Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Just Ain’t Christmas and the “Bobby Rig”

We always played R&B Christmas music at the fraternity Christmas party and I loved this old O’Jays classic. So listen to the O’Jays and then I’ll teach you what to do with vintage clothes once you get them home.
My two “Bobby Cavalry Twill” jacketings will remain my vintage finds of the decade. Honestly, for the total price, I don’t know what I’ll ever find to trump these two bullet proof babies. And they are both gonna be great with jeans and casual cords/moleskins sans neckwear. 
The bulletproofness of these babies is unimpeachable. But please, let’s not shoot me to see if my unimpeacheablesque little self can withstand the round.
If this one was any fuzzier with flaps, tabs and accoutrement I’d need to shave it mid-day. Slick this one is. Slicker than snot on doorknob. Shut up.
So herein preens a dressed version of the twill. Gingham and Bohemian…pinned peacefully together. Kinda Jethro Bodine meets Jack London at TJ Max. Shut the….
Brown gingham sports this thing up just right. Pin the collar and you're dressed enough but only just enough.
And if you really want to confuse the masses...which of course I feel called upon to wear french cuffs and deco cuff snaps. 
Andre Plumot looks on-approvingly. My Plumot self portrait, a small painting-oil on board-would be one of the first things I'd grab if the house be on fire. Chest pocket flap precludes, even for me, a pocket square. 
The other twill is creamier and less twillish than the first one. Only a bit less fuzzy sans chest pocket flap but no less bulletproof and very willing to accommodate my Father's Day square from my girlfriend LFG.
It's December. It's cold. So let's underpin this menage with a J. Press sweater vest
Lesson over. Now please-listen to my second favorite R&B Christmas song..."Boogie Woogie Santa Claus". Tons of people have covered this song but I love the Patti Page version best of all. I do however, regardless of who's singing the song, have concerns over the admonishment that Santa should "rock, rock, rock Mister Santa...jump, jump, jump Mister Santa." He is a fat little man with I'm sure, some lipids, sugars and pressures problems and he ought not be runnin' and jumpin' too much.

Onward. Bullet Proofingly Boogieing and Woogieing.



ChuckHatt said...

In Michigan at this time of year we say "slicker than deer guts on a doorknob" and slick them pieces are sir. "So fuzzy they must be shaved midday" sent cereal milk through my nostrils.


ADG said...

Chuckie...I hope you didn't get little cereal pieces up in your sinuses too. You'll be snorting those tasty bits here and there all day.

ilovelimegreen said...

"vintage finds of the decade" - ADG, the decade ends two weeks from today and you can start afresh searching for the next decade's vintage finds come January 1.

CeceliaMc said...

Good music, ADG!

Here's some especially for the ladies here.

Imagine coming home with your dogs calling from Christmas shopping and finding Teddy there waiting for you with some wine and cheesy lyrics.
Thank you, Santa!

And speaking of packing bags around:

Anonymous said...

It would be soooooo fun to go shopping with your boojie self, My Owlish Friend. I was just fit to be tied when you told me you had gone to Bobby's when you went to Boston. But, to echo other blog followers......if I had been shot gun on that foray, ya would've been sportin' a bit o' the GREEN this holiday. Anyway. Nice rigs, nevertheless. You get all nanced up pretty good for an old Suth'n Boy.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

You need a pipe for that flapped breast pocket....

Wish I had a suit of that stuff!

Barry said...

Beautiful jacket!!

Anonymous said...

CeceliaMc...........whoa Girl... take a cold shower. It's only 8:30 AM on the west coast. A little early for Teddy Pendergrass. Still my heart.

But thanks.........he'll go real good with my egg nog this evening. Got a full day of pampering at the spa ahead. Oh yeah.

Reggie Darling said...

Am loving the sartorial display, and green with envy as to your purchases. Can't wait to go to Bobby's when we're in Boston in a week and a half and look at the place, if not paw through the merch. BTW, check out Flo's comment about you on RD this morning, it is a stitch and a half! Your fellow at the crime scene, Reggie

LPC said...

However, Otis Redding doing White Christmas reigns in my heart.

CeceliaMc said...

None of that whales rutting music at the spa, Anon. Alison Krauss or KT Tunstall.

Enjoy your day!

The gingham shirt is just PERFECT.

I bought a bunch for my husband, since admiring them here so often.

Scale Worm said...

So sorry on your drop top Bro. I hate havin' to depend on a set of wheels.
Great post as always, nice tunes and images. Thanks!

Silk Regimental said...

The Bobby Rig is terrific! You really know how to put it all together - Merry Christmas!

Preppy 101 said...

You're not old enough to know Patti Page. Totally off topic, but . . . what's your opinion of Bill's Khakis? xoxo

NCJack said...

Since the footal shoddings are conspicuously absent, photowise, dare we presume that the tarsal coverage is...oh, I dunno, maybe green and toe curvy? A trifle Kringle minion-ish? Just askin'.

ADG said...

NCJackson....Kringle minion-ish...that's a classic! Nope, I had on suede ghillies.

Preppy101...most of the stuff I listened to in college was before my time. Bill's Khakis are great. Love the fact that they are made here. But I don't need khakis that "sturdy" quite frankly. was a fun rig to "rig" ....and Merry Christmas to you and yours too.

ScaleWormington...thanks for the condolences. I've rolled the dice and put another wad of dough in the engine so my Saab is running again...we'll see.

Cecelia...I'm with you. Rutting at the spa...and this is coming from someone who at present is equal to a sailor who's been at sea for months, seems wrong. That is if you are at the RIGHT kind of spa.

LPC...Prunella, I've always been dangerous with assumptions that don't have data to ground them, but my hunch is that your heart has always been (kids ALWAYS being the exception to the rule) judiciously reigned.

Reginald...I'm gonna have to "borrow" Flo's comment and use it in a post if that's ok. It's priceless. ain't ever too early for Teddy. Long as you ain't alone or at least in possession of appliances.


ElegantoidManofRichmond...I DO have the suit of same. And by the way, I had the chair thing out of my system till you suggested the "five martini emblems and you are an ace" thing. It's brilliant. And now I'm hankering again.

ADG said...

AnonymousShoppingBobby's...Here's the REAL reason I didn't buy the greenie. Even at 65 bucks, it was going to need a fair amount of work. The other three...literally, needed nothing, not one damn thing. The greenie would require some work up in the chest piece and that's tricky stuff as compared to shortening a sleeve. I'd also change those Liberace ass buttons as well.

Ceceilia NO NO NO....Let me tweak your story a bit. Imagine all of that but imagine ME, sitting in a bubble bath waiting, with two big, ice cold quart bottles of Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull,just waiting for the lady. And on the toilet seat (lid down of course) there would be a plate of Cheetos, saltine crackers and little Vienna Sausages...redneck pate' we call it). Dream on ladies.

Thanks you've made me realize that my finds aren't that unique anymore. I'll have to go shopping again.

CeceliaMc said...

"here would be a plate of Cheetos, saltine crackers and little Vienna Sausages...redneck pate' we call it). Dream on ladies."

Well, as fetching as you are wearing that green jacket in the tub...this is supposed to be MY fantasy... thank you very much...and I'm going to ad-lib some delicious Van de Kamp pork-n-beans right out of the can and some RC Cola chasers.

I'm also adding the surety that you haven't had any Schlitz prior to our bathtub soiree, so that foamy water really is just bubblebath.

NOW... Calgon take me away...

Anonymous said...

"Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull"

Awww, you've already heard Shirley Q do The Twelve Days of Kwanzaa then, haven't you. I was going to send it to you in a plain brown e-wrapper, but I think you done heard that thing. It's so bad it's good.

Anonymous said...

Reggie ........Re: Flo's comment on RD

"the world's first known wearable twill Advent calendar with enough flaps buttonholes pouches and buttons to delight any east-to-west coast Episcopalian child"

That is the most brilliant description of an ADG flap jacket that I have ever heard!

ADG said...

AnonReggie....yes...that Flo comment is a keeper.

Flo...NO, I hadn't heard 12 Days of Kwanzaa but now I have. "Where my cigarettes?"

Anonymous said...

"Where my cigarettes?"

Least you can do is git it rat: "Where my cigarettes at?"

Young Fogey said...

The Twelve Days of Kwanzaa made me laugh so hard I cried! The kids' names had me on the floor.

"Lincoln an' Aloe Vera, Gyne-Lotrimin, LeMangello, Arongello, Chemektin, Temptasia, K-Martina, Fallopia, Sha'Theed, Velveeta, VonQueesha, Chlamydia Champagne (that's muh baby), DeMactorius, Saskatoom, Chamiqa an' Skookeesha."

My apologies if I misspelled any of those.

Great shirt, but then again, Will at A Suitable Wardrobe would prolly like it, too. I like the sweater, too.

Anonymous said...

"...LeMangello, Arongello..."

I figured it was Lemon Jello, Orange Jello.

Hell if she's going down the aisles at the pharmacy namin babies "Tinactin, Gyne-Lotrimin," then she ain't proud down the grocery aisles at Lemon Jello and Orange Jello.

Did you want to view Shirley Q doing a short stint as a flight attendant?

Mind you, the person doing the Shirley Q character is a man from Lousiana, a dadgum minister of the Llo-yd!

ADG said...

Ok. Y'all stop it.

Anonymous said...

"Ok. Y'all stop it."

Awrat. I thought you had went to bed by now, sorry.

Summer is a Verb said...

My favorite ADG tie...XXOO