Monday, October 3, 2011

Navy Blue Weejuns--You Can Thank Me Later...

...I might even let a few of you spank me later. 
I've written more than I should have about my navy blue Bass Weejuns that I've had since college. (Proof here)  But I love 'em and there's been some runners up to them but nothing exacting enough for me to pull the purchase trigger. I almost had Ron Rider build me a pair from navy shell cordovan but our schedules never coincided so I moved on to other distractions...kinda like my dating strategy. Butcept it's usually the women who move on to other distractions. Dating me is kinda like going to Coney Island. You can only ride the roller-coaster so many times before asking for a bit more than undulating flurries of endorphins. Maybe a brief repast between rides...sitting...face to face...truly present and engaged...dialogue...eye contact. Oh, and as my sister LPC wisely offers..."showing up on time." That's when my Weejuns kick into reverse and skedaddle. 
Oh. Right. This was about Navy Blue Weejuns. So yesterday while LFG was at dance class, I had an hour to burn and I dropped in at Brooks Brethren in Chevy Chase. I checked our their blue beefrolled loafer first hand. I suspected that it was wrong and I declared so without seeing it--I think I said so over at tumblr. After holding it in my hand I'm steadfast in my conclusion. 
The lighter--contrast stitching beefroll just makes it more beefy and rolly. It's more of a demi-sueded denim debacle. Something akin to the denim seatcover option that I think, the Jeep Wranglers and the AMC Pacer offered twenty five years ago. Don't buy these. I don't care how big a boy you are, if I see you in these I'm gonna laugh and throw rocks at you.
But here's the breaking news. And you better pounce right now 'cause I'm betting these babies are gonna sell out fast. You not only need to thank me but a reader of my drivel as well.
 I got an email early yesterday morning alerting me to the Bass 75th Anniversary Weejun. Navy hundred and twenty bucks. No beefroll...just good ole classic Weejun construct. It might have the usual Bass "plastic" finish but I've already learned how to strip that sh_t off. Paul over at Silk Regimental updated us on a method and I think, so did one other blogger who escapes me at present. 
I pounced on a pair before my feet hit the floor yesterday morning. Click here and do likewise.
And speaking of blue shoes. LFG woke up yesterday morning about the same time that I pulled the trigger on the Weejuns. She climbed in my bed and we started playing on the internet. Our playtime ended us up over at J.Crew. Out of guilt and sympathy (only the Buddhists have offered me clear-cut lessons on keeping such emotions in the right place. But I'm hard headed and lasting lessons need to be beaten into me and the Buddhists flat out won't beat anyone) I ordered LFG some electrick blau clogs. Shut up. She's the onliest child I have.
And the final note on blue. I spent a while at the MINI dealership on Friday morning getting a tweak or two on my buggy. Which by the way, is an absolute blast to drive. 
The fun quotient is off the hook on my little go-kart but now, 2012 offers us the John Cooper Works MINI coupe. As if the four-seater wasn't small enough and fast enough, the JCW two-seater is a rocket. Chopped roof line...208hp...150mph. 
The blue one was nice but I love this fuzzier version. Crazy I know but that's me.
Fuzzy is as fuzzy does.

Onward. Sunday. Clogged with a cold.

ADG II and LFG with clogs en route.


ilovelimegreen said...

This whole beefroll thing is a bit over my head. That said, wasn't the AMC Pacer a product of the 70s - not 80s?
Tell LFG I have a pair of neon lime clogs nearly identical to what she ordered -she can have mine when her feet get a little bigger.

Suburban Princess said...

Nice find! I wonder if they come in women's sizes!

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

I like the Vanity Fair prints.

LPC said...

Oh little brother of mine, perhaps next decade your attention levels will settle down? Or maybe not. I hope LFG looooooves her clogs. Or maybe she doesn't talk that way yet? Life is so full of uncertainties. So glad to see you round these parts.

DAM said...

So, share with us the great mystery of life; how do you remove the shininess?

Paul in NoVA said...

Order placed! Thanks for the heads-up. I did not even know you were back and this is the first post - good stuff. I actually bought a pair of new old stock from some dude in Clemson, SC off Ebay a few months ago and thought of you. They were not shiny and are breaking in nicely.

Let's get that DC happy hour on the books.

Anonymous said...

I've lost count of the shoes LFG and I have in common. You need to check out Hanna Anderson's clogs - they have a color named for her.

We'll be pulling the Mini trigger shortly, now that they offer AWD - it's tagline is the Mini Maximus.


Bob said...

Immediately took you advice and ordered said shoes. Thanks for the shout out, and the link.

Now write the drivel here, as SAM too ask, 'bout
removing the sheen. The black ones picked up during the 1990's are OK, but in blue will look like crap until worked over.

Shall we all share our ADD/ADHD meds to get you to follow through? Way past time for me to pop another.

Golf Tango Hotel said...

I have also taken your advice and ordered....hope you are getting a kickback on these....I join with others and beg you to please share the methodology for removing the plastic sheen.

The coupe is great and with the JCW is awesome. My better half has a BRG Clubman (she has too many dogs, so anything less is not enough, and a Countryman is just not really the same as a real mini). If you are at all into your Mini, you should think about Minis on the Dragon in Western North Carolina in the Spring.....the Mini folk are OCB, but the driving is incredible.

ADG said...

GTH...I'll have to check with Silk Regimental to see how he did it. And I'll do it and post the results when mine roll in. I got an order confirmation tonight. But essentially, it's Comet and water and then polish.

Bob...I'll dose up with Adderal when the shoes get here.

Patsy...that's GREAT news about the MINI and we'll check out the girl clogs.

Paul...there was an old men's store in Clemson ... late 40's-late 70's and I had buddies who mopped up on some of their old stuff.

DAM...word on the street is that you got some navy Belgians.

LPC...thx. It's hopeless re the settling down thing. I'll be here from time to time.

Laguna...I have one thousand vanity fair prints.

Suburban...if not, maybe the smallest men's size?

Lime Green....the Pacer decade indeed was the 70's. Mid to late early 70's.

pve design said...

fond memories of my blue suede olaf's from college.
one of my best friends made knocked my clog off which flew across the room during english lit and my professor handed it to me.
blushing me.
love anything blue.
classic, beefy, timeless, sporty.

ADG said...

PVE...your shoe flying story reminds me of a bonfire event thing that I went to twenty five years ago after the Gold Cup in The Plains, Virginia.

Some girl with a rather large foot wanted to trade one of her shoe-boot clog things for one of my no longer white after a day at the Gold Cup white bucks. Seemed like a good idea at the time. The next morning I woke with the same combo on my feet. Didn't know the girl. Didn't get my shoe back.

Susan R said...

I absolutely love those snappy navy Weejuns, but I bet they don't come in women's. More than the shoes, I happened to spy with my BLUE eye (I just figured since you were on a blue kick) the wonderful Vanity Fair Spy Prints. That's an impressive collection. Where do you find them? I have bought several at auction and on eBay.

Mrs. Blandings said...

I knew you'd miss us. By the way, my oldest son seems to have a fuzzy dice gene. (It must have been recessive.) Nearly anytime his father or I say, "Do you like this?" he replies, "Yes, but..." and then chooses a color, pattern, something that leave Bill and I speechless. We may need to hire you as a consultant.

ADG said...

Susan R. ebay is a great place to get Vanity Fair prints at a fair price. I've been collecting them as well as the original watercolours from which the prints were made, for years.

Mrs. Blandings...I'd only aggravate the issue if you bought me in for insights re your boy and his fuzziness. And it AIN'T NO RECESSIVE GENE. I'm still pondering that whole chalant thing too.

Chuck Hatt said...

They came today and Gawd they are shiny. I'll be shopping for a new can of Comet this weekend.

ADG said...

DON'T use Comet and Fantastic. I now have baby blue Weejuns.

Mrs. Blandings said...

If one of us is on the side of chalant and the other on the side of non, well, I'd just hate to guess which is which. As for the consulting, I doubt we could afford you. On the upside, your new loafers and and the clogs match. Kismet.