Friday, March 25, 2011

Kiddie Trad

It’s never too soon to pop a collar. And it’s never too soon to hone one’s personal style. I was sitting in the Philly airport waiting for my Boston flight when this little guy and his mom rounded the corner. He’s already got it. Style that is.
When the flight was called, he said to his mom… “I’ll go first” and he took her hand, leading her to the ticket agent. Chivalry and style are both on respirators…wallowing listlessly in the Deportment Intensive Care Unit at Demeanor Memorial Hospital. But who knows, if there are scores of little people out there…little boys and girls…who conduct themselves like this little fella, there might still be hope.

Onward. In Boston. Home tonight.


Suburban Princess said...

Love this! I saw my little guy's collars creeping up when he was able to sit up on his own :O) It really annoys me when people think he is just being messy and put them down grrr. I am so with you on the manners and grace...I always teach my son that if he has nothing else going for him, his good manners will take him pretty far.

James said...

Stout lad! A splash of hope in a sea of despair.

Main Line Sportsman said...

I have a suspicion that the mother of this young Gent was hot.....
And what about that could hr remain standing?!?

Kathy said...

Had our tuxedo fitting yesterday for the Cotillion Spring Ball tonight. My young man rolls his eyes at the idea of it all, but man does he like to look good and show off his manners. I'll get the last dance. There's still hope. I'll post a pic tomorrow if you want to stop by.

Anonymous said...

That little boy is too cute and that story is too sweet. The mother is to be thanked. Kids are not born with manners, someone has to teach them and that little boys parents are doing an A+ job.

JMW said...

Love the popped collar! What a good kid - reminds me of my little guy, down to the hair and outfit. Too cute. :)

Schorsch said...

Hmmm, interesting theory. Excluding present company, however, a popped collar rarely correlates with manners or chivalry. In fact, the relationship is decidedly inverse.

LPC said...

I'm dying of the cuteness over here. Someone have a baby please, now.

Belle de Ville said...

Ah, the preppy clothes, the blond hair, the manners, he reminds me of my son 20 years ago.

ADG said...

Belle....cute isn't it?

LPC...I'm back home now. This is my LFG weekend and she's happened while I was gone this week. I had to schedule a get together with her, on this, my "LFG weekend". How does this happen? This growing up thing? And please, how can I halt it? At once.

Schorsch...ahh...I think you are right.

JMW...cute indeed.

AnonManners...EXACTLY. It's like one of the pastors at my church said one time about his little girls..."I don't have to teach them to be selfish and whiny ...they come with those options day one"

Kathy...yes, I will stop by. I've been absent from blog visitation for a while.

MainLiner...well of course I've got the 411 on mama and yes, she was a bit of a stunner. Uncle L. woulda found sumpin wrong with her though. The back pack was empty except a couple of matchbox cars. funny.

James and Suburban...indeed. indeed.


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