Friday, May 21, 2010

Trad Week In Review

My LFG weekend (code nowadays for driving LFG to various parties and activities) is about to begin and I couldn't be happier. Certainly, I'll have other things to post after the weekend but I wanted to close out this week with a dose or randomanalia. My collection of raw material is strong but none of it represents for me, enough fodder for a stand alone post. Therefore, strap in and get ready for the randomnest of randomness.

First let's take up the issue of J.W. Hulme and Company. I had a long talk this morning with one of my best buddies. We covered, and to our satisfaction, solved most of the pressing problems of the world sans how to plug the offshore oil leak. We talked at length about buying American made goods and how it's almost impossible to find anything purely American made. Orvis Battenkill luggage is my go-to carriage for personal and business travel. One of my commenters made me aware that Hulme no longer makes for Orvis so my latest admonishment is....Orvis NO....Hulme YES. 

The Hulme zippered tote is a great way to demonstrate your patriotism and commitment to fueling the economy. AllieVonGDP and I can't do it alone. Jump on in...the water's fine.
Look what rolled in over here ...destination Old Town.
I carry a ton of materials to meetings and this baby will be just the thing to accommodate my props. And I've got an ass load of props.
Tons of space for gadgets.
The portfolio is Hulme-Orvis from fifteen years ago. The good news is that the canvas fades fast and the leather develops a quick patina. Quick Patina...sounds like something from the KamaSutra. I dated a gal named Patina years ago.
So the new tote sits in the sun today...fading. Gotta get some of the new off of it before I show up on the train or at DCA with it.

Anyone else get the Powell catalog? Not sure how I ended up on their mailing list. I've never bought anything from them. Seems like a nice enough bunch of people and the goods are really high quality. Still, I don't see every buying any of their stuff. And please, if I ever pay a buck ninety five for a baseball cap...just slap me. 
Remember the Gremlin? An AMC car right? Wrong in every way. Detroit made laughable attempts to thwart the breathtaking flanking moves by Japan. Remember...Toad drove a Vega at one time. Butcept it was a Cosworth. Shut up. We also had the Pinto and the Duster as defensive ordnance. I almost fell out of my car when I saw this baby the other day. A Gremlin with an antique car designation plate. Oy.
Ok...I've lifted the patch madras ban.
GTH socks keep multiplying at CasaMinimus...I swear I didn't buy these. But I will be wearing the hot pink paisleys this weekend. Shut the.......
The Georgetown Flea Market provided great fodder for my upcoming Geezer Chic post.

So lets talk fried chicken. I love it and only eat it when I'm in South Carolina. So I figure two or three doses of this clucking fried infarction won't kill me. Remember, I can rationalize anything. LFG and I always stop at Bojangles when we are south of Richmond en route to MamaMinimus in S.C.
Good thing that don't have Bojangles north of Richmond right? Wrong. I've been living here forever and had no clue that my lipid levels were in peril courtesy of 'jangles. Someone mentioned to me last week that there was a Bojangles in Prince Georges County and I said no. Then they said yes. Then I said no again. Then I went online.
 6.9 miles....we've got trouble...just over the Potomac. So close but so far...given that the 'hood is kinda dodgy...I'd never have risked going over there. Especially in a Swedish Muscle car. A Saab convertible in P.G. county just screams...."whip my ass-whip my ass-whip my ass". Drive over in a pair of Belgians to boot and there's no telling.
So I get in the car at once because I'll risk my life for fried chicken.
"For here or to go?" Are you kidding me? I don't mind risking life and limb but additional peril, courtesy of the Bojangles dining room is beyond my scope.
Safe and sound back on the veranda...fried nirvana...with a cloth napkin. Kinda like putting lipstick on a pig...or a chicken.
The outcry of ridicule and concern about my other white trash caloric indulgence...The Hungry Man dinner motivates me...especially after the Bojangles confession, to let all of you know that I can and do cook better things. 
Remember my Brussels Sprouts appetizer on Boston? 
Well I replicated it to about the eightieth percentile the other evening. One more go and I'll have it mastered. Shut up.
Now this isn't quite as healthy but I made it...from scratch...butcept the ribs from Christmas. I thawed those babies out as well as reheated some gumbo that I made the other week. If you tasted this corn-you'd want me. Ladies only...ok.
Flat fronts. Kinda defeats the purpose of wearing this latest trend if you've got a big ass belly cascading over a Ralph creation such as these. Even with my level of white trash cooking intake, I avoid the beer belly calamity. Shhhhh.
Jealousy doesn't become you so either head over to Ralph and have some made...after you run five miles and do a few sit ups...or zip it.
You can buy that eleven dollars a pound stuff if you want to. When you come to my house, you'll be drinking this.
Today is Ride Your Bike to Work day in D.C. I drove the thousand yards to my honor of the event. Fossil fuel and fried chicken...and I'm not even a Republican. Both parties repulse me. 
White pants, old RM Williams kangaroo belt and the Paul Stuart table cloth from the other night. Yes, we recycle dress shirts if they aren't dirty. At 17.50 per shirt, we try to wear them twice before having them laundered again.
And monk strap suede shoes? I don't know. I just had a monk strap craving flung my way this morning. Shut up.
I test drove the other pair of O'Connell's bleeders the other day. This is for the ladies. With a backward monogram.
Max Beerbohm, Lord Hawke and Fred Archer await the hanging committee. Hurry.
How do you assure that you'll like your Father's Day gift? You make certain that LFG requests the SKU number and other requisite information for said gift when you are assisting LFG in the procurement of said Mother's Day gift. Bam!
Obsequious customer service folks whose second language is English crack me up. I couldn't resist taking a snap or two of my interactions with a Comcast customer service person...probably assisting me from Bangladesh. 
Here I am having trouble with the service quality and while I'm waiting for Krizza to find a solution, she tries to sell me some more stuff. Stunning.
After my issue was resolved I tried to make a little small talk. Krizza likes Viking movies too.
Just to let everyone know...LFG and I are going steady. She's wearing my ring now.
And finally...Have a Good Day!



Turling said...

Holy crap, that was random. Can't call you a liar.

Anonymous English Female said...

ADG - I only drink Cafe Bustelo too. Except I have to fly to the US to get mine so it ends up costing $782 a pound.
PS- Love the check pants, they're are going to look great with the leprechaun loafers.

Summer is a Verb said...

Love that tablecloth shirt to death. And, what pray tell, is that goop in the casserole dish and why wasn't HAZMAT called in to remove it? XXOO AllieVonGrandDameofSpending aka AllieVonGirlDasPlump

VogueOntheRange said...

AFG. You give me yet another reason to love you. Bojangles, or as we fondly referred to it when I was a child, "Bojangles, Burn Your Lips Off Chicken", is near and dear. The absence of it on the Range was never accepted, and as a matter of fact, the last lamb (yes, lamb as in sheep) that I ever raised was fondly named Bojangles. He won grand champion at the county fair, no doubt a tribute to his namesake champion fried chicken.

Jeff, Jill and Erin said...

Love the Gremlin! My dad almost killed me in the one he had- beat up old rust bucket. He made a hard left and I made a hard right... Right out the door as the hinge latch rusted out and dinsinigrated. Lots of fun!

I was just complaining because my cleaner raised the price of laundered shirts to $1.89, at $17.00 do they deliver and button it up for you.

Thanks for the fun post,

James said...

Poor 3rd world devil, probably thinks you have some kind of Viking fetish. I can't believe you had gumbo and didn't call. I've never had a pork chop biscuit, but it sounds like my kind of health food.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Krizza is a real person. I think that you were conversing with a "chat bot".

Pedro said...

J.L. Powell makes some decent stuff. Yes, the nearly $200 baseball cap is unAmerican at best, guess it's a good thing it's made in Estonia. Speaking of made in America, their jeans are. And pretty decent too. Since Levi's aren't anymore, it's good someone still makes jeans in the USA. I thought Bill did, but he outsources the denim. I think the regular Powell jeans are 100% USA.
Thanks for introducing Hulme, stuff looks fantastic.
PS. I'm Cuban, so Cafe Bustelo is as good as it gets.

Pedro said...

PS. Want more 100% Made in America and needs some casual kicks, try Russell Moccasins. Nearly bespoke and the customer service lady has a great Wisconsin accent. So great you want to ask her for some cheese curds.

Brian said...

A single post commenting on Bojangles Fried Chicken with pictures of Polo pants, a Tiffany & Co. bag, a Hungry Man dinner, J.W. Hulme & Co. and a green Gremlin. Only in America. What's not to love.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Certainly anyone who pays $195.00 for a baseball cap is a spendthrift wanker.Certainly Mad Max-ADG would not. Indeed it is hard to conceptualize how any catalogue, any retailer, any purveyor of head-wear of any kind, could justify that price...I mean c'mon...are they you get a coupon for a happy ending with that or what??

NCJack said...

Okay, I knew JL Powell charged a ton for more or less regular stuff you could get elsewhere, but I figured you'd gotten LFG to photoshop in that "$195 baseball cap". I'm all ready to call "bullfeathers" on you when I looked up their site and HOLY ABSURDITY, Batman, it's for real! Now I'm not an easy man to flabbergast, but...made in Estonia, too. Estonia?

Anonymous said...

I about fell out of my chair when I saw the $195 cap from J. L. Powell. I live a stone's throw from Three Oaks, MI where Powell's retail store is located, they really do have a lot of very exquisite stuff but really, $195???? For a baseball hat?? Seriously??? They do from time to time have a warehouse sale and my husband did return once with a beautiful cashmere sweater for me but a $195 hat - grounds for divorce! On a separate note, I love your blog and think that LFG is one lucky lady to have you as a dad.

Paul said...

That fries and ketchup t-shit on LFG is terrific!

We got a new Bonjangles here in Altamonte Springs, FL

Thanks for letting the patch mad out of the cage.

Time for true confessions -- I f'ing HATE monk strap shoes... they are the ugliest hoof covers ever created.

OK -- I know I am now banned from MM-land - but I had to say it... they are uuuuuggggglllllyyyyy!

Anonymous said...

The $195 cap is taking a page from the RL playbook. In "Field of Dreams", they said "Build it and they will come"... here they are saying "Overprice it and they will buy".

My vote is for the tan flax trousers.

And while we're talking overpriced, what's with $17.50 for laundering a shirt? I assume this is hand pressed.

Lisa said...

"Build it and they will come"... But here we're talking about Iowa - duh. of COURSE they'll come!!! $195 baseball caps I don't think so. Do I look like I just fell off the turnip truck??

Anonymous said...

I will come and hand wash and air dry and hand iron your shirts for that!
What are you paying for? Please explain because that is really more than the best Paris hand launderers. I love to iron so I could make big bucks.

Scott said...

Friend, if you have a way of making canned corn palatable (it's May, so canned it must be), I've GOT to know it.

Pedro's right about Russell. I'm a threepeat customer over as many decades. But boots only. Not sure about their shoes. They might be a little rustic for cosmopolitan guy like you. And no Estonian cachet.


Anonymous said...

I would not wear a baseball cap on my head, even if you were to pay me a buck ninety -five.

God bless you and yours for removing the patch madras ban.

"Look Daddy there's a little Froggy up in the clouds."

I'm so poor that I have to wear my dress shirts a half-dozen times before laundering them. However, I am a fastidious bloke.

" I am my own party." H.L. Mencken


Toad said...

Remember when Mickey Mantle had chicken stores? He tried for years to use the following slogan, "to get better chicken, you'd have to be a rooster". Bo's has a good claim on the prize.

Richard said...

I love the Ralph trousers. Were they infact made-to-measure or off the rack? Either way, they are gorgeous.

Sam said...


Memphis88 said...

Another great post. I too am curious as to how I ended up on J.L. Powell's mailing list as I had never even heard of them until I got their catalogue a couple weeks ago. If you like fried chicken then you need to come down here and try Gus's Fried Chicken. Fantastic stuff.

Anonymous said...

I did not fall out of my chair at the $195 ball cap, not in a world in which some people are preapred to pay $500 for eyeglass frames. Not the lenses and frames, just the frames.

I DID (as, apparently, did others) fall out at the $17 laundry tariff. Really??

Laguna Beach Trad said...

"Do you like Viking movies?"

ROFLAO!!! Hilarious, ADG. Well done. You made my night.

ADG said...

Turling…told you.

AnonEngFem...They are John Deere loafers!

AllieVonFoodie...Mr.Dr.Baby would be all over that casserole.

VogueRanger...I love the burn your lips off attribute…funny. I raised a couple of pigs on my grandfather’s farm…alas…no ribbons.

Jeff, Jill and Erin...Jeff…glad you survived the Gremlin spill. And I was KIDDING about the 17.50 per shirt!

James...And this time I didn’t ruin the gumbo with bad crabmeat. Brian over at Delaware Blue Blazer had a pork chop biscuit for breakfast the other week.

Anonymous ...Chat bot…that makes sense for parts of the interaction but what about the Viking answer?

Pedro said...I don’t think there’s ever a reason to drink anything but Bustelo…and…I was turned on to it by a Cuban friend. I’d probably pass on the cheese curds.

Brian...Only in America indeed!

Main Line Sportsman…Spendthrift Wanker…I’ll be using that if you don’t mind.

NCJack...I’m all for helping the Baltic States but 195 for a topper is a bit strong.

Anonymous...Thanks. I’m lucky to have LFG too.

Paul ...You will NEVER be banned from my world. Too much integrity coming from you to warrant dismissal. It’s ok that you don’t like monk straps. Now go get some chicken.

Anonymous...Overprice and they will buy….at least Ralph puts a bit more thought-bells-whistles into and on his absurdities no? 17.50….I was kidding.

Lisa...Yes you did. Now get back on the truck. We got turnips to deliver.

Anonymous...” What are you paying for?” … don’t ask.

Scott...Estonian cachet…I need to see what that looks like. Re the corn….get a bag of the frozen stuff. Microwave it in water for five minutes. Put it in a hot sauté pan…olive oil…salt…pepper…garlic…onion….

AnonymousHilton...dig the Mencken quote.

ToadCosworth...My dad drove that same Cadillac that you learned to drive in…I don’t remember Mickey Mantle chicken but I did meet Mantle’s friend Bob Costas recently. He was getting fitted for suits at Flusser’s. I remember Kenny Rogers Roasters!

Richard...Hey buddy. Nothing off the rack like those. MTM from the box.

Sam said...Yawn….I’ll try to do better bossman.

Memphis88...Are your slippers in yet? I’ve never had Gus’s.

Anonymous...not really. As for frames…listen, we all have our passions. We just need to limit them to a couple…of expensive ones.

LagunaTradMon...must be a slow night over there.

Lisa said...

If we're gonna deliver turnips in this hot sun, I need a baseball cap.

Chuck said...

My dad let me drive his military green Ford Maverick. It was bullet proof and you could keep the pedal to the floor all through our windy little suburban streets. Every time my friends spilled beer I'd just put a little gasoline on the floor to cover the smell so it had a nice funk of a bouquet going. Don't have the Bojangles here in Michigan but we do have Popeye's and their red beans and rice are somethin'. Also the gravy. Thanks for releasing patch. I got the Powell catalogue which was a handsome piece of graphic design but I can't imagine spending money on that when I have yet to afford my first Alden's. (putting three boys through the University of Michigan and Michigan State University at the same time puts a crimp). As always a Maxminimus post is a bright spot in the day. Thanks for a great post!

Pigtown-Design said...

There are parts of PG county - albeit small parts - that aren't all bad. Our family's plantation was in PG county on the River. It was called Bald Eagle. I used to have a hand of tobacco from the last crop they ever grew... and that was in the 1990's.

I drink Cafe du Monde. You can get it at some of your lesser ethnic grocery stores.

Paul said...

Whew!! Thanks... man I thought it was curtains for me. Damn 3rd Manhattan made me do it - but it probably brought the truth out.

IMO you and The Elegantologist are the best models of men's traditional wear - for all the shoe-shot you post here slip ons, moccasins, cap toe lace ups look great.

ADG said...

Paul..I remember your "eff the effing effers" comment after two martinis...hell, your better after a drink or two...reminds me of me.

MegTown...yes...there are some lovely pockets of PG County...used to be a lot of old money horse operations over there. I remember working in the tobacco fields when I was a kid.

Chuck...damn...the beer/gasoline strategy sounds very effective but gnarly as well. Popeyes is ok...Bojangles is off the hook.

Lisa...I'll sell you a hat...a comparative bargain at fifty bucks.

ilovelimegreen said...

There's a Popeye's in Tenleytown - you won't have to risk your life going there. And just what is in that corn? You had me as well with the $17.50/shirt.
Loud socks keep your feet from falling asleep.

K.S. Anthony said...

This is KFC-ville in this part of the country. Your sympathy is acknowledged.

Even the meat and threes don't put enough salt and pepper in the flour. There was ONE place that had amazing fried chicken here and it burned down.

Someone needs to drag the colonel in for questioning.

Bon weekend!

Lisa said...

Re: hat, $195.00 hat or no deal. Sell the damn turnips yourself. (Can't believe I SAID that!)

Lisa said...

All this hullabaloo about ‘lifting the patched madras’ ban might well want to be ‘rethunk’. Not that I give a rat’s a** about such pontifications, but it seems today’s Sunday paper Wal-Mart section features a patched madras dress for sale. This info is not on “good authority” as I haven’t checked it out in person and am going solely by the photo of said dress. This could be a new low for your patched work madras. Of course, one could always console themselves with some boiled peanuts… and carry on. I’m just sayin.

heavy tweed jacket said...

Late as usual, but those brown cordovan loafers are amazing. Great with the patchmad shorts!

ADG said...

LimeGreenGal....can't do Popeye's!

ADG said...

HeavyTweed....those are the cordovan loafers that were given to me...that ultimately repaired a child's cleft lip!

Lisa...geez...gettin' a little tough on me The patch mad situation can't get any lower that's why I said the hell with it...I can't govern and control it so I'm just lettin' it go. Leave bolied peanuts out of it. And regarding the 195 dollar hat...NONE of us are worth that.

KS...the Colonel had good chicken 25 years ago and yes..salt and pepper and garlic powder are the magic ingredients that should be added to flour before anything is breaded.

DAM said...

The tote is incredible. I'm tempted to make that the new work bag round these parts of Northern Old Town.

Bojangles is amazing. I want their sweet tea pumped into my veins via an IV. We once went on a mad hunt for the sweet tea and chicken biscuits in college. Borrowed a friends 4Runner and the breaks went out as we past the pentagon. Picture that scene as we exited 395 and coasted into the security guards station looking for help.

The rest is all over the place.

Kathie Truitt said...

What? You didn't put 'this shot's for the ladies.' I've come to expect that, you know. And I am probably one of your only (or very few) readers who understand what you're saying about PG county. Oh my goodness it gives me cold chills just to look at the Wilson Bridge and ponder what lies beyond...okay, maybe a bit dramatic, but that place scares the heck outta me. I stick out like a very big sore, blonde thumb.

Lisa said...

OK, I'll be nice (fingers crossed) :P

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Thanks Paul. ADG takes gold in the style games though.

Just finished my 15 minute Hell and run. Might have to stroll over to Lee's for a bucket. I'd have to drive to Bojangle's... .

Fully support the patch mad unveiling. Bit early for white for me -- it's my birthday present to myself -- but have at the seersucker, madras, et. al. If it's hot enough to wear shorts, it's hot enough.

Lisa said...

Since the ban had been lifted, the relief was palpable as I dove into the inner recesses of my wardrobe and pulled out the ‘leper’ of my summer togs: the patch-work madras jacket. What was this I noticed? It seemed to have bled a little more since being stored. No doubt the jacket had shed tears of its own at being banished and knowing it would not see the bright sunshine of a summer day. Not anymore, Maxminimus had set it free! And tonight, to celebrate, I’ll sit out on the screened-porch and sip a gin and tonic and munch on some peanuts. Peanuts made the way God intended: with oil and salt.

Oh I forgot, I’m supposed to be nice, but then my fingers WERE crossed :0