Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bobby From Boston—Everyone Was There

My pre-Thanksgiving trip to Boston found me with two chunks of downtime. And before I cover off on what I did with it, let me say that I’d had nothing to drink…Z-E-R-O hooch when I snapped this little picture in my hotel room but I got a little queasy anyway. The texturational variegation, awash in denim, wool, suede and whateverishness, was almost too much, even for me.
It was that elegant hotel-again, adjacent to La Perla. Nice.  La Perla looks nice and even smells nice…from the outside.
So I had time to grab lunch on Newbury Street and gander. But before I stopped for the self discipline testing Indian Buffet, I dropped in at Raven Used Books. Used bookstore sirens call me wantonly and my self discipline therein is less than I can muster in the face of a buffet. Who’da thunk that an entire book had been written on the making of Kind of Blue? It’s a compilation that I can listen to over and over and over and never tire of it. And yes, before you axk, I went back for seconds. It hurt. In a good way.
I wandered in this Newbury Street establishment and met the owners. They are THE nicest people. From Brazil originally.
The Boston Ralph was as always in good form.
And every time I darken the doors of Ralph Boston, this homeless trad man seems to be there. Shut up.
But the highlight of my Newbury Street stroll was International Poster. I’d been in a few times over the years but not recently and it’s a visual feast to say the least. Yep, that rhymed. Still does.
Gyroscope Man. There were times-many years ago-usually late at night-at the KA House-when I fancied myself as such.
The challenge with vintage posters is space. I love 'em but have limited myself to one.
But Bobby from Boston…now that’s where the fun really began…again. My second foray into Bobbyland was just as intriguing as my maiden voyage. If you have trace elements of an imagination then Bobby’s is gonna stoke it—and then some.
Everyone was there. H.M. Stanley and his Africa Kit was front and center. No presumption here. If you wanna kit out for a colonial-esque foray, then Bobby gots you covered.
Cameron—Gordon—Black Watch…? Who knows but if a Highlander or a Grenadier Guard Topper is on your to-get list then head on over to see Bobby.
Harold-Buster-Fred…Lloyd-Keaton-Astaire. All three but the first two mostly, have iconographic legacies topped with straw boaters. And you know where to fetch one.
I told you everyone was there. W.G. Grace bumped into Jack Hobbs.
Giddyup. I finger these works of art every time and I pass on them every time. Some of the most interesting garments in the place. Worthy of framing and adorning a wall.
Tod Sloan...that little jockey from Kokomo dropped his riding kit off with Bobby. Tod had a bit of a gambling problem. Caused him to be banned for life from the Turf.
Ahh, and little Annie Oakley’s pediatric ensemble remains to greet you. And it always will because it’s not for sale.
Deco neckwear was everywhere.
Ascots? Trunks full of them. Neck dressing options are more than robust. Thurston Howell, III would be impressed.
I’m not a thrifter per se. If I was, I might HAVE a net worth. I’ll drop in on Hornets in London and was never tentative about pouncing on a find or two in Bertie Wooster before they gave up their Fulham Road presence. But I don’t seem to have the time or interest in doing much of it here in the States. And I could never make it the art form that our man Giuseppe over at An Affordable Wardrobe has.
But Bobby’s delivers the goods…both calibre and price wise for ADG. The cavalry twill-navy blue serge and green velvet whispers turned into shouts after I reconciled there possibilities of fitting me.
I finally culled the green velvet and left it. Remaindered for some other lucky poseur. But it was a difficult trade-off at sixty five bucks. The He Man Woman Haters Club crested blazer is indeed now part and parcel of my blazering-ing-ing-ing. Three totally unneeded jackets and slightly over two hundred bucks later and we were out the door.
And the fit(s)? Not one tweak…nothing…nadda. Nice.
Onward. And Be Valiant.



Anonymous said...

wish you had gotten the green jacket. Got the green shoes. You could have been the perfect elf for Xmas.

Silk Regimental said...

All nice stuff! So what did you buy??

Also, a gentlemen's shop with a fireplace! -- nice touch - J. Press should do that.

ADG said...

Silkie...I bought the two twill jackets and the navy blazer.

Anon...I got your damn green elf right here old sport.

NCJack said...

Second post I've seen on Bobby's, and while Press and Andover Shop look very interesting, this place is somewhere I GOTTA get to

That elf suggestion makes a deal of sense: don't you have some green Flusserization in the Casa's vast closetage?

VoiceTalk said...

That green plaid jacket that homeless man was wearing? Want one!

Reggie Darling said...

We're off to Boston the day after Boxing Day to stay in the Four Seasons for three nights and see the sights. That will include the MFA, Ralph, Bobby's, and a few other joints in town, including the Andover Shoppe. Thanks for the reminder about Bobby's, it wasn't on my list, but is most definitely now! Reggie

Anonymous said...

Hey, "Old Sport".......go ahead....get your Elf up......meetchya out back....I betchya a parliament of mistletoe that 'THE ELF" ain't no Greengo, Pilgrim.

Hah !

Good post ADG

John J. Tackett said...

I suppose La Ruche, the shop owned by Apple Bartlett (Sister Parish's daughter), is no longer found on Newbury Street?

Young Fogey said...

I haven't seen that much fuzz since the last time I cleaned out the venting duct for my clothes dryer.

And I refer exclusively to your apparel.

Figgers you didn't get the one jacket I kinda liked, but you completely made up for it by your reference to the He-Man Woman Haters Club.

ADG said...

Fogey...If Id'a bought that green jacket even I would have declared my procurement proclivities excessive.

John T. ... I thought Bartlett was a pear/not an apple. Sorry, couldn't tell you if that shop still exists.

Anonymous Old Sport...I hear ya! Now YOU go out back. Go ahead. And practice falling down and crying and begging me to cease the green-go whuppin and I'll be there momentarily to make all of your rehearsal a reality. And make sure you wear clean underdrawers. You don't want to be embarrassed at the Emergency Room.

Merry Christmas...ADG ELF

Reggie D. ...Make sure you call first. Their hours are a bit...bohemian.

Voice Talk...that's my favorite coat. Flusser will make one for you.

Anonymous said...

No worries there, Elfie. I have survived the scrutiny of many an emergency room Doc in my tattered La Perla,

CeceliaMc said...

Lovely, tweed jacket, but I've seen you in the quail shooting lord of the manor look, to great effect (and it's what you wore in there).

Wish you had gone for the loden velvet number.

A little 70's era Michael Caine could be thrilling.

Scale Worm said...

I have listened to Kind Of Blue more than any other work, beside maybe Beethoven's 6th, and 9th. A dear friend gave me an original '59 mono copy of it for my last bday: the Sound is amazing. I love the crested blazer, would go great with a straw hat I found a few years back. Did you decide on that fighter plane chair yet? My little wifey wants one. For reading I think I'd stick with the wingback and an ottoman, with authentic whiskey staining...I have the same issue with artwork! Thanks again!

ADG said...

Thanks everyone....and Scale Worm...can't get the chair. My car blowed up.

Patsy said...

My sister moonlights in a fabulous vintage poster gallery on Madison. For your next visit to NYC:

I think LaRuche has been closed for a few years. Sadly, Newbury Street has a bunch o'chain stores now.