Thursday, October 4, 2012

Trad-Ivy Tuesday: The Debate Results

Trad-Ivy Tuesday Thursday
After careful deliberation and of course; your input. I've made my Kilim decision and am now prepared to also reveal my 2013 GTH trouser choice. The decisions were not easy. Since the offerings were seductive and the reality that one shouldn't have all of 'em seemed to waft in and out of decider land, I was vapor-locked and flummoxed during various moments during the trade-off process. 

Editorial courage is something I seem to have plenty of during work hours. I spent seven tedious ones yesterday working with two brand managers...creating first, the vetting criteria for tactical resource deployment and then guiding them through go-no go decisions based on the criteria. After seven hours of editorial rigor that netted them over a million dollars in marketing budget efficiencies...that's fancy talk for savings...I told them I shoulda taken the project for a percentage instead of my day rate. 
So why can't I practice the same level of efficiency and restraint in my personal and sartorial realms? I suppose that mainliest reason is that I damn don't want to. Thanks. After days of wearing such rigs as evidenced above, I'm looking for the quirk when I get home. 
Only one of you nailed the trouser choice. I've already got tons of reds and blues and all the other spectra of usual GTH colors. So why not be gaudy? Why not be impertinent? In less predictable hues? 
And thanks for all of the suggestions regarding my next pair of Kilim shoes. Certainly some of the choices that I disqualified from the get-go were tasty. But I already have a pair that lands similarly, color scheme-wise so again, I was looking for something different. To diversify the quirk. Shut up.
Flo suggested that I darken the lighter regions of this Kilim construct with a slapdash of strongly brewed tea. That's exactly what I'm a gonna do when this pair arrives. A Tea Party. Yep. Or maybe some skrong coffee. Flo gets me. Indeed.

Onward. Slammed. In all good ways.

Eighty Gee, Twice.


ilovelimegreen said...

I am perplexed why the swatch you selected is called Amaretto...there's not a bit of amber/color in that swatch. Unless I am color blind.

Anonymous said...

Before resorting to the coffee or tea, try a yellow or orange highlighter. Those rays coming back from the toes already look a lot like flames.

Anonymous said...

I bombed on the paisley, but I scored on the shoes. Love them, by the way. I wish I had a pair. Does that company make them for ladies?


BethAnn said...

I just knew you went with the green paisley...

Young Fogey said...

See? I was right. You went for the green, and not the other colors, because you already have the other colors in your wardrobe. (Not having access to your closet, that's the best I could do.)

Now—when are them green cordovan camp mocs showing up in my mailbox? I know you don't like them, and that you can't stand the thought that they are not in a good home.

ADG said...

FogeyMonmon...the green shoes are at a broken home, fraught with anguish ... the home and the shoes. So you can look for them to arrive sometime around Christmas. did not.

Elizabeth...yes they make women's shoes. Nomad Ideas is the business. They are in a heavily industrialized, blighted area of England known as the Cotswolds. You email Pammie Jane and she sends photos of what she has in your size. You pick and she sends 'em to you.

AnonOrangeHighlighter...don't be hatin'.

LimeGreenPersonaGirly...It was a typo. It should read BAMaretto

Anonymous said...

I had the same question as Ms Green, why. I sent myself looking thew's World English Dictionary to finally come upon the 5th definition under Almond, ie Almond Green, "a pale yellowish green color." Whew. Now I'm tired. Bill's uppity namers is making us work too hard.


Redolence said...

And spray them with waterproofing, after the dying, to seal the color change. Scotch guard works.

Anonymous said...

What Redolence said, yes!