Wednesday, April 14, 2010

London and D.C. Sartorial Randomanlia

The Maxminimus local guide in London sent a few Spring Season window pics that I thought worthy of passing along. Plenty of Fuzzy Diceness across the pond is seems. I've thrown a few random observations gathered over the last few weeks. Too busy to write voluminously but too busy to dump a few random pictures on you. So let's go to London first. New and Lingwood above-as long as the N&L boys are in play, my GTH Fuzzy Dice sock habit will be forever sourced.
Smedley Diagonalia. I'd wear 'em-but you already knew that.
N&L robe...I'm digging the construct. Just not sure about the skull and cross bones thing.
Now over to Cordings. This pains me as much as anything but I can't deny it. I was witness to their attenuated inventory and flat affect when I was last in London. Perhaps it's too much to say that they are on their last leg-I hope otherwise.
I'm not Hackett's target market so that fact that their latest efforts are lost on me is ok.
I'm all for unique. I'm a fan of different. I like being an outlier but even I have Fuzzy Dice Boundaries. The oddly spaced-configured Hackett sleeve buttons bother me. Shut up.'s a couple of things from home. J.Crew is offering a whimsical belt this season. Not too expensive-kinda cool. I don't know if I'd like to have a crab claw that close to Wankertown though.
J.Crew as always, remains a go-to destination for GTH horizontality.
The ADG jury remains out regarding the disposition of madras for the 2010 season. You might recall that I declared madras, especially patch madras, in need of a sabbatical after I found it for sale in the surf-head shops at the beach last August. The same might now be the case for horizontality.
LFG and I walked in to Urban Outfitters in Georgetown the other week and spied this menagerie. It's gonna kill me to declare a Horizontibbatical but it might be time. Just watch your evening news regularly for my announcement. Damn.
Speaking of horizontal...the weather remains crisp enough here to wear my J.Mc. horizontal cords. Here's a little shot for the ladies! You are welcome.
And finally, I'm often asked how I can still wear the same size trousers that I sported in college. Easy to answer-hard to do...It's all about trade offs folks. Look for "lite" versions of your leaner cuts of everything.



Kathie Truitt said...

WAIT!! Go back to the blue cords shot! I can see just a glimpse of your shoes and it looks like they might be plaid Belgians or Stubbs/Wootton.

No offense, I know how proud all you guys are of, and I quote, your 'Wankertown' area but please understand that shoes almost always rank #1 for us ladies. ((sorry)).

And please, I want a better look at those shoes/slippers.

Suburban Princess said...

You have officially had more crotch shots than Matt Houston!

Thanks for the socks - I have a hard time finding nice ones for hubby so I will try Urban Outfitters!

Kathy said...

WAIT!! Go back to the blue cords shot! You were wearing shoes?

Toad said...

"em are professional sox!!! Sorry about Cordings, I would truly hate to see them go.

DAG said...

I am lovin' the socks from N&L. May have to have some shipped across the pond. Thanks for the pics. Don't give up on the horizontal anything. Tho I once had a co-worker tell me my socks looked a little "seussish" - in your words - shut up!

Barima said...

I appreciate the incisiveness of your perspective in part; a number of London's emporiums and haberdashers have become fun to observe but somewhat joyless to purchase from. Hackett does produce fairly exquisite window displays, at least

I'm not sure your crotch composition was ostentatious enough for your women


DAG said...

BTW - nice shots of you over on TINTIN's site.

Anonymous said...

RL, not S&W or Belgians. One of ADG's less superior decisions.

Anonymous English Female said...

Kathie Truitt - Speak for yourself...

Gail, in northern California said...

Are those not the most gorgeous curls you've ever seen on the little golden-haired girl?

Good thing she came before the blue cords....I might have missed her so distracted I became.

Anonymous said...

It's always annoying to be the leader of a trend, only to be swamped by it. But fear not, those cords will keep you safely in the eccentric column for awhile yet. The crustacean claw belt buckle must be this year's trend in garish, yet expensive, joke gifts. Hallie

Summer is a Verb said...

"Wankertown" hahahahaaa!!! And, used to see the Hormel heiress driving around C'ville in her B'mer. Her vanity tags read SPAM, natch...XXOO

tintin said...

Patch madras is so 2008. Batik. That's the ticket.

K.S. Anthony said...

I rather like the claw belt buckle, though one might think that it suggests crabs in that region...

The skull robe is just dandy: best to be worn while walking one's pet lobster.

Indeed, everything looks absolutely delightful, including the sleeve buttons you seem to disdain, with one exception: in the first photo, there's a sabre in the window.

Real gentlemen fence epée.


Pigtown-Design said...

luckily i caught a glimpse of the maryland flag sox before i saw the cord-arounds.

ilovelimegreen said...

The Maryland flag socks reminded me of a pair of shorts I had in 1980 or so.

James said...

If you're concerned that buckle is a danger to wankertown you're wearing your belt too low, or......

Summer said...

There seems to be something wrong with the horizontal hold button on my computer.

Blitzen said...

The odd spacing on the Hackett sleeve buttons are inspired by a specific British regiment if I remember correctly. Coldstream or Grenadiers maybe?

Karena said...

Well, well, great shot in the cords! Loving all of the color and the Lite Spam, too funny!

Art by Karena

ADG said...

KathieTruittttttttt….I have no clue what you are talking about. Shoes never trump the Wankertown City Limits…not as long as I’m the Wankertown Sheriff

Suburban Princess...I have had very few crotch shots manifest on this blog.

Kathy...See Kathie Truittttttttt…it ain’t about the shoes.

Toad ...I don’t think Cordings will “go” but something might happen to them similar to Abercrombie and Finch. Remember, there was a time when you could get outfitted for a Safari or an Everest Climb at A&F. I think Orvis should buy them.

DAG...”Seussish”…that’s freakin brilliant!

Barima...At my age, any crotch shot is ostentatious.

Anonymous...None of my decisions is superior…trust me.

AnonEngFem...You tell her!

GailNorCal...Are you better today? I’m going to take a four hour shower.

Anonymous...Hallie…thanks for the affirmation. I’m putting patch madras and horizontal socks away for a season....

AllieVonShoppington….I love Spam. No kidding.

Tintin...I agree, Arnold.

K.S. Anthony...I wouldn’t know epée from Spam…but I’m with you on the crab claw issue. I’ve had crabs in that region and it ain’t a walk in the park…even with a pet lobster.

MegTown...There ain’t no Maryland socks in that pixture.

ilovelimegreengal...See my response to MegTown.

James ...Eggzackly why I won’t be wearing the belt at all.

Summer...The trouble is not in your set.

Blitzen ...Thanks. I still don’t like it. Do you?

Karena...Try the Spam. It’s good.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinkin' that this shoe/foot thing the ladies have going is deeply Jungian. In the ancient Hebrew scriptures "feet" is a euphemism for genitalia (a la in Naomi's sage advice to Ruth on how to nab Boaz). There's something archetypal in the mix, and, whether they know it or not, they ain't lookin' at no shoes.

ADG said... ... that's too ethereal for me man. There's Freud discipleship here vis-a-vis Jung...there's the yid thing going down in your observations and it's all freakin' archetypal. Finally, there's Masonic stuff in your comment and you probably didn't even know that.

Thanks-that's heavy.


ilovelimegreen said...

ADG- There most definitely is a pair of socks bearing the Calvert coat of arms above LFG's head in the photo; that coat of arms was later adopted by the State of Maryland as its flag. So there may not be Maryland flag socks in the photo, but there are Maryland heraldic socks in the photo.
Meg and I aren't wrong.
And if I am wrong, then I will find a new favorite color.

ADG said...

LimeGirl....damn. ok.