Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hollister Hovey

…meets the Dukes of effing Hazzard . Is what it’s starting to look like over here.  Or maybe Mr. Drucker’s Store from Green Acres. (NOT Peter Drucker from your grad school textbooks you idiot)
At any rate, some of you decorator gals who read this drivel need to get over here and sort this hoard out. It’s a mess to say the least.
Amidst the mess though, is a Polo wool and cashmere windowpane pillow that was recently donated to the digs. It’s currently propped up on the Kama Sutra Kilim Chaise.
Come on over. Let’s redamn-decorate.
Onward. Circuitously serpentining. Amidst and amongst the props.



LPC said...

You missed us. You know you did. I can't help with the redecorating except to say, um, throw some stuff out:).

ADG said...

Prunella...I missed all of you and all of this from moment one. So there. And I'll be that I think I've developed the right balance and perspective on all this blog/tumblr/work/life stuff. Ha!

And I'm amidst a huge for me...purging of the stuff.

Sir Fopling Flutter said...

OK - I was literally rolling around laughing at the first sentence. A great tribute to both of you!

I'm sure you can find some willing decorator gals to sort you out.

ilovelimegreen said...

I am not about to volunteer to redamn-decorate but I am quite happy to continue to send along suggestions of what might complement the current assortment of props.

Preppy 101 said...

Another thing that makes the day better - a post from ADG!!! I seriously need the Coke Sign - need it for a Christmas gift for my son-in-law. Just send it UPS. My UPS man knows where to hide the packages if I'm not home. Thanks ADG for helping me Christmas shop! Xoxo

ADG said...

Preppy 101...this thing is not UPS able ! It's four feet in diameter. Somebody'll have to come get it.

LimeGreener...complement the assortment? That just feeds the clutter fire.

FlutterFlop...None of the decorator gals are stepping up. They know better.