Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

…from my green Edward Greens and last Sunday’s New York Times. It’s been an unusual week and thus it took me till this morning to get to it and through it. I kinda miss reading an actual “paper” paper.

And just a quick bit of St. Patrick’s Day randomanalia for you…
This madness MUST stop. I thought that a third round of dating photo snarkiness would turn the tide. It may take a fourth round given the evidence above. I discovered this breath taker yesterday. So, without any pride in the effort—trust me—I’ve now begun yet another file to collect these …what shall I call them? … “Teaching—learning” examples for us all. Stay damn tuned. Oh, and for a good number of you, I might well call these the “I sure am glad I’m married” photos. Oy.
The Duke and Duchess have been “done” and done and done, in my opinion…book-wise. Kinda like Churchill, Robert E. Lee, the Civil War and scores of other topics. But admittedly, I’m probably gonna read this one. Might the gal from Smalltimore have saved Britain from an impending national tongue of a Germanic lilt? I’m tisk-tisking less at the thought.
To further the randomanalia this morning. I love the Yuketen croc mocs above. Kind of an industrial version of my old Polo ones.
But these little Yuketen babies are a bit much. Even for my Belgian and slipper wearing self. Shut.
Can we get any more random? Sure. Here’s a young Merkin the collector…in windowpane. R.I.P.
And a cool little ink-wash sketch of Whistler. By my other favorite … Carlo Pellegrini. Buy it for me. I’m broke.
Ok, I’m off to the tub for a soak. NOT a hot tub. It’s been three days and I’m  gamey. 




Sir Fopling Flutter said...

Since when did Whistler have an afro?

ilovelimegreen said...

Those Mary Jane type shoes are for men???????? I thought they were your next choice for Ms. LFG.
And why in the world does a hot pink construction helmet exist?

ADG said...

LimeGreenPartyPlannerAroundMe...Yes, the Mary Jane's are for men. In three colors. As for the hot pink construction helmet? Maybe they were left over from the construction team who built the Mary Kay Cosmetics building. Nope, that's not it, Mary Kay's pink aint' hot. It's reglar.

Sir Fopling of the Fluttatious stripe...Whistler did not have an afro. But what Whistler had, especially in his early years, was a penchant for a wide brimmed, low crown straw hat with a black ribbon in it. Kinda of a hybrid straw boater--but different--typical of Whistler. You can get a sense of what it looked like in John Poynter's sketches of Whistler as well as in Sir Leslie Ward's (SPY) Vanity Fair caricature of Whistler. So what you see here is a quickly rendered image of Whistler with said hat cocked way back on his head, thus framing his curly headed-white lock in the front--visage. Thanks. This concludes our art history and Whistler style treatise for today. That'll be one hundred and fifty bucks. PayPal is fine. Fine. Fine.

Laguna Beach Fogey...I could almost post your was vaguely in bounds...regarding passage through my moral and ethical filter. Not that I have said filter, since I've been accused of lacking character for having any engagement with you. I call and continue to call bullshit on that assertion but the First Amendment ain't alive and kicking over here. I don't want to manage the shit storm of controversy that would bubble up as a result.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

No worries, ol' chum. I understand. It's a shame one must submit to the threat of milquetoast controversy. But they'll get theirs soon enough.

Bean gal said...

Nice green kicks....have been meaning to ask you...I have the bug to start to a new hobby , and have always dabbled in picking up toy soldiers in my ports of call ( Philly, Richmond, Pittsburgh) but have limited knowledge. As my Style Sherpa and model in some ways, what say you on starting to collect? What should I look for and where should I start…..?



ADG said...

Mark...I'm gonna provide you a more complete answer courtesy of email...I've just been a bit distracted so pardon the delay. Also, I just got the final number on what I'm gonna have to pay the IRS on the 15th of next month. Therefore I've got tons of toys over here for sale!

Anonymous said...

CeceliaMc said...

Your lead soldiers vignette sort of reminds me of the soft-core scenarios that my budding adolescence friends and I used to play out with Barbie and Ken.