Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Effect of Affect and Trad Miscellany

Still being held prisoner of war in Indianapolis. I quick jaunt to Horsham Pa tonight and I’m then on the cusp of an LFG weekend.
This year Valentines was just another day for me…especially given that I spent a romantic evening at the Sheraton in Indianapolis. But I did receive a nice bit of neckwear from my wingman up in Boston. Giuseppe from An Affordable Wardrobe sent me this talisman in hopes that someone would have me. I haven’t had it off since it arrived. I’ve even showered in it.
Last weekend was a non-LFG one for me but I was blessed to have her on Sunday night. We had a final round of Science Project work to do. We both agreed that next year, we’ll choose a project that doesn’t involve recruiting subjects and segmenting cohort subgroups etc. Thank God that p-values and confidence intervals weren’t part of the rigor or I’d a choked on my snuff ages ago. She’s in the fifth grade for crying out loud. I remain pissed that they’ve banned the no-brainer science projects including my all time fave volcano with baking soda and vinegar. And by the way, LFG and I had a really good discussion about Effect vs. Affect so before you bombard me with emails please realize that her mock up banner/title will be changed before she submits her project on the 24th.
LFG thought that I would enjoy a nice little mug for Valentines. She didn't quite understand why I laughed so much when I opened her thoughtful little gift.
And of course she had a little flurry of goodies from me when she woke on Monday morning. She’s a writer.
Ahhh…Indiana…the land without drama. If this doesn’t flatten your affect nothing will. (God, I’m grateful for the billables. Really, I am)
Off to school and then I'm off to Indy.

I have seven thousand pairs of socks at home. Crazy I know, but I even have solid color ones that I wear when with clients. Onliest thing about this week is that I forgot to pack them. Ever had to go buy something while travelling and damning every moment of it because you had scores of the missing item back home? I paid thirty five pounds for a pair of shorts at a Gap in Kensington one June day in 1995. Who’da known England was going to have a heat wave. Khaki shorts. Nope, never had any of those before and certainly none were back at home in the States.
Why in the world there’s a Saks in Indianapolis…attached to this Sheraton is beyond me. But there is. And they have gray socks. And now I have more gray socks.
Easy enough…I mope over to Saks and grab a few pairs of gray over the calf socks. But then I spied the two-thirds off clearance rack. Fuzzy in Indianapolis? No wonder these babies were two-thirds off. Fuzzy in Indianapolis…seems like a good title for a love story…about a hirsute endocrinologist and her midget paramour with extra thumbs…I’m thinking the midget from the movie Elf…the children’s book author. Shut up. Shut up. I’m in Indiana.
Three seventy five for a buck and a quarter. Fuzzy is as fuzzy does.
Onward. From Indy. Kinda Blue. Butcept in a fuzzy suede kinda way.



LPC said...

She's growing up with some elfin spirit of her own, isn't she?

Anonymous said...

Hello, I noticed your Orvis/Hulme luggage...I'm trying to decide between the meduim & large zippered tote bag. Would you mind sharing what size you purchased? Great blog by the way. Thank you, DRH

Suburban Princess said...

Desert boots always look soooo....comforting. They make me think no matter what, everything will be ok. Amazing how a simple item of clothing can conjure so much.

Here's my socks giving your socks a run for the money....

Of course, I feel the need to actually make my socks somehow fit into an outfit ;o)

CeceliaMc said...

Shoes: yummy! Wear them! In every color!

CeceliaMc said...

A pen in greek key! I covet it!

Gretchen said...

the chukkas are pretty cool, agreed. Why not keep the socks in your travel bag as a Just In Case (I'd recommend washing them in between, tho). They're boring, but the funds spent on those 2 pair coulda got you at least one cocktail in the bar...I HATE when I have to reduce the drinking funds for something practical and maintenance-driven

yoga teacher said...

Nice shoes!

As for Valentine's Day, I was in bed (not alone), being waited on hand and foot!!

It was so very nice of my wasband to brave the germ factory and bring hot & sour soup and boxes of tissues to our kiddo and me. Then he grabbed his gift and ran!

Main Line Sportsman said...

One day per year...the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.....Indianapolis is the epicenter of the Sporting Universe...well Speedway, Indiana to be exact..."Gentlemen, and ladies, Start your engines."
Next time you gotta go there....make it around that time and catch the greatest spectacle in racing

Britt Sudduth said...

Didn't Elvis have something to say about Blue Suede Shoes? And he was one of the coolest dudes ever! Nice boots.


Preppy 101 said...

affect - influence
effect - cause, bring about, accomplish

Once a teacher, always a teacher :-)
Next lesson - compliment;complement

Have a great evening!

ilovelimegreen said...

I have to think that LFG has begun to read your blog - how ironic that she would give you a "Keep Calm" mug.

Scale Worm said...

I love Miles... "Wait one minute!".
I could listen to this LP every day, for the rest of my life, and never, ever get enough of it. I'd give up my ("fancy") clothes if i had to choose between music and apparel... My favorite year in "modern" jazz. 1959.
Happy trails... From "wait out west".

CeceliaMc said...

"I have to think that LFG has begun to read your blog - how ironic that she would give you a "Keep Calm" mug."

Well, it is red.

Young Fogey said...

Good. You got the blue ones.

Love the pink gingham shirt. Then again, I have one, too, courtesy of Lands End (sorry fellas, no longer available--but you can have one made for you, like ADG did).

I think Giuseppe realized he would probably never sell that tie, and decided to give it to the one man he knew would wear it--and with pride. Enjoy!

SouthernProletariat said...

I would give her an A+ on the science experiment! (oh, and sorry but the volcano project- they do that now in preschool/kindergarten. Next thing you know they'll be designing robots in middle school!) She is lovely as always!

The Eccentric Orange Gentleman said...

Can we get more of the jacket. it looks very interesting

Anonymous said...

E O Gent.......That jacket is coveted by every menswear reader, maker, and probably even Flusser himself as he let it go to ADG.....The color. The weave. The sleeve. I hail your spirit. MORE OF THE JACKET. Yes, we followers have seen many splits. Give the minions the Full Monty. A whole blog on THE fancy sleeve treatment sport coat.

Let us all rest.

JKG said...

That's more than any man should expect to get out of Indianapolis. Well done.

ADG said...

Thanks for the comments everyone.

Hulme bag....medium! I first bought the large and it was too unwieldy. And I like to wield my bag.

Always Have said...

I like the shoes, will have to go by saks here and see if they have them on sale as well