Friday, June 18, 2010

Young Fogey-Guest Post and Trad Week Wrap Up

Well almost. You see...I've got nothin'. Week long meeting in Miami and on other fronts, not the most serene week. So I'm relying on the brilliance of Young Fogey's words to tide me over till I have some blog energy. A couple of weeks ago he was throwing verbal dookie at me on other blogs and now he's my first guest blogger...via previous comments. I've added some of my visual drivel at the end of Fogey's brilliant words. LFG and I are outta here tomorrow for a week's vacation so we'll see what kind of inspiration I can stir up. 

Young Fogey said...
The 80s called--they want your pants back.

Black and brown--eww! Give me your horse-scaring, fainting-in-women-inducing, small-animal-stunning GTH monstrosities ANY day.

Speaking of hideous, yesterday, I saw someone who looked like the French's factory threw up on him. He was wearing a mustard-colored silk suit with a frock coat-like jacket that ended about 6" off the ground, with two self-faced buttons in the back that were about 6" from the bottom. He completed his ensemble with a mustard yellow V-neck sweater and mustard yellow loafers that were about 3 sizes too big.

Given the choice between curry-colored vomit and your blepharospasm-inducing GTH, I'll choose the twitchy eyes.
Young Fogey said...

Indeed, Jesus spoke Aramaic, which, being a Semitic language, is related to both Hebrew and Arabic, not to mention Amharic (spoken in Ethiopia) and ancient Akkadian (written in cuneiform but not related to Sumerian, for which cuneiform was developed).

The Old Testament is in Hebrew and Aramaic, while the language of the New Testament is, of course, Greek.

Any more questions for Mr. Language Man? ;-)
Young Fogey said…..

"Do not judge so that you will not be judged”
I think this is, if not the most misunderstood passages in the Bible, definitely in the Top 3.
Jesus was referring to judging men's souls. We do not have the power to do so, and should leave that to God.
However, we do have the power to judge their actions, and Jesus, as well as Paul, make numerous statements exhorting us to do just that. They even tells us how to judge! (Jo. 7:24; 1 Cor. 6:2; Matt. 23; Acts 6;7; 17; 1 Cor. 5:3; Gal. 2:11-14)
Most people who spout a variation on Matthew 7:1 are being judgmental of someone else making a value judgment, and are therefore engaging in the exact behavior they are criticizing. Hypocritical, of course. More to the point, they are trying to silence the person making the value judgment, usually because they disagree with that judgment, or are trying to get the listener to come to their side of the relativistic fence. As Chesterson said, "Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions."
You have convictions, sartorial and elsewise. Defend them! Live them! (As if you needed me to tell you that.)
In any case, judge away, my friend, judge away! We need people fighting against the continued vulgarization of our far-too debased culture, and clothing is an external manifestation of internal and societal degradation. 

Thank you Young Fogey. Now on to Miami....
Some weeks, destination and hotel-wise, are better than others. I'm not a huge fan of Miami Beach but the Ritz Carlton was nice. Just Deco enough and elegantly restrained amidst the South Beach bling-bling sea foam green uberdecofornicatory excess.
Morning coffee here every morning. Amidst nice neutrals...nice even for the Fuzzy Diceman.
I liked that Miro greeted me every morning outside my conference room.
As well as in the hallway en route to my suite.
I always designate one corner of said room as the trad laundry pile. Chaos amidst an otherwise serene vista. Kinda my life story.
 Yes, it's easy being a guy and every now and then I like to rub it in. This is a week's worth of toiletries. Sorry.
My schedule afforded a moment or two to walk the beach and Miami is on the cusp of being unbearable...humidity wise. I'd also posit that for every stunner that adorned this beach sans bikini top, there were at least two who should  never be allowed again a topless manifestation. I still can't get the images out of my mind. And don't get me started about the need for the Butt Police. Shut up.
I landed at DCA late yesterday afternoon and headed over to have dinner with Flusser Wingman Mark Rykken. He was in town delivering some bespoken goods and the good man gifted me this pink and brown pocket square. Pink and brown in town? With linen and silk Flusser top pocket gator d-ring belt...Flusser navy linen blazer and Belgians. I'm still marveling that someone didn't whip my ass for sport. Butcept most people 'round these parts no better than to trifle with me.
And finally after a week of profound loss for me, I'd like to end this post with hope and happiness. With a vision of love and partnership and babies and family and fun and memory making. You see, that's what manifested over in Preppy 101's world recently. She and her son gave daughter/sister over to partnership with this lucky young man. You need to read her wedding post as well as the preceding one that chronicles this outstanding young woman's journey so far. I don't give marital advice. What I will offer modestly though is this...Be kind to each other.

Onward-on vacation-with LFG



LPC said...

You two have a wonderful vacation now.

njglenn said...

"Be kind to each other." Truer words have rarely been spoken. Well said.

Anonymous English Female said...

ADG - what a beautiful pocket square and generous gift. Send us LFG postcards from the beach.

Paul said...

I used to walk Apollo Beach FL naked (back when I was a Chippendale ya know) - but as time falls on one - I know that I have the grace to never ever everrrrr do that again. It just wouldn't be a good thing.

Besides... I can't deal with much laughing~~~~~

Florida is f-ing HELL HOT these days

Summer is a Verb said...

Yes, dispatch the butt police to Miami and other distant shores. Far, faaar away from Fenwick...XXOO

Cubanchem said...

Wonderfully entertaining as usual. One question, who makes your camp mocs in the laundry corner pic? Enjoy your time with your daughter. Cheers

Young Fogey said...

Um, wow. I'm flattered.

One clarification. I was raking you over the coals for your sartorial sins (as I see them) at ONE blog: An Affordable Wardrobe, Giuseppe Timore's fine establishment.

I still think you dress like a pimp--just one who happens to shop at Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, and Vineyard Vines/Sid Mashburn.

Have a great time with LFG!

Laguna Beach Trad said...

Those poor girls in little bikinis in the Miami Beach photo appeared to be in danger of drowning. I'm assuming you jumped in to rescue them...?

Preppy 101 said...

Thank you so much! You have brought a smile to the face of this mom who is a bit blue about giving away her baby, albeit to a wonderful young man. I do think I might want to keep my children little forever . . . but I am beyond happy for her at the same time. I'm sure you understand.

Onto humidity. Oh my heavens . . . Tennessee is unbearable already this summer. But God did give us a nice breeze for the lakeside wedding.

Have a wonderful vaca with your precious. Savor every moment, and I know you do. xoxo

ADG said...

Preppy are welcome. I'm in denial about LFG ever getting older. approach was a bit more nuanced. I simply told them to come and float on Daddy.

YoungFogey...I don't own anything from Vineyard Vines and would shop at Sid Mashburn if I lived in Atlanta. The pimp thing? You are spot on.

Cubanchem...L.L. Bean. I've yet to pop for the Quoddys.

AllieMilicentVonFenwick...I've got Secret Butt Agents crawling all over Fenwick right now.

Paul...I could have gone all year without knowing this. 'cause I can only picture the Paul of today traipsing down the beach and it's anything but pretty.


AnonEng...yes, and he bought me dinner too.

LPC...thanks. We will.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the 80s and GTH, this appearance of the inimitable Andy Kaufman on Letterman's morning show has it all going on . . . on multiple levels . . .

Paul said...

Dusty -- I used to be good-lookin'

ADG said...

Paul...that's beside the point. I gots a bad bad visual inextrably burned in my mind. Happy Fathers Day.

heavy tweed jacket said...

"Be kind to one another" - the best advice one can give a young couple. Great thoughts and post.

Patsy said...

What a beautiful bride! Congrats, Preppy 101 :-)

Bon Voyage!