Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Trad Ivy Tuesday: GTH 2013

Cheers from Old Town. Its 459am and trust me when I tell you that this is gonna be a big pile of nothin’. As  much as I’d love to be blessed with a couple of hours of playtime to write something that even I would like to read—alas—I’m buried. Buried and blessed with a flurry of project work and travel that leaves me no time for focused, curated, artisanal and certainly not edited…whatever. So this is what I have till I can get back to drafting more focused impertanalia.
The joy of writing about things that muster passion and delight becomes the beacon of hope when one is amidst the drudgery of flogging the keyboard for the man. I lashed myself to it yesterday and banged out a three thousand and fifty-six word White Paper on Accountable Care Organizations and Diabetes Quality Measures. I never got dressed. I never left the house and it like to ‘bout killed me. But I had to get it done because I’ve got a bad habit of eating, paying the three mortgages and bespeaking all kinds of stuff. Oh and there’s that thing about LFG wanting to go to college and the rest of the cash-only work that I’ve gotta have done on my jaw.
So let me just throw some Trad Ivy Tuesday chum in the water and be done with it. And I suppose there’s no better place to start than GTH togs for 2013. I got an email from those Greenville North Carolina tumblr guys…Preppy By the Grace of God and Carolina Style. It seems that Bills Khakis was having a little trunk show down at the sartorial oasis where these two edgy cats work. And they were wondering if I might want something from the Bills' 2013 line-up. Folks, it’s still hot inside the Beltway and I’ve not yet switched my closets over to the corduroy moleskin toggery for fall 2012. And these cats are throwin 2013 GTH taunts my way. Plus, I thought Bills was a khaki company—not a purveyor of my kinda fuzzy.
So I pounced on one of the paisleys. I’ll leave it to you to guess which one of those swatches will be transformed into the ADG 2013 GTH statement. And no, I didn’t buy more than one pair of the paisleys. Oh and before you ask, I ordered the flat-front model...size 33. Yep...a 33 waist...I'm starting to get a little paunchy. Shut up.
And I did, just to kinda balance things out, jump on a pair of tan linen trousers because lord knows--my tan linen trousers are next to nil. Interestingly, I’ve never bought anything from Bills. I’m aware of them and their quality and their commitment to producing their goods domestically but this will be a first for me. Maybe I'll write a damn three thousand and fifty-seven word White Paper on 'em. And I’ve never been to Greenville, North Carolina but who knows; maybe I’ll run down there and pick these babies up in person.
Ok, let's close it out with Kilim. I'm down to two options for my next Kilim slipper installment. My interest leans obviously towards the brownish fall colors and I'll pull the trigger soon as y'all tell me A or B. Talk to me.
Ok, I gotta go. Onward. Still walking several paces behind.



Suburban Princess said...

*waving from up north* Love the paisleys! I can't wait to see which one you picked!

RHW said...

A. Choice B has that triangle and diamond design at the forefoot that would make you look hoof'd at 10 paces. Onward.

Cubanchem said...

I think you went with the baby blue paisley and I suggest the A model Kilim. Much more interesting than the B model. The big red diamonds on the B remind me of wen Jerry smashes Tom's toe with a wooden mallet and it swells up. But that's just me.

ADG said...

Princess...I'm headed to Toronto for a quick meeting on Thursday.

RHW...thanks. I think any of these will have me looking like "something" ...no?

Gail, in northern California said...

The little golden-haired girl and her Reiley dog...content in the knowledge they have each other.

You just made my day.

Anonymous said...

That child, she's just exquisite. I can see the effect of her love of dance reflected in her carriage and in her gait. I like both of your slipper finalists Max. I like the longitudinalizing effect of A a bit more than the latitudinalizing effect of B. I might even brew me up some tea and brush me a light solution over A, just to cut the whites'n'brites down a notch for Fall.


Anonymous said...

I vote for model A.

ELS said...

ADG, are you asking people on the internet to choose your slippers for you? This is a cry for help. Oh dear.

ilovelimegreen said...

I vote for the navy paisley, whether or not you wanted my opinion.
I vote for the slippers in the lower left that you have scratched from the running.
THREE mortgages?
Is that really LFG walking that dog?

Anonymous said...

Miss Limey is right. Lower left hand slippers that were crossed out

gentleman mac said...

Go with A. Oh, and you picked the red paisley. bAm all over the place.

Anonymous said...

Alright, let me see. Which paisley? Is it the blue or possibly the red? I love all paisley so any of them would be great to me.

And the slipper I would vote for is A. Love the colors n it. You can't go wrong with any of them, but A is my favorite. It remnds me of that wonderful rug you show from time to time. The red won me over right away, plus it has hints of blue.


Anonymous said...

P.S. She's darling and so is her little friend. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have such lovely dispostions and are beautiful little dogs.

Some day, before you know it, you will be reinstated to walk beside and not behind. You are a good sport, Dad!


Anonymous said...

I didn't know we were spose to vote for which paisley. I think you ordered the vomit green w/ neon pink.


ADG said...

Looks like choice "A" prevails so far. I'll pull the trigger on my decision in another day or so. AS far as the paisley choice...I'll not comment on your guesses so far.

Finally...the choices for the Kilim slips are A and B. NOT the ones I've crossed thru. They are too similar to the ones I already have. But typically...we have those who can't follow directions. bam. lowercase.

ADG said...

OH...and ELS...do you REALLY think this is my first call for help? This whole damn blogging thing has been a help yelp from the get-go.

Golf Tango Hotel said...

Definitely A.

Young Fogey said...

Of the paisleys, the baby blue one is the least putrescent, so I'm sure you didn't choose it. Based on the colors you like, I say you picked the green—unless, of course, you already have a similar pair, in which case you chose the red.

As for the carpet-sample shoddings, they're all equally rugriffic. A is more Injun, while B is more autumnal, but I'm sure you'll enjoy either equally.

Anonymous said...

ADG, I came back to see if you know whether they makes these for ladies, and if so, what company is this? I've been thinking about them ever since your question, and I want a pair.


pve design said...

Show us your hooved heals.

ADG said...

PVE...just back from Toronto last night. I'll be announcing my decisions today!

Eliz...Guys only. Sorry.

Fogey...re the trousers...maybe. Maybe not.

Anonymous said...

I see many pairs of ladies' Kilim slippers on eBay.


Anonymous said...

Not a robot, but awfully frustrated by the verification process. Somebody's eyes are better than mine to make that thing work, but I did see some Kilim slippers for ladies on the eBay.


Anonymous said...

A, by far.

Mrs. Blandings said...

Catching up and resisting commenting as I can see you are busy, but had to tell you - me, of the nearly all black and white wardrobe - that the shot of the stripes and the floral and the rug and the kilim? That's the sort of thing I live for. Hope all is well.


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