Monday, April 12, 2010

Less is More

"....tintin said...Will I ever see a post here titled, "Less Is More” ..."

My original title for this post was going to be "Paisley Tata Britches and Duck is Back" but our boy Tintang over at that site where I do 100% of the ghostwriting; wanted a Less is More titled post.

But lets get something straight here. I might be capable of titling something as such but I just don't have the juice intellectually or editorially to actually do something that makes legitimate a title of that sort. God help me if I had to make a living doing this or had to do this without the help of a ton of pictures.
So agenda item number one-our boy Duck has finally surfaced. He has the best excuse in the world for being sub rosa what with a little baby girl at home and everything. Go over there and say hey to him and give him props for his Belgianesque horizontality.

And next is the issue of GTH pants/shorts. I declare it time to wear them but I've got some pasty white sticks that will be hanging from the south end of these babies. ADG maxim number whatever...."GTH clothes look absurd when accompanied by winter dermal paste". Get some color before you bust out in 'em. Your GTH swagger will be as fake as a spray-on tan if you emerge in said garments without a touch of the fresh back from the Regatta pigmentalia. So here's one from the old days....
Ok, I’ll admit that it would take a special gal to Wonna Ta Ta with a guy who wears shorts like these but hey …that's me. Besides, my Johnny Guitar Watson jumpsuit hasn’t arrived yet. I’ve also realized that once the jumpsuit arrives, I’ve gotta buy shoes to accompany it. Navy Blue Weejuns and a Soul Train performer jumpsuit…that would be Disco Dissonance and we can’t have that. So when the jumpsuit arrives, I’ll simply head over to one of those shops on upper Wisconsin in Georgetown and buy some Stacks…you know…those platform shoes.
Three days in N.J. this week….gratified and then some to have the consulting project. Tough year for all of us and every little project counts these days. LFG and I are far from feeling dramatic pain from the current economic climate but we, like many, have to economize and practice a bit more frugality. Not too difficult at this point with LFG….she’s only eight years old. However, what’s with all of these birthday parties? We have two this weekend and of course, since it’s my weekend with LFG, I’ll be paying for the gifts…it’s all good.

Ok, I’m rambling as usual. My dose hasn’t kicked in yet. So I’m driving back to DC yesterday and I stop at the Ralph Outlet. I have no money budgeted for togs and trust me…I need nothing. However, when a pair of cotton/linen Ralph shorts like these tweet you; at $19.95, you pounce.
Ta Ta Me baby............


Anonymous English Female said...

ADG - Well, Tintin wins this challenge hands down! 'Less is More' and your post still has more convolution than the London Times in a run-up to a General Election...

James said...

I'm not sure I'd care for less ADGisms (spell check says this ain't a word, lot it knows). Wish I had the youthfulness to wear those GTH shorts, ah those days are long gone.I do agree you must be some other skin color than semi-gloss cadaver to wear them,please enjoy them for me.

Summer said...

ADG-Thanks for the info regarding eyeglasses and AR Trapp. I should have known about them considering I am a native New Yorker, but it has been a long time since I have lived in the Big Apple and environs.

After reading your post today about GTH pants/shorts I came across a website you might be intersted in if you don't already know about it. It is There is a section there where one can peruse photos of Bud's GTH pants which are courtesy of Charlie Davidson of The Andover Shop.

tintin said...

"I just don't have the juice...editorially..."
Editorially? I think you've just gone up two waist sizes. Too big for your GTH britches.

ilovelimegreen said...

I’ve yet to figure out the commenting etiquette on your redux posts – but I really liked these shorts the first time around and guess what? I still do! (If only your archives were not wiped out – then I could re-post JUST how much I liked them.) But ADG, don't worry, I only want the green loafers.

Kathie Truitt said...

I thought this first picture looked familiar. I accused Duck of having a heck of a lot of laundry to do. But you're right. He has a great excuse. I love your GTH clothes. I love them so much that I would wear them. I don't know to whom that speaks volumes of - you or me? Or would that be 'you or I'? Anyway, as a good friend I know says 'Onward.'


Preppy 101 said...

I love those shorts! Love them.
I couldn't remember if I emailed you back this weekend, but braces were procured at Paul Stuart. You help is so much appreciated! And yes, I took total credit for it, so I look very chic and sartorial to all involved in the search ;-) Since turning 60, I am more concerned with being "cool" than ever before ;-) hehe Thank you. {I knew you wouldn't mind!}

Laguna Beach Trad said...

You may think you don't need them, ADG, but you do. We all do.

DAG said...

I would have been all over them too! Great find.


Barima said...

Curator-esque as ever, fellow. I trust this finds you well

I'm fond of the 1970s aesthetics but not overly so as to buy into Eleganza's mode. But someone must have worked wonders with it at least once...

I also greatly appreciated the patch pocketed suit you sported recently. The cut was quite sublime

All best,


David V said...

Tintin is dead wrong.

less is and always will be less and more is and always will be more.

ADG said...

AnonEngFem…Less is never more. Never.
James...Will do.

Summer...You are welcome. The folks at AR Trapp are really nice and yes, I know about Bud Collins and his crazy pants!

tintin...let’s don’t debate waist sizes.

limegreengal...there is no etiquette here.

Kathie Truitt...It speaks volumes of both…of us.

Preppy 101...Glad the braces were found.

LagunaBeachTradMan…Indeed, indeed.


Barima...We are well and thanks. Any compliment coming from you is sublime my man.

David...Tintin is a lot of things and wrong is sometimes the correct characterization.