Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Britches Bespoke D.C. This Week …Don’t Miss It!

 I recently shared the great news about Britches Bespoke, the Mark Rykken—Rick Hindin tasty collaboration. Well I’m happy to report that the Britches Bespoke inaugural trunk show in New York was an outstanding success. I’ll sprinkle in a bit of photo evidence from New York amidst this, my D.C. announcement.
The Britches Bespoke team will be duplicating their tasty purveyance this week here in D.C. If you are within a thousand miles of The Sofitel, then you need to roll in on the Britches Boys this week and witness the sartorial splendor.
And you absolutely don’t need an appointment. However if you want some focused time with Mark Rykken for a bespoke measure-up, then call him at 201-707-3000 or email him at rykken.mark@gmail .com.


Let me be crystal clear about the Britches Bespoke offerings.  If you’ve ever been reluctant to stop by such bespoke soirees for fear of two piece suiting four-thousand dollar starting price points I get it. Why go and gander at things you can’t have, right?
The Britches Bespoke experience is designed to be different. Surely you can still bespeak a four thousand dollar camel hair overcoat with Mark. I did. Years ago before I went bankrupt and LFG had the audacity to want a college education.
But there’s plenty of tasty offerings with MSRP stickers that won’t blanch you or your wallet.  And if you want clothing in lieu of outerwear or sportswear, the Britches Made-to-Measure clothing line starts at price points friendly for the masses yet still preening the fuzzy-diced “this was made just for me” bells and whistles.
The boys will be in a sartorially swathed Sofitel suite at 806 15th Street N.W.  This Wednesday the 11th, Thursday the 12th, and until 12:00 noon on Friday the 13th. Don’t wait until Friday to go.
And I can’t imagine why in the world you’d want to see me but if you’d like to have a coffee and let me spew Britches Bespoke superlatives at you in person, come by on Friday morning and have a coffee with me. I’ll show you the Britches Bespoke quilted jacket that I’m having Hindin and Rykken cook up for little old ADG.
I hope that the summer weather in your part of the world has been as sublime as ours these last few days. I found the mother lode of raw peanuts yesterday and have been boiling them my a_s off. I’ll have some waiting for you at the Sofitel if you want a little nibble of my favorite southern white trash staple. Shut up.



Sir Fopling Flutter said...

Great news to see them back in business. I have some fond memories of the old Britches of Georgetown.

BTW, any chance of getting you onto Instagram? There are limitless amounts of menswear, shoes, fine art and so on there. I've always enjoyed your long form essays on your blog, but I'm sure the visual nature of Instagram would appeal to your artistic side.

JP Guimarães said...

Dear ADG, it's great to see you "here" again just as in tumblr. And happy to know you're feeling better now. All the best from Portugal.