Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This is your captain speaking...

...Couldn't have been a better day for the Maxminimus Corporate Crew to jet into the Concord Regional Airport...aka...NASCAR private aviation. Clear skies and scant air traffic all the way down to Charlotte so it was easy for an ADD pilot like me to get us there without a hitch.
Flying is easy. It's the taking off and landing that sometimes manifests trouble. 
My Concord Regional approach was a no-brainer.
I had a blast in Charlotte right out of college and I have great memories of fun and frolic. But my back to back meetings downtown allowed for very little playtime. Last night was my small free-time window and of all the things I could have done, I asked my best childhood buddy to take me to the Sundries. Providence Road Sundries. Chilli Cheesburgers at my favorite old honky tonk haunt. And I loved the fact that it hasn't changed much in 26 years.
My buddy as burger game of pool.
And a parting gift from DCA. Carolina Beach Music...The Classic Years. Written by a fratty brother of ours. More on this erudite review of the top 100 beach tunes later.

Onward. Tonight. To New Orleans.



Brohammas said...

Mr. Max, flying planes is easier than landing. Just plain flying is a different story. I find I myself am a natural lander.

Might you do me the favor of visiting my site, the one you recently added to your blogroll and give some consideration to my most recent post? In particular you may consider the idea I propose in my comment section.

j.mosby said...

Does Amazon have that fratty boy beach pub? I need a check off list of all those Carolina gold nuggets! Not sure if I need reload my ipod.

Anonymous said...

It has been years since I last visited New Orleans. I vaguely recall a jazz festival during the Nineties with Tito Puente in attendance. The Napoleon House is a favorite of mine:

Have a safe trip, sir.


LPC said...

Someone let you fly a plane? I'm just going to pretend this is all a fantasy:).

Easy and Elegant Life said...

My dad used to say that any landing you walk away from is a good one. Probably why he chose the Infantry.

Love to hear about Carolina Beach Music.

Safe flight.

Josh said...

I have several buddies that use that strip as home base. I hope you have had a good time in our fair city. She has lost most of her soul, but is still a pretty good central location for a 9-5.

sle said...

Providence Road one work...consistent! Glad you had fun!

sle said... shoes. Love them!

Young Fogey said...

I think you chose the perfect venue for your free time. I can see why the guy in the picture is your best buddy: no tie, no socks. (sigh...)

yoga teacher said...

It's not you flying, but NASCAR aviation???

ADG said...

Yoga...the picture is printed backwards.

Fogey...DCA and I've been buddies since we were ten years old.

sle...consistent yes. Something that's rather fleeting everywhere these days.

Josh...I'm way too sentimental to have much of a positive reaction to the level of change Charlotte has manifested since I lived there 25 years ago. It remains a great city but seems to desire equal status to Atlanta for "let's pave over all the genteel evidence of the South"

Eleganto...indeed. The Beach Music book is great...erudite if anything.

LPC...why would you think it so fantastical that I'd fly a plane?

AnonNewOrleans...I've not been back to New Orleans since I left in the mid nineties. So this weekend is gonna be a "mark it off the list culinary event" both highbrow and lowbrow. Got here last night and marked my first target off the list at about 11pm last night...feeling it this morning. New Orleans isn't a town for eating and drinking rookies. Tito Puente...nice.

Brohammas...I took a gander at your posting. I'll send you a personal email.

ADG said...

Jmosby....oops...I forgot to mention. Yes, Rick Simmons' Beach Music book is at

Patsy said...

WWII Museum, if you have time. Well worth it. They probably won't let you fly the planes, though.

Josh said...

You hit the nail on the head and sum up my main frustration with living here. I hate to blame it on anything in particular but......