Thursday, April 8, 2010

Trad Randomanalia-Again

In the midst of a Utah-Colorado business boondoggle. No red-eye for me anymore-I'll catch a flight home in the morning. Ton's of good Trad raw material to post on but too tired to do it! So, here's an oldie to hold you till I get back............

I’ve been sitting here in a NyQuil-Dayquil Samsara-scrolling through random pictures that I had intended to use in a post at some point. Since they probably won’t be used in a more precise-proper post, I’ve decided to just make a casserole of randomness from them.

A few summer snaps remained including this one of LFG enjoying our favorite lunch at Gus&Gus in Rehoboth Beach.
You know it’s time to give patch madras a rest when you can buy it in the beach head shops.
My Sperrys were so funky during our last trip to the beach that I soaked them in the ocean and left them on the trunk of the car overnight. I wasn’t worried abit that anyone would steal them-you couldn’t get near these babies.
Stupidly I decided to change my Skeeball wind up and arm curl during our last beach trip. Where’s Butch Harmon when I need him?
LFG won a zillion FunLand tickets and we traded them in for the usual tchotchke of which we already had zillions of and I therefore sent it all to her mom’s house.

I finally found the correct trousers to wear with my hunter green blazer.
Hippie Bracelets-The little cotton one and the sandalwood beads are gifts from LFG. She made the cotton friendship bracelet and it’s a permanent appendage. The horsehair bracelet is a gift from Flusser protégé “Puerto” Rykken-he and his family did a trip to the Galapagos and then over to some South American countries where he snagged a bunch of these.
I take the sandalwood and horsehair one off when I’m with clients. They live along with another menagerie of various adornments, on my gear shifter. I wear my Buddhist chakra bracelet to the handlin’ just to cause a stir.
Write someone a letter this week. It’s a dying art and when was a handwritten note an imposition?
I write LFG one every week. I hope she’s saving them.
I’ve shipped in a case of Boiled Peanuts from home-this should hold us for a few months of the off season. Almost time to have more Boudin and Tasso FedExed from Lafayette.
I don’t play golf anymore but when I did, there were a few redneck public courses south of DC where you could wear jeans-and a popped collar-and a ribbon belt. Anymore Trad than this and you could get your ass beat at some of these courses. I’ve seen people play shirtless in Prince William County Virginia. Anybody remember Rough Hewn? They made a real sturdy knit shirt.
The week in shoes.
What did you wear?
Had to wear socks last Monday due to the blisters from the LFG Book Festival Death March back to the car. One day of socks and I was back on my sockless game.
If ya’ll are perplexed regarding what to get me for Christmas-I’ll take these ghillies from Paul Stuart. Size 8-D please and if you’d special order them in brown suede-I’d be grateful.
Windowpane is the topic of an upcoming post. Ludwig Hohlwein, an uber poster artist captured the essence of windowpane clothing in many of his posters.
Vanity Fair prints will always offer great fodder for sartorial inspiration. This pocket square had to be the size of a placemat.
Stripes on stripes? Why not.
Checks on checks? Enough said.
Morley Safer does Jermyn Street shirt-tie and pocket square purveyors proud. He wears the contrivance with aplomb.
 Ben Bradlee does a fair job of it but falls slightly short of Safer.
Flusser remains King. Here he is standing in the doorway of his personal office. The interior is off the hook well appointed as you would imagine.



Anonymous said...

Good Lord, I shall stay out of Prince William County, Virginia.

And, yes, I do remember Ruff Hewn.

I hope LFG and you have a wonderful weekend.

JMW said...

The pics of you and LFG make me long for my beach vacation with the family. It'll be here in June - can't wait for Kure Beach! And, I echo the sentiments about the golf course in Prince William County. As the granddaughter and niece of professional golfers, well, that's just NOT DONE. Grandpa is rolling over in his grave right now.

ReaderMan said...

You *did* buy the jodhpurs--right?

Kathie Truitt said...

Anonymous - Good call! I wish I'd had the knowledge to stay out of Prince William before I moved here. Ugh. However, I wouldn't have gotten a book/movie deal out if it if I hadn't. Oh, well. Worth it I guess, but glad I live in Alexandria now.

Anywho! Don't laugh but I would soooo wear those jodphurs while riding.

ADG said...

Anon....LFG and I had a blissful ten days.

JMW...I gave up the game.

ReaderMan...Bought 'em. Hell I've got 'em on right now. Commando.

Kathie...will you still know us when you are famous?

Andrew said...

I love the suede monkstraps. Been meaning to get me some of them.

And is that two (or even three) copies of the Vanity Fair portrait of the young Winston Churchill on the wall beyond?

ilovelimegreen said...

The watchband complements the jodhpurs nicely. And those jodhpurs are just what you should be wearing with that newly acquired M&M thong, ADG!

Peach polka dot socks - what fun!

Suburban Princess said... thong?

ADG said... is indeed the Vanity Fair caricature of Winston Churchill by "Nibs"...the British caricaturist F. Drummond Niblett. The other one you see is a framed cover from the Churchill Society Journal when they used the same print for the cover of an issue. And finally, the caricature hidden by my foot is not a third version, even though the leaning figure looks similar. That is a caricature of a member of The Prince of Wales' club in St. James...The Marlborough Club. He is leaning over a snooker table.

LimeGreen and Suburban...leave me alone about the thong.