Friday, May 28, 2010

Dressing the Neck-LFG Style

Dressing the neck is always going to be tricky business. The issue has been well covered by Will over at A Suitable Wardrobe, Chris over at Easy and Elegant Life as well as Chris at Off the Cuff. I think it was Chris Cuff who recently posited on the issue of neck dressing in warm weather. That’s an easy matter for me to reconcile…it’s too freakin’ hot and humid here in my neck of the woods to worry with encasing my goozle from now till Halloween.
I’ll not offer too much beyond what I and others have already said on the ascot/kerchief/neck subject-I’m gonna turn it over to LFG in a moment. But there's just nothing trickier than pulling off the neckerchief look. My first rule is consistent with the standard rule I have for all my sartorial contrivances…you’ve gotta not care too much what others think or you’ll end up humiliating yourself. You just flat out have to not give a shitake.
Let me also touch on what I call the Thurston Howell, III phenomenon. I don’t care how grungy, casual or aloof your outfit might be—add an ascot and the affectation is over the top. More so than anything delivered by wearing slippers. The foppish effeminacy manifest in an ascot makes Belgian shoes look like steel toe Red Wings. I wear dime store cotton cowboy handkerchiefs and the impact is the same. So why do I wear them from time to time in colder moments? Simple—I like them and I don’t like having an open neck in the winter.
You haven’t asked for advice on the matter but I’ll offer it gratuitously. Don’t dare touch this accessory unless you can run the gantlet of stares, ridicule and tisk tisking. You already know that if I don’t get some of that, I feel like I haven’t executed my sartorial rigging properly.
Even if only a hint of your neck accoutrement shows... it's enough. Enough to scream...I'm a poseur. No problem where I'm concerned. I AM a poseur.
Solid brown silk shantung was my choice for one of my recent days in London.
Never have I seen Lord Flusser without something adorning the neck.
A five dollar cotton handkerchief and you've achieved...Geezer Chic.
So LFG and I are walking to La Madeleine last Sunday. It was time to celebrate the completion of our final book project. More on the book project in a moment. LFG dressed for our lunch date and I didn’t take much notice of what she had on…it was fairly typical. The above shot is not what she wore to lunch last Sunday...this is from a previous post that she and I did on winter scarves. I just like the picture.
Then I noticed that her t-shirt seemed bunched up around her neck. Upon further inspection, I realized that she had on a scarf. I so was impressed with her little touch of panache-élan-style that I asked her to show me how she tied it. By the way…her scarf came from Gap.
Step One: Show daddy just how much scarf you have to work with!
Step Two: Once around the neck with authority.
Step Three: Knot the ends.
Final Step: Tie it once again and tuck it in. Then enjoy quiche and Orangina at La Madeleine.
Our final book report and presentation for the year. By the way, LFG made all As on every segment of the report she did on The Elephant Book. Homeless Bird was a bit more challenging than a picture book about elephants. It's a story about a young girl and the journey through an arranged marriage, widowhood almost immediately thereafter and betrayal by those close to her. It's also about empowerment, perseverance and the fruits of hard work and faith. Heavy stuff for a nine year old to process but she did a great job. Her visual aid this time was a bookstore poster. I think she'll do great on this one as well.
Rough draft from a couple of weeks ago...Daddy's editorial inputs.
The next step in the iterative process. LFG ain't too keen on iterative processes. She did two more drafts after this one.
Now THIS is the fun part.
Done. Time for fun and frolic.
And one final bit of sartorial advice from LFG. Always wear your trousers on your natural waist.

Have a great holiday weekend. LFG has dumped me for better holiday options so I'll be at the Casa...alone...sulking.

Onward. ADG


K.S. Anthony said...

Her scarf complements her shirt and matches her shoes: très genial!

She also has the best GTH pants ever.

(thunderous applause)

LPC said...

She's got it going on, huh! I cannot wear scarves to save my life unless it's cold outside. I should get LFG to consult.

Toad said...

I near always have something on my neck, but the d***** Bass Pro bandannas are becoming tres expensive

Barima said...

Oh, I do miss quiche; not exactly an abundant commodity where I am

As per neckerchiefs - ends out if they are long enough. I'll be using a Slim Aarons photograph for descriptive purposes next week, although I already covered the ground I wished to when I wrote 'The Cravat Post.' I think your constant forthrightness makes this post an eminent addition to the canon

Has LFG been carrying out a study on the iGentry? Not only does she have one of the poses down pat but her scarf tying skills out-flair a great many of them

By the way, as a viewer of my Narcissistic Ensemble Portraits, what say you to my beard?

All best,


Laguna Beach Trad said...

Very cute.

James said...

An amazing topic for a nine year old. She seems to handle it as well as she handles her style. You could learn a thing or two here.

ADG said...

K.S. ... Thanks man. She's a lot of fun.

LPC...I'll send her to you for a week or two.

Toad...I hear you. Target has 'em for about a buck each.

Barima...I hope that all is well in Ghana. I've added nothing meaningful to the canon. Thanks for the kind words about LFG. Re your beard...I think it's strong my man! I'd grow one in a heartbeat if mine would come in that full. alway...thanks.

ADG said...

James...thanks. I'm learning from and humbled by her every day.

rhonda said...

I have no idea how I stumbled across your blog, but I will comment just once and leave it to the men.

I find your obivous love for LFG to be refreshing. Well done. Well done.

Main Line Sportsman said...

I never understood why an Ascot is viewed as foppish or affected...when every day millions of men walk about with 18 to 28 inches of garish silk tie hanging down their torso...really...what is so different or so iconoclastic?
I think they look great...finish off many an outfit and really are more than acceptable...and anyone who looks askance can just piss off.
I love that shot of your daughter with the scarf menagerie....little kids can just crack one up with moves like that.
Solo? Watch the lacrosse NCAA semi finals tomorrow..the Indy on Sunday...grill a really good steak...then see a late movie alone...

Pigtown-Design said...

what a chic little gal!

be good this weekend and come on up if you want to watch some lax or catch some bands... or hunt up some books.

Preppy 101 said...

You know having students like LFG kept me going for 33 years in the classroom. You can't imagine the delight!! Her teachers should thank their lucky stars every single day. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I read some silliness about some schools banning "Silly Bandz" bracelets as a distraction. What next? A puritanical ban on fun during one's childhood.

Please tell LDG that she is a true rebel and continue to fight the good fight. Do it for the kid in all of us! Viva LDG!


ADG said...

Rhonda...thanks. I've just gotta figure out what to do when she grows up and leaves!

MainLineMon...I've contrived a weekend that's almost identical to your suggestions. I'm gonna squeeze fifty minutes of church into the agenda tomorrow and I've swapped out steak for a big honkin' piece of swordfish.

MegTown...thanks! I've covered myself in chores today and local stuff to do tomorrow but I am going to send you an email in a minute about a chair I found.

Preppy101...LFG is such a blessing. On the other hand, poorly behaved kids drive me crazy.

Hilton...I'm gonna do a post on Silly Bandz....they are the bomb!

Main Line Sportsman said...

Swordfish....equally delectable grilled over the coals...I like a chilled Pinot Grigio w/ Sword...and some salso made w/ avacado,mango,onion,lime juice,garlic and cilantro spooned liberally over the top of said fish steak.
And I commend you for tending to your spiritual framework with a trip to Church.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

LFG is looking really snazzy with that scarf! I have a proposition for you...I've helped Lorelai start a little blog. It might take off and it might not BUT, I was wondering if you'd consider doing a guest post as the father of a young lady who will, like it or not, begin dating before you can turn around. My Hank just isn't a writer and you, my friend, certainly ARE. (Is flattery working?) I'd put the guest post on Life of a Southern Belle as well as her Life Lessons for Dumb Boys. Come a fellow Sandlapper out! You can find her blog at

ADG said...

MainLiner...The fish was superb. I did a very acidic but really nice melange of black and green olives,capers,red and yellow pepper,garlic and scallions cooked down and then placed as a bed upon which the swordfish rested...briefly.

Belle...I'd be happy to do a guest post.

Belle (from Life of a...) said... rush...send it to me via e-mail whenever you're ready.

ilovelimegreen said...

When I see that photo of LFG in the mounds of scarves, I can say just one thing: she is indeed her father's daughter. (And that is one of MY mother's most-uttered phrases about me.) I think I will go to LaMadeleine for lunch today - haven't been there sometime.

LPC said...

ADG - Oh good. My father has begun to heat his pool, so I can even provide recreation. She might want to bring a friend or two. I am not sure I can still speak girl.

ADG said...

LPC...I'm thinking that you'll find some trace elements of girlspeak skills. And much to my delight and dismay, LFG is doing a fair job of speaking woman.

LimeGreenGal...She is indeed, her father's daughter!

rhonda said...

when she grows up and leaves, for a few years you will find another hobby- like hating the bastard she marries. Then she and the bastard will decide to have grandchildren and you won't hate him anymore and you will have the grandchilren as your new least, that is how it worked with my father ;)

ADG said...

Rhonda...I'll be a hundred by the time Lily has kids!