Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Problem With LFG…

…is that today is her twelfth birthday. And I’m clearly the one with the problem here. My baby is growing up nicely and I’m fighting it all the way.
My LFG birthday tribute from a couple of years ago was an effusive one and you can view it here. I’m gonna try to keep this year's mention a bit less sappy.
Why? Because LFG is a young lady now and she’s calling me out for being too mawkish and sentimental. She declared it again last week when we walked up to my elementary school for the eleventh time since she’s been old enough to walk. "Dad, you've told me this already."
So here’s to you my rising seventh grader who made one “B” on your report card this past year. Mother to one Reiley FG, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
LFG, you are gonna flip when we ride out to Middleburg next week to pick up your birthday present that I commissioned!

I Love You. Immeasurably.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely picture! Who did you use please? I have a very deserving son and a beautiful dog! Thank you in advance. By the way I love your page, reading about old town makes me so homesick. I am currently living in Japan and looking very forward to returning to the old town area. Thanks again Jane

James said...

Do you remember what I told you about White Knights. She may roll her eyes on occasion, but you will always be her "go to" guy. A joyous birthday to your little Angel.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to LFG. The painting is perfect for a young lady's room.
Best wishes,

ilovelimegreen said...

Good for you for getting LFG a portrait of her dog. My father attempted to commission a portrait of my cats when I was about her age but my ever-practical mother intervened. Happy happy birthday to Miss LFG.

BethAnn said...

What a fantastic birthday gift! I can't wait to read about her reaction.

And good for LFG for trying to keep you in line.

Pigtown*Design said...

what an excellent birthday present!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, LFG!

-Aunt Flo

Anonymous said...

At first I thought this was kind of a funny gift, but then realized I would cherish a portrait of my childhood golden retriever, Morgan.

Anonymous said...

The best birthday gift you could give to LFG is to stop fighting her growing up, for chrissakes... And don't give me that 'I don't have to like it' crap because it'll be far better for all concerned if you do!
Sunday Sermon over.
Happy Birthday LFG - you're growing up better and better every day.

gentleman mac said...

Happy Birthday to her! and you da' man ADG.

Hilton said...

Please wish Miss LFG a very happy birthday from me, ADG.

LPC said...

Happy Birthday L!

Anonymous said...

ps. Similarly, back when my Dad used to start in on his exactly repeatable stories at exactly repeatable times about exactly repeatable people, places, and things, my sibs and I would say the same thing LFG did, but my always-impish-father would stop us at mid-lament, turn around and squarely offer the challenge: "Alright then, fair enough, if you can recite verbatim the rest of what I've always said, then you shall win the grand prize."

Never knew what the grand prize was because we never could give him back the exact recitation.

It's a fun game. I can see you and LFG going after it...


Anonymous said...

sweet daddy!!

Kathie Truitt said...

Oh my goodness! She will LOVE that!
((sigh))...I'm feeling your pain here, Dusty. I remember 5 years ago when you started blogging. Such a precious little girl. As a matter of fact I think all of us who have followed you from the beginning are feeling a bit nostalgic, if not sad. In a way, LFG belongs to all of us....
Happy birthday, sweet girl.

Unknown said...

Incredible present. I won't let my boy see this, otherwise he'll want it now and I won't be able to "Steal" your idea. Happy Birthday to her!

Bean gal said...

interesting juxtaposition....we got my Scarlett Bean (10 yrs old)a Cav for Christmas and she named him Winston Churchill

Toad said...

Thank you God for daughters. Happy 12 L.

Young Fogey said...

Happy Birthday little miss! Keep your father in line—if you can.

ADG, may God grant you the serenity to accept the things you cannot change, the courage to change the things you can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

So accept that LFG will continue to change, awreaddy! And while you're at it, go change your underwear. Thems you c'n change.

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous gift and a loving tribute. You win "Daddy of the Year" hands down.


pve design said...

Daughters are the best....well then there are dogs for those dog days of what I call teenage menopause.
Great gift.

ADG said...

Jane…thanks. Enjoy Japan and come back soon.

James...As always. Thanks. LFG’s White Knight that you sent us remains proudly on the shelf. The meaning is now more relevant than ever.


Ilovelimegreen…LFG has no “ever practical mother” or father for that matter. Thanks!

BethAnn…We’ve still yet to pick it up from the artist. And I am not to be kept in line.

Pigtown*Design said…thanks MegTown. I have a present for you. It’s now about 2 years old.

-Aunt Flo…send money.


AnonymousSundaySermon…thanks. I’m now paying a couple hundred bucks an hour once a week to actualize your free advice.

gentleman mac...thanks man.

Hilton...thanks pal.

LPC ...thanks!

AnonymousDadStoryRepeaterFLO...shit that’s a great idea.

Kathie Truitt...Even though you are famous now, I’ll never forget your kindness when I sent you an email, asking about how to blog. I was scared shitless but I knew that you’d be kind and helpful. Thanks.

Unknown…Steal on.

Bean gal...Do you call yours Winnie?


Young Fogey ...She does a pretty good job at it. Change. I teach it Monday through Friday and otherwise fight it tooth and nail.

Anonymous...Thanks Elizabeth.
pve...”teenage menopause” Brilliant.