Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Healthy Dose of Merkin

We got another dusting of snow last night. Cold and gray remain the prevailing inputs for my Old Town palette so I went seeking some color and whimsy a while ago. And there’s no better source for it than my sartorial idol Richard Merkin. Carrie Haddad has the remaining Merkin works for sale in her gallery. Here are some of my favorites.
Henry Miller in Paris
Max’s Kansas City
Carson McCullers
Langston Hughes
Doc Cheatham
Dorothy Parker
Thelonious at the Five Spot
DW Griffith
The Press Box-Tad and Herriman
Taormina or Saltimbanque
Tchaikovsky and Ellington
Stanley Crouch
Orson Welles
The Lover of the Long Shot-Salinger
AJ Liebling
Elwood “Bingo” DeMoss
Townes VanZandt
The Port of Last Resort
 Onward. Toting a dose. Of Merkin.


Yankee-Whisky-Papa said...

"A Merkin woman... stay away from meee-eee. A Merkin Woman... momma let me beee-eee."

Easy and Elegant Life said...

What's the title of that last black and white?

ADG said...

YWP...that's lame man. Why didn't I have you on my blog roll? title. Let's name the bastard!

Yankee-Whisky-Papa said...

If you think THAT'S lame, these were my fisrt ideas:
"Feel like Merkin Love"
"Bye, bye, Miss a Merkin Pie"

THESE are lame.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Boxing The Compass !! Great blog. Everyone who visits here should pull in over there, as well.

A quote from one of Yankee-Whisky-Papa's posts:

"I think that terms like “WASP” and “Preppy” are best only uttered sotto voce. Seriously. Consider immediately renaming your blogs. The twist (and this is the good part) is that by blogging about how well you are pulling it off, you disqualify yourself by breaking the golden rule."

Anonymous said...

Name the bastard? Well. If it weren't for the cigarette.....with all those stripes and checks I would say that "ADG II" would work for it

ADG said...

AnonymousNameTheBastard...that's it...It's Little ADG,II

Anon...Yep...I just put YankeeStankeeWhiskeyPopper on my blog roll. Onliest thing is that he's corny as hell...with his comments over here that is.

Anonymous said...

ADG. Boxing The Compass is anything but corny. Take Whisky-Papa's post on repurposing items today (you have to go over there for the photo of this)

"12 cheap darts are used to hold olives into a (10 ounce!) Martini glass, circa 1940. 7-8 ounces of gin and needle-sharp hand-missiles... how could this possibly go wrong?"

ADG said...

I said his COMMENTS HERE were corny. Geez. I added his ass to the blog roll. And I don't do that if I don't like a blog. I saw the darts thing...and other things. That's why I added his blog to my list.

Anonymous said...

Quit being so defensive, Silly. I was posting for others. I know you like his blog. I was teasing to be able to quote from his post. Yeeesh. Back away from the Red Bull. Slowly.


Anonymous said...

Like the new profile pic. That kid is thinking, "Someday I am gonna write a great big blog. I'll show THEM. Then I will have friends and I won't have to sit in the corner everyday at school. Yeah. THAT's it. A BLOG. I'll put pictures of myself up there. I'll wear anything I want. Stripes, plaids, dots. Let 'em try and make fun of me THEN. Fuck 'em. oh shit. Did I just say that out loud? My Mama's gonna TAN me!!"

Yankee-Whisky-Papa said...

Thank you for the product placement, anonymous-and-unpaid shill!

Now back to THIS blog. Might I inquire about the left hand of the gentleman in the second picture down?

Hilton said...

I like the depiction of Henry Miller.

"I have no money, no resources, no hopes. I am the happiest man alive."
Henry Miller

Preppy 101 said...

The Bright spot in my day! You know it's good stuff when you can "hear" Thelonious. xoxo

ilovelimegreen said...

The jacket in that last Merkin sketch is my dream jacket! Now to find it.....

yoga teacher said...

I almost fell out of my chair when I saw Townes Van Zandt, because I just listened to "Live at The Old Quarter Houston, Texas" today. To Live is to Fly and No Place to Fall. Nice.

Scale Worm said...

Really fun works, great color use and some cool movement in them too. I like the Max's Kansas City the most. Thanks for the education ADG!

Barima said...

I might be initiating a shtick here (I saw you were reading me at Giuseppe's blog, ADG), but could we subtitle the final sketch, "Don't You Wish Your Sprezzing Was Hot Like Mine"?

Best as usual,


ADG said... are the WORD Master my man. I'm just jealous.

Scale....Merkin was great. And his written work was even greater.

YogaTeach...I listened to an interview with Rodney Crowell the other day on NPR. He talked about how when he was a new songwriter in Nashville, he lived day-to-day, for the approval of Townes Van Zandt. I thought that was a sublime tribute to TVZ. I'm gonna read Crowell's new biography. namaste.

LimeGreen....just have one made.


Hilton...sounds like me.

WhiskeyYankeeTangoPapaDelta....that thing in his left hand is a tazer. BAM!

Anonymous said...

"...that's it...It's Little ADG,II"

I don't THINK so.

II's already been tagged at Sartorialist: