweater in September none the less. The chill here is just enough to warrant a bit of cover that if not removed, won’t have you too uncomfortable by midday. On a side note-someone asked why I don't offer a hearty grin in these self captured shots. That's an easy answer for me to provide. I've never felt sillier in my life than when I'm shooting pictures to post on this blog. It's painful for me to even do it at all-much less muster any effervescence to accompany the snap.

Some of the things that I most treasure are simple. My Polo-Ralph cotton Boatneck sweater lands clearly in the category of simple abundance. Basic sweater-abundance of utility. This old rag would be one of the key exhibits for my argument in favor of buying quality things when you can afford to do so. I bought this navy blue one and a cream one in 1983. This twenty seven year old sweater wears better than ever and will probably outlast me.
Case in point. Here's a photo of said Boatneck about twenty five years and twenty pounds ago. There were girls involved that night-it was fun. Where did my damn hair go?
I’ve travelled the world in this sweater and yes, if it could talk…. One of the things that I realized as I snapped some pictures of this old workhorse is that in twenty seven years, I’ve not had a major spill, rip, pull or tear cast upon Old Reliable. Nice. The cream colored one is MIA. Has been for years. Holler at me if you find it. I did find a picture of a Rolling Rock with me and the sweater attached to it. Heavy starched OCBD anchoring the Boatneck.
The neck of the sweater manifests the core of its differentiating personality. NO other sweater plays host to a popped collar like a Boatneck. The neck opening is splayed to accommodate a bit more exposure-kind of like the impact of a properly cut suit sleeve that shows just the right amount of white shirt cuff.
Another attribute of Old Reliable’s construct and personality is the remaining tautness of the waistband. It was no man’s land for a Trad shopping for sweaters several years ago when sweater cuffs and waistbands had no tension-no woven demarcation-the sleeves and body just kept running on till the end. Banana Republic was one of the biggest offenders as was I’m certain, most of the disco clothing shops on upper Wisconsin here in DC as well as the Malls.
The waistband on this baby remains tight as a girdle-not that I yet need one.
It’s fairly thick but baby soft after years of wear and works great at the beach without a popped collar under it. A starched OCBD looks regal under it as well.
Twenty years ago in my buddy's frame shop. Collar respectfully turned down for this sublime visit to the archival framing vault.

The utility of this cover is akin to the utility of a pair of Weejuns. Oceanside on a Saturday accompanied by a pair of shorts-then Sunday brunch after the Handlin’.
Don’t bother asking where one might procure such an item. I have no idea. Haven’t seen anything close to the understated √©lan or campaignable functionality of such a jumper in…twenty seven years.

Onward. Boatneckiddly.



James said...

I understand about the black eye now, once your"people" are unleashed its hard to be responsible for their actions. Great sweater I see you were an equal opportunity guy, blonde on one arm and a brunette on the other. Good man!

Suburban Princess said...

So true - I have a London Fog wool coat I got in 1984 and the stories it could tell! I wore it all through high school and then some...I pulled it out when I was pregnant a couple of years ago as it was big enough to wrap around my immense girth. It shows the typical signs of being worn daily by a teenager and a 20something and a 30something...but still looks great!

Laguna Beach Trad said...


ilovelimegreen said...

ADG - Let me teach LFG how to knit this summer and she can start cranking out boatneck sweaters for you left and right (child labor laws don't apply here) in every and any color you might desire.

Anonymous English Female said...

I have a Guernsey I stole from a boyfriend about 20 years ago and has been worn year round, worldwide eversince. I'll never forget the boy's name, the Cash's nametape with his house number is still in sewn in the back.

Paul said...

Navy boat neck with any kind of white collared shirt... is sharp! Clean and very smart looking.

Pat said...

If 'boatneckiddly' can be a salutation, surely it cannot be long before 'bucknakedly' dances forth on this page. Oh springtime !

ADG said...

James...I've always had problems picking.

SubPrincess...I hope everyone has at least one item with such provenance.

VLimeGreenGal...LFG is already knitting.

AnonEngFem...shame on you for stealing. clean smart....I'm not that guy.

Brian said...

Sweaters are like comfort food when you find the right one. Your's looks great after all of these years. You might want to get a tracking device for it though if Pilgie sends his "people" out after you.

ADG said...

Brian....I ain't worried about Pilgie.

AM3 said...

If you're willing to lay down the money, they can still be had here:

Awfully dear though. This should be an easily acquired item...

AM3 said...

If you're willing to lay down the money, they can still be had here:

Awfully dear though. This should be an easily acquired item...