Monday, January 21, 2013

Ode to Toad...dans Velours Côtelé

Blame this on Toad. He made me do it. Not directly mind you...for he knows nothing about this fuzztacious corduroy shawl collared thang. Leastways not till he stumbles upon this expose'. But it's the kind of thing he'd wanna do. Not stumble. But contrive something this...shall we say...experimental. And Velours Côtelé? Hell, I knew him. Firsthand. Sure as I'm writing this. He drove one of the only two taxis in Florence, S.C. for Moe the Rooster Taxi Service in the late sixties through the early seventies. Used to drive my daddy around when he'd had too much to drink. Which was always. Both of 'em. Mr. Côtelé and daddy. Seems like Velours drove a Deuce and a Quarter with special fabric for the headliner. My daddy wouldn't a much been all that for this jacket but Velours would been all over it. Butcept maybe in purple.
Surely it's a boondoggle and the maker of such things capricious isn't on Savile Row nor is it one of my Gotham Made-to-Measurers. I wouldn't tie-up too much dough in a rig like this and I won't get a sense of how it fits till this Thursday morning. Looks half-decent on the suit form though. Stay damn tuned.
"The Toad." Yep. That's what we'll name this model. Care to the wind it is. Just like my good buddy Toad. But he does care about the things worth caring about. Like friendships and family and little girls. You should read the nice letter that he sent LFG along with his Christmas gift to her. It's in the forever file. He applied for an Unclehood and I advised Princess LFG to oblige him.
Crazy ain't it? This jacket. I considered cloth covered buttons and still might go that route. Bam. Shut the...
Black Tie? Perhaps. In the comfort of a private party. Like the delightful one that the Elegantologist hosted in Richmond this past New Years Eve. I hope I get invited again next year. I didn't spill nothin'. Drank an assload...but didn't spill nary a drop. I'll more than likely wear this with jeans and Red Wings. And maybe tie.
So here's to Toad. And to corduroy and other occasional fabrics and friends and parties and shawl collars where they ought not be. And Princesses...especially my LFG...and

Onward. Not travelling.



Pigtown*Design said...

you have been suspiciously quiet about e&e's new year's eve party.

Suburban Princess said...

Especially princesses!

Anonymous said...

Magnificent. Stellar. The color, the fabric, the shawl.

So it is to Toad we owe thanks for the disappearance of the patches, the flaps? My prayers have been answered. LOOK at those inset pocket entry whateveryoucallits. Manoman.

Toad: what can you do about the 2" cuffs on this guy, anything?

I bow to you both.


Young Fogey said...

Wowie AND zowie.

Not only will the Fashion Police cite you—many times—for this boondoggle, the Fashion Court will sentence you to death. Death, that is, by being forced to wear your lemon yellow prom "tuxedo" with a black heavy metal band T-shirt and Corfam™ shoes, every single day, for the rest of your life!

I love the jacket, by the way.

Cro Magnon said...

I've been considering have my man make me a 3 piece corduroy job. Probably in yellow ochre; where 'time' plays the most wonderful ageing game.

Anonymous said...

Stylish and unique. Wear it in good health!

Best Herts

The Leopard said...

You have finally crossed the line there is no turning back now.The fuzziness has leached deep into your brain and is affecting your sartorial levels. Please report for testing to a licensed Sartorialist immediately.

Anonymous said...

If memory serves, this was a Bookster commission? Looks amazing and should alternate with your velvet number from this winter. Keep up the good work!

Cubanchem said...

Burt Bacharach meets Ricardo Montalban in a Chrysler LeBaron commercial. Cool in a mustard colored turtleneck wearing kind of way.

Anonymous said...

What Cubanchem said, my keyboard's never gonna dry out!


ADG said...


I'd a never thunk it from you. Bam.

This jacket is gonna be a hit.

Cubanchem said...

It's gonna be a hit with the ladies wearing jumpsuits with shiny, thin belts. :) you know what I talking about. Disco never had it so good.

LPC said...

But Max I don't LIKE shawl collars.

TJGR said...

It's not too late to get turn-back cuffs added.

LPC said...

And it's your BIRTHDAY?!?!?! Fine. I take back my shawl collar comment. For you, anything.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Whew! That's something alright.

Once you've made the list, there's no turning back. I send the invite to a friend who deploys at a moment's notice even. Bad guys have atrocious timing though.


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