Friday, May 6, 2011

George Cleverley Bespoke: Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell

The maiden last-carving voyage is about a one year sojourn. Don’t ask exactly how long.
That's Mr. Cleverley (R.I.P.)
Metrics…arithmetic assessments represent first steps.
Qualitative, tactile reviews also aggregate the mélange. Don’t ask how many measurements and touch points.
Fifty percent down upon measurement and fifty percent about one year from now. Don’t ask the amount of either half.
Cleverley curious toe box. Fuzzy and clever. Don’t ask which toe but please; speculate on how fuzzy.
Sky’s the limit on hide choices. Sky's the limit on costs too. Shhhh.
Conker Cape Buck. Little more red in this suede than tobacco.
Green kid lining. Yes. Ask.
The first fitting may just take place at the Cleverley shop. All of the bespoken come to life upstairs in the little Arcade shop. Stay tuned.
Onward. Still in the office. In Belgians. Hoping for a soccer win tomorrow.



David V said...

Take one of each.

Chiseled toe do rockith.

ADG said...

David V...Oh, trust me brother. We chiselethed and we rocked.

Anonymous said...

Ouch, I got whiplash ridin the ADG ride last couple of weeks; first you swear you've locked everything down after cuttin the check for the Mercedes, a week later you and your entourage are off to Gotham in style, a week after that appears a fully stuffed Tiffany bag, now you've got gasp-worthy Cleverley on order. Max, your disposable income is giving me and everyone else shivers. Please lock your door, change your passwords and pins, and please say you're over Sinsayshun.

Anonymous said...

All I know is it cost me $17 for a pair of red heels for my bucks and $45 to put sole guards and new heels on a pair of Ralph wholecuts, so be sure to get the extra thick option on the bottoms. Heck, you remember when Weejuns cost less than that.

But it ain't nothin but money...

cousin willie

Barima said...

I'm pleased for you; I would be doing the same in your position. If you're coming to the shop, there is no way we can miss each other once again


Young Fogey said...

Oh. My. Stars.

No, not the shoes—that jacket. Two button cuffs with working buttons? And the Eye-tralian affectation of unbuttoning one? With the fruity shoes and stripey socks?

How do you even get women to even look at you, much less go on a date?

I guess at our age, the single ones have, hmm, shall we say, relaxed their standards.

I can't wait to see the shoes, though.

Summer is a Verb said...

Ah, helloooooo...cut the check for WHAT Benz??? I get a whole catalogue of pic texts of your socked foot getting measured but, that you bypass? (sharp intake of breath) Is it the 450 SL? I'll be on your doorstep, Hermès headwrap strategically tied for maximum tails flapping in the wind, faster than you can say, getinthebackseatLFG! XXOO

ps...The day those suitable for the Royal Wedding kicks and my handpainted Goyard tote arrive we'll take it out for another look at us spin. I will, however, insist on you getting a spray tan if you plan on letting the Derm guy bully you into PTH submission.

ADG said...

FogeyYoung...there ain't nothing exclusive to Eye-tralians re unbuttoning a button. Hits as southern fuzzy lookie here as it is anything else. Plus, I got dressed from things that were on the bedroom floor...including that coat. I'm fuzzier when I'm tired and I didn't get home from the airpoat till one in the morning.

Women? I remain in awe my damn self.

Barima...So you are back in London. Indeed we'll connect.

Willie Cuz...yep. Still got my check register from college when I popped thirty-something bucks for my navy blue weejuns.

Flo...I got no disposable income. The Waldorf romp was financed with travel points. But I must admit that I got me a little bit of a cash distribution from my company. Fifty four dollars. And I kid you not when I say that I sold a ton of stuff to gain Cleverley access...including a piece of furniture. Sinsayshun ain't goin' nowheres. We are only on page 16 of the Sutra.

ADG said...

AllieVonSistahButt....560sl baby, 560...NOT the 450. It's in North Carolina amidst some maintenance that's part of the ongoing negotiation for the final price.

Anonymous said...

"How do you even get women to even look at you, much less go on a date?"

Cuz he's filthy rich, is why. And he better be, he's his own high-maintenance problem.

T said...

I'm guessing Tassel loafer, Prussian blue.

also, Happy Derby Day.

ilovelimegreen said...

Must we wait an entire blankety-blank year before we find out what these shoes look like? Not even a hint?

CeceliaMc said...

LOVE the style of the croc-like shoes, but not the croc part.

The last picture-- vanilla bean trousers, ink blue jacket, slippers, socks, lining of jacket-- LOVELY

The best.

You're little boys' sailboats and big girls' spring dreams.

T said...

I'm with limegreen. This is worse than the Yuketen/John Deere cordovan contrivances.

Anonymous said...

"Sinsayshun ain't goin' nowheres. We are only on page 16 of the Sutra."

Maxxx, I seener uptown lace week tooter county heth departmiss, I seener stannin roun thowiner hair front them framers comin in fuh billin permiss, she not embarass one bit beggin fronner everbody for shots and erntments, Maxxxx c'mon, yer pride.

ADG said...

Flomotion...stop trash talking my "lady"...and I am NOT filthy rich. I actually sold a ton of shite to $$ the Cleverley jaunt. Including a piece of furniture for lordy sakes.

T...ahhh...the Yuketen John Deere babies...I passed them on to a worthy recipient as part of the Cleverley fund raising effort. And no, not tassel loafer Prussian Blue. The suede color and lining has already been revealed. I will tell you though, there was a crocodile tassel loafer that tasered me bro.

CeceiliaM....big girls' spring dreams too. ARE gonna have to wait a year on the blankety blank blankers.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Abso-bloody-lutely mouth-wateringly delicious!!!

I do hope, ol' chum, you commissioned at least one pair of side-gusseted beauties, the style for which (as you know) Cleverley are known.

I'm still waiting for more from Cleverley, and will post pics as soon as I receive them. Your post reminds me, I should send a note...

I really wish your photographic team was up to snuff because I'd love to see what the brogued loafers look like.

ADG said...

LagunaFogeyMon...Indeed. And yes, it would seem rather appropriate to bespeak something side gusseted from the Mother Church of bilateral Effinger elasticity! Stay tuned.

ilovelimegreen said...

You passed on the John Deere loafers to a worthy recipient???? I thought we were sharing them????? I can't believe I didn't even get to see them.
And ADG, one of my wittier auctioneer pals is known to say "The more you pay, the more you'll enjoy it."

Gentleman's Gazette said...

The kid green lining is awesome! I hope you went for it. Thanks for the pictures