Tuesday, August 28, 2018


She was nine years old when I wrote my first story. And I just spent some time reading through my earliest tales as well as the reader comments. I reveled in those times and I turned out stories with equal joy. More about LFG than the clothes. It’s an understatement for me to say that the last nine years have flown by. They have. At warp speed. Maybe that’s why my writing kinda trailed off.

It has and continues to be the zenith of my existence—being LFG’s father. I’ve always said that I’m not looking for any parenting accolades. I’ve just wanted to be present and conduct myself in a manner so that LFG will say that “my dad was always there for me when I needed him”.
And I sure hope that she remembers our antics and silly fun as much as I do. We had a blast. At least I think we did.
She’s not really Southern. I am. Her mother is. Sure she had summer jaunts to the Carolinas to see my mamma but Lily is a mid-Atlantic gal, if not a borderline Yankee. Bethesda will do that to the tender ones.

Yet when it came time to visit colleges my gal wouldn’t even glance at anything north of D.C. She applied to six schools—all of them south of the Mason-Dixon and every one of them accepted her. She’s been in Charleston for two weeks now and I’ve barely been able to get five minutes with her on the phone.

It’s been sorority rush and roommates and classes and everything else that goes with one’s freshman year. And I love her honesty and authenticity. She called home after a couple of rush functions to say that she would no longer be interested in her mother’s sorority. Something about the sisters being empty vessels and wearing excessive jewelry. She found a better fit elsewhere. My gal isn’t very pink and green and I couldn’t be happier.
So here’s to college. And strong, confident women. And to my hope that I’ve done ok as a daddy so far.




Gail, northern California said...

College? How can that possibly be?
Congratulations Lily. I'm sure you will do well.

ADG said...

Gail, nobody has ever expressed their love for LFG any better than you. I'm serious. She has aunts and uncles who don't remember her special events like you've always done. And LFG and I have been poor correspondents and aloof with our (lack of) appreciation. Please know that all of your gestures are valued and appreciated even though the ADG and LFG of the last year or so haven't done their best at showing it.

Love from us both.

Gail, northern California said...

I understand. Believe me. I understand.

James said...

Just remember my friend, you will always be her knight in shining armour. Trust me, I have three wonderful daughters , all in their 30s. So l know. You and LFG have always had the kind of relationship that endures. Good luck to her!

Nem said...

We dropped our youngest at College of Charleston on the 14th as well. Cheers!

NCJack said...

Bubba, you were (and are) always there for her because you WANT to be, not just out of duty. Kids pick up on that from a very early age.

And they never, ever forget it. And it makes 'em strong. Good work, keep writing, Onward through the Fog.

ADG said...

James, the knight that you gave me and it's accompanying letter are items I cherish. And thanks for the good words/reminder. LFG sent me pictures yesterday of she and her posse of gals at some fraternity party. It scared me.

Nem...got your email and will reply when I catch my breath.

NC Jackie...thanks for making some noise. And thanks for the wise words.