Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Liberty of Target

Ok-I did it again. Or more precisely, LFG and I did it again. PetSmart was the initial destination given that we needed to get a book on tortoises…that’s another post for later.
Target is adjacent to PetSmart so I suggested that we pop over there for a final look see at the Liberty of London remnants. Seems that the Liberty campaign has been such a hit that most of the goods have long since blown out the door. Butcept a few things.
My original “place the shirt on the conveyor belt” posit was shrouded in cohort purchases. You might recall some peanut butter and a few other odds and ends. Not this time. The conveyor transported one LFG approved Liberty of London $19.95 shirt for daddy. No equivocation-we pounced on said item and split the scene.
Delusional-of course I am. Especially regarding the original Liberty Target Chemise and my ability to make it “work”. 
Eyes rolled at my definition of work making. Deluded again with this one…I think it works. With an old pair of ...formerly white now more patinated-grayish-stained pair of Polo RL cotton drill flat fronts. Along with some ugly ass belt and Belgians.
Nice to have the Belgians out again after such a gnarly winter. These babies aren't built for the tundra-esque environment we endured here for three months.
The new Liberty rig is fairly monochromatic or tri-chromatic which is a rather heavy color edit for me. Good thing though. What with all the color and pattern out on the south veranda of CasaMinimus...a little color edit prolly ain't a bad thing.
I don't want to be old enough to have graying chest hair. Please...some of you lovlies tell me that it's ok. Even if you have to lie to me...tell me that I'm not gonna look like an AARP member just because of a gray tuft. Otherwise, I'm gonna dye it.
We did pass on the Target ersatz Hermes beach towels for AllieVonSummersverb though. Like she said… “the day my Hermes towel makes it to Target is the day I won’t want it anymore”. Got it. That’s why we didn’t get it-for you.
And finally...I got this pic from a reader who saw these letter thingies in Anthropologie and honored me with an assemblage. I'm sure the store manager edited the homage as soon as said reader exited the store.
I’m off to Denver this week. Gotta see about how they are marketing insulin out there and how they’re getting state agencies and commercial health insurance entities to pay for diabetes care. LFG went back to her mom’s early Sunday evening after being with me for ten days. I should be used to the gut punch by now-the one that hits me when I walk back in the house after having her for a few days. The emptiness is dreadful the first night. More so when you’ve been frolicking for the previous ten.

Westwardly...ADG sans LFG


DAM said...

I went to that same Target twice now and couldn't find a stitch of the men's kit. The first shirt is tricky, but the second - is that navy- is pretty awesome with that ensemble.

DAM said...

I went to that same Target twice now and couldn't find a stitch of the men's kit. The first shirt is tricky, but the second - is that navy- is pretty awesome with that ensemble.

Summer is a Verb said...

I see your vertical blinds comment and raaaise you what appears to be a foot tatoo peeking out from it's Belgian cover...XXOO

Kathy said...

The gray chest hair doesn't bother me a bit, as long as you can rein in the ear and eyebrow tufts.

Angel said...

I must say I love, love, love a little gray chest hair.

Toad said...

I like it. thank god they didn't sell it to fat men.

Anonymous said...

Gray chest hair? It's gray pubes you want to worry about, dude.

ilovelimegreen said...

Grey chest hair can easily be mistaken for blonde.

The blue/white Liberty shirt with the once white pants is smart but lacks what someone (?) referred to as the ADG edge. I vote for the multi-floral/green combo. (And not just because of the green.)

I think I spy a foot tattoo as well.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Very cool shirt...I prefer it to the multi colored floral...goes great with the bone colored pants. Well done.

JMW said...

Had to hit Target yesterday with the kids. Went in intending to purchase only allergy medicine for the little guy and walked out $200 later with clothes for the kids, and items from the grocery section. Didn't spy any cool Liberty clothing, though. That black & white shirt is very cool. :)

Preppy 101 said...

I was actually in Target today myself. Shopping for 4 beach towels. My final total was $155. Hmmmm. I adore the outfit. Very classic, Cary Grant look!! xoxo

ADG said...

DAM...they are still there man. You ain't lookin' hard enough. Also Dickie...there's nothin' wrong with tricky.

AllieVonOwesMeaBeltVerb...that's a small permanent mark that radiation oncologists apply when seeking to zero in on a precise spot for treatment. But that's ok.

Kathy...I'm clean on the ear and eyebrow front.

Angel...thanks-if you are a gal.

Anonymous...gray pubes. That's nasty.


JMW...glad you did. Misery loves company.

Preppy101...thanks but there ain't any Cary Grant over here.

LimeGreenGal...there's enough ADG there....trust me.

ADG said...

Toad....you could wear the navy and white one...come on boy!

Laguna Beach Trad said...

Bravo ADG! Especially that second outfit. The LoL shirt, white trousers, belt, and Belgians are a wonderful blend. You really did well. I want that outfit...!

I am considered somewhat knowledgeable on the subject of small animals such as tortoises. Can I help...? My first bit of (unsolicited) advice would be, Don't Do This!!:


Anonymous said...

Two questions:

1. Why are you wearing women's shirts?

2. What's wrong with Target that they're selling women's shirts that fit men as well as they fit you?

ADG said...

LagunaTradMan...thanks for the Tuesday Tartan post. Made me feel extra smarmy viewing it within sight of the Mormon Temple in Utah. Loved the Tortoise Clip but I won't show it to LFG!


1. Why am I wearing women's shirts? ...I like 'em. I also wear women's panties-when I'm not going commando.

2. Why is Target selling such well fitting girlie garments...You got me on that one.

David V said...

I stopped in Target yesterday and almost pulled the trigger on both of those shirts. On sale for 13.50!

No boots in my wife's size:(

She really wanted those boots, too.

Kathie Truitt said...

Don't worry about the gray hair. And I love the shirts. I'm going to nominate you for 'best-dressed man' in Old Town.

Memphis88 said...

We just got an Anthropologie here and I rather annoyed my girlfriend as we walked through the store because I kept seeing and commenting on various patterns that would look very good on a pair of pants for myself. Those letter blocks would have been included in the commenting had they been in the store.

JCA said...

I purchased the multi color LOL shirt before I went to FLa on vacation. I wore it one night to dinner and then to the Magic Kingdom for a few rides and a parade, I love the shirt...The only thing my wife had to say about the shirt was "really", Love the blog, keep up the great job.


heavy tweed jacket said...

I missed commenting the first time around, and nearly missed this time. Busy with jetlag is not good. If the shirts were button downs I'd probably be there in a flash (sorry to be so sartorially challenged). Button down or not, this would be a great look with a blue blazer for drinks on the weekend.

paul said...

I snagged the same (blue) Liberty at Target, on clearance! Plus two pair boxers, one is the same pattern as the shirt... The boxers are amazingly soft.